So, Should You Shoot Heavy Tanks with HE?

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Source: LemmingRush

Personally, its less reliable than HEAT, I will continue using heat shells for a reset or against one-shots in my RUMeds. Glad I could share some insight on this.


  1. First viewer

  2. Lemming I love you!
    Skrux ❤️❤️

  3. Case closed

  4. interesting, i was totally wrong. thanks for the insight

  5. short video

  6. irakli Pasikashvili

    as always, informative. thanks Lemm!

  7. I hope that stupid 704 sees this video.

  8. IMO, I believe you should. But it depends on the tank as well.

    Lower caliber guns, such as the Russian mediums I would most likely not.

    However 105mm + guns certainly will do some damage to any tank but the super heavies.

  9. We shoot HE bc heat is not cheap

  10. If I come up against an OI in my KV2 I usually try to aim underneath them if possible, more lolz that way 😀

  11. you would have killed VK with HEAT into the side of gun mantlet, that’s the weak point of the tank almost like Maus but smaller and harder to shoot

  12. The testing is as I thought. ?

  13. what about kv2 ;D

  14. thanks for the update with that vid, i think it was really needed 🙂

  15. Always shoot HE. HE does damage everytime.

  16. As always, informative and explained well…
    It’s as I thought the lower caliber of the 907 basically makes the HE on it worthless vs that VK, so now I gotta change the ammo types on my russian meds because proof.
    Started playing again, but a lot less than I was
    Bags2247 NA

  17. Dimitrios Galiatsatos

    Try shooting centurion 7 premiur hesh

  18. nice test, however,if you had HE in that game you might have spent it on the grille at the start, and even if you still had it at the end, you probably wouldn’t have shot him in the lower plate but rather in the mantlet. But youu can’t change what’s been done, stay awesome Lemming!

  19. but HE always damages track at least

  20. You’re voice is satisfying / calming (no homo)

  21. Hey is the Obj907 after the armor buff the best rus med/ best med in the game?

  22. i prefer shooting the gunmantlet with HE. causes dmg and knocks out more important modules

  23. Who knew, the pubbie was wrong and the unicum was right. Imagine that.

  24. I love that you are proving your point lemming. Super Unicum skills 🙂

  25. Got to say i was not expecting you to do that much damage with the HE against the side and mantle

  26. Same thing I told you under the video earlier. These shots are dodgy as hell, but doable.

  27. what about if the enemy heavy is sidescraping around a corner and you have to reset? Try to splash HE on the ground next to him or splash on the side of the tank?

    Tanks for the video, proofed me wrong in many situations 😉

  28. Thank leming 🙂

  29. Is HE good to use on those crowded peek and shoot spots, hopefully hit more than one tank? maybe track several tanks.

  30. I’ve never not done damage on a heavy with he. Range from 50 to 101.

  31. Hehehe whata video, next time upload how to drive tank and various traverse speed heheh?

  32. If you know anything about HE mechanics this won’t come as a surprise to you lol. That 704 was just an idiot . Sorry I missed the steam Friday we sorta fell asleep lol :p I’ll watch the vod later and see what I missed.

  33. Lemmingrush, you should always carry at least one or two HE shells. Always. Yes, they’re unreliable against heavily armored opponents, but from what I saw from this video was that any shot not shot at his frontal armor would have done damage. However, it doesn’t take damage to reset a cap. All it takes is a non-damaging, non-tracking critical hit.

  34. on a rear turret shoot on the mantel because the splash will hit the engine deck.

  35. Interesting follow up, Thank you, Hope you didn t loose sleep over it tho….

  36. TheMightyPringles

    You plan on making some type of intro/outro with your FL Studio skills?

  37. HE is very effective if you can hit the engine deck, since it has 0 armor there and HE will do a lot more damage and likely cause fires.

  38. The VK is a TERRIBLE example to use to get deductions like this. HE will do no damage against extremely thick armor, ever. But if you look at thinner, angled armor, HE shows its effectiveness in such low-hp situations. Just go try it vs. is-7 or is-4 upper plates, frontally.

  39. Cool.
    I still think the best way to reset the cap is to shoot the tracks using whatever ammo you have loaded because you will almost certainly damage his tracks and reset the cap and it doesn’t matter if you manage to detrack him or not.

  40. It's what you think

    If you need to reset cap, why don’t you just shoot HE at the tracks you cunt?

  41. Having a couple HE rounds on hand should be standard regardless of what tank you are playing. HE at the VK’s mantlet would have won the game. A couple HE rounds have saved my ass too many times to count and are very useful to have if you are not a complete fucking mouthbreather. And for all of you idiots who couldn’t reset a base if your mother’s life depended on it, shoot the fucking tracks no matter what tank is capping.

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