So much FUN why play Tier 10 in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today __JayF will show you why the Leopard Prototyp is so much fun in World you'll ask why even bother with Tier 10!



  1. The Leo 1 is still a worthy Upgrade compared to the Leo PTA, since the gun handling on the Leo 1 is so good, that you do not need vert stabs. Instead you can use an exhaust, which makes the tank more sneaky.

  2. Jagdtiger, WT PzIV, and E75 are some of my tier 9 favorites. Especially the E75. Though the E100 is great too, the E75 just feels so incredibly nice.
    Is it a running theme for German tier 10’s that their tier 9 predecessors just feel so much nicer tier for tier?

    Grille 15 possibly being the worst offender, being a straight downgrade after the tier 9.

    • For the vast majority of them, the German t9s are FAR better. The only exception I can think of is the Maus, because who can compete with that vehicle’s brutality?

  3. What will it take for quickybaby to play a few games with me

  4. Does he even play with his fans?

  5. previous tier 8 was very fun ,now this days we move to tier 9 cuz too many tanks with high pen ….

  6. Nice job ! What a pesky and annoying arty. I would have trash talked that jerk after the game for sure 🙂 .

    I loved the gun on the Leopard PTA, but my team got behind literally 90% of games I played in it and it just got fatiguing to have to carry every game.

  7. I definitely prefer the Bunker over the Pz VII due to the t10 weak point; I find the play style of the Jg Pz to just be a different flavor when compared to the Jag (neither one is really better than the other); T49 is WAY more fun tier-for-tier than the Sheridan, especially with the 152mm (despite the HE nerfs)

  8. Yes. Every.

  9. PTA rarely misses? LOL. Pull the other one

  10. Leopard PTA
    T-54 ltw
    WZ 111 1-4
    AMX 13 90

    And the non-tech tree tanks are great as well: Kunze & Char Futur

    … and today bought the Patton 46, but still need to get enough freeXP in order to fully upgrade all components before playing (Patton 48 is Top of the Tree on NA at this time). I expect to have fun in that thing just as much as the others. I rarely play T10, as it would seem that T3 players find their way into T10 MM… lemming trains, the most basic of Muppet moves, etc. Absolutely no fun at all.

  11. Qb cant you start too feature this game rigging as Claus are doing all his videos are from eu server.

  12. Mordred Blutschatten

    I can totally agree that while i love my e100, the e75 has a special place in my heart.

  13. The only reason to play T10 is that you’re never bottom tier. Also Leopard 1’s DPM gives different kind of satisfaction compared to Leo PTA

  14. Synthetic Danimal 90

    Im working my way up the Leo tree right now. I just got the STB-1 and what a disappointment that tank is. I was so excited to play it and now it just sits in my garage.

  15. Hi quickybaby bought your commander today love the voice lines

  16. Quickybaby PRO TIP IS pretty CREEPY on world of tanks. Quickybaby whispers….

  17. Did I just watch the WoT equivalent of cutting your burger into bite-sized pieces with a knife and fork?

  18. excellent game!

  19. Aries Arthur Garcia

    the biggest problem with leo players is the snipe so much and play like a stupid td behind the red line.thats the case here in asian server.kunza,progeto 65,char future those tanks tends to snipe with the td on the red line

  20. Just started play WOT again after almoste 2 years not playing. I know im not very good but people are so angry XD To see something wholesome is a treat x’3

  21. Heck, I have some bond equipment on tier 8 tanks. I have the PTA, but since i’m a mostly free to play player, just didn’t want to start grinding from the bottom on another tank. Maybe someday.

  22. Michael Plays World of Tanks!

    Leopard PT A in WOT Blitz: 🙁

  23. Dude why give up we could stop the experimental equipment . Please we need to do this buffing tanks anymore isnt the answer we need to slow games down not speed them up . SIGH PLEASE FIGHT IT .

  24. PTA got buffed and then nerfed . Bc its not Russian just like the amx 54

  25. Muhammad Afif Al Ghifari

    As a person who plays Blitz and War Thunder, I can confirm that Leopard ammo rack gives better protection than the actual armor itself

  26. “Always T10 vs T10 only is boring”

    What he is trying to say is, he wants to utterly destroy the experience of lower tier players

  27. Tier 9 tanks are absolute jewels and there are many thay I love way more than their tier 10 counterparts.

    The Leopard PT, the Centurion 7/1, the T-54, the Obj. 704, the T-10 and the AMX 13 90 are prime examples of this imo.

    • Vladislav Mikhailov

      I would add Standard B, M46 Patton, Obj. 263, TNH Vz. 51, Skoda T 50, E 50, Tortoise, AMX M4 51 (up until the most recent patch), BatChat 25t AP, Ru 251 and IS-3-2 in the list of vehicles that felt way better to play compared to their Tier 10 counterparts.

  28. este juego es mierda todos usando mod ilegales

  29. does this include when i slap all bond equipment to concept 1b????

  30. Best tier by far. Not loving the Pta that much though. E50 is more my kind of tank.

  31. Epic game lol that ending tho with the arty if that would have been me my luck it would have 1 punched me into oblivion XD everytime I play against arty they are like Lazer pointing snipers but everytime I play arty I miss every shot LOOOL go figure

  32. That arty though 🙂

  33. I agree, Tier 9 is the last tier where average players might save some credits. Tier X is a credit’s trap for us. Thank’s QB.

  34. Love the obj 257 over the is7

  35. Great game. Great learning experience

  36. holy click bait batman

  37. I love the T95 <3 it may be slow but boy is it fun to crawl up and blast the enemy away 😀

  38. Oh gods, no! The ammo rack definitely is not an additional form of protection on any tank. And Leopard 1 was made back in the day before the ammunition started to be put in a separate compartment with blast panels. The hull ammo rack is actually one of the greatest weak points on current Leopard 2s and it definitely was on all Leopard 1 variants.

  39. Irl the Leopard series of tanks have a huge ammo rack in the hull, next to the driver. It’s mostly unprotected and has no blowout panels. That’s why the Leopard PTA and Leopard 1 get ammo racked so easily.

  40. Finally a replay thats not spamming gold like the last couple ones

  41. I really do love my cobra

  42. daily videos nice!

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