So This is WoT with NO RNG?! | World of Tanks Grille 15 New Crew 2.0 Test

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World of Tanks Grille 15 Best Firepower Build with New Crew 2.0. World of Tanks World of Tanks Crew 2.0 Rework Review, New 35 Crew Skills, Ultimate Skills and Crew 2.0 Guide and Overview. World of Tanks Crew Rework in 2021 Sandbox Testing.


Another video from the Sandbox server showcasing how crazy some of the build can be. For example, let’s take a look at the Grille 15, is made as accurate as STRV 103b!

What do you think?


  1. The more I test it, the more overpowered things I find. Crew 2.0 needs still *A LOT* of work and balancing!
    Have a nice weekend, you beautiful people!

    • If this gets put into the game the maps will have to be twice the size so you can actually play. I think map size is half the problem in todays fast game play. With tanks becoming faster with more armor more view range an more accuracy you need bigger maps so you can at least have a flanking option or areas where you are free from cross fire and where you have to use you class for what its intended for.

    • The main problem I can ser is thst every skill or perk that increases with pens, spoting, or damaging is going to increase even more the gap between skilled and average players. And make the Game even less team-played

    • Michael Treppelin

      @Cowboy974 that’s what I’m saying I’m glad it’s not just me who noticed this

    • Michael Treppelin

      @Jerry Shen got my 183 to .3 with 2.78 aim time and 20.49 sec reload

    • Quick question, and i mean no offense but how much did it cost to get to prestige level 8?

  2. Now this on a shitbarn

  3. Sure Dez, keep promoting stupid crew 2.0 at Max out level 80. I’m sure 90% of player can get there 😉

  4. Clearly these things are broken. A lot of bad players tend to just camp and farm at cost of the team. Now they get even rewarded for it. With these kind of things in the game the game will become more broken.

  5. Holy f***. Crew 2.0 is even more busted then i though !!!

  6. I’ve never seen Grille as a big prob for my T57 or T10 or my T30…..
    Is that because I am playing in a gud counter position from the sniper tanks or is something wrong???

  7. Insanity. Pure insanity. As a protest we should all go back to Tier 1. Time to clean off the old Loltraktor, fellas.

  8. Maurizio Modugno

    Why not boost the Fv 183 accuracy

  9. Johannes Obermayr

    You can never feel safe anywhere again, with this Grille in the game…

  10. We know why they are doing it, look at World of Warships…there is 1 Captain…he has all the skills, now look at the WOWS premium shop….Yeah, they sell skilled Captains with premium ships, except the ships(insert tanks) cost more with a skilled Captain(insert tank commander)…this is what will happen. Premium tanks costing $30…….or with an 80pt commander $50+…

  11. give ya a thumbs up for convincing peeps this is actually good!
    For joe beercan though, it won’t fly because we don’t have the time nor money.

  12. 2.0 is too complicated for casual players and too expensive if you buy your skills. Play for free is over…. uninstall

  13. I am so never against unneeded and not requested changes such as this crew 2.0. Utter trash WG. Does nothing for the game. A waste of developers time and effort for a last gasp cash grab on a dying game.

  14. It’s amazing how incompetent wg really is. They can’t even balance the game and guy responsible of balancing this game doesn’t even understand how current skills work. Now this person is making crew 2.0 and clearly he doesn’t even understand basic math. There should be cap how low you can get aim time etc. Imagine STRV td with these current skills… this game is going to be so broken when this goes live

  15. Very awesome video

  16. At least it will become playable again, same with the 183 and 4005. Definitely OP, as OP as they are terrible atm on the live server, somewhere in the middle would be nice….

  17. Kimmo Rintamäki

    Seems like my World Of Tanks carier will be over.
    I’ll never will grind 20 000 000 xp for my crew to get those super build ups. And i won’t spent any money broken game like this anymore.

  18. It might be overpowered but finally you get rewarded for aiming your shot ,I think this is better than full aim miss 80% shots

  19. Stopped playing the game recently and this makes me love my decision

  20. How about making the obj 268 as accurate as possible? I’ve got 0.27 on mine and with 400 pen it’s just broken

  21. Broken game!
    Next wg is sell the commander with 40euro

  22. so people. how are going to encourage new players at all. even more one sided.

  23. Every single crew changes are more complicated for most of players to choose skills and enjoy in game, I am really tired of crew changes and all their “improvements”. I didn’t yet installed client to check, but allmighty WG improvements keeps me more and more offline, and after 60k battles I have less and less desire to play WoT. But I see there is still players to enjoy in random, like you for example! Cheers m8s!

  24. Grind to win, and grinding can be skipped paying. Bye bye casual players which can’t hit anything, can’t see anything, reload much slower, etc. Their tanks will remain stock forever.

  25. so the grille 15 plays like the console grille 15

  26. Pfeiffer István

    STRV with this build would be crazy.

  27. Wonder if that effect works with say something like a Luch with machine gun..

  28. TD as it should be. But its sad that its only because of that crew.

  29. Michael Treppelin

    Check out the fv215b 183

  30. If I just get my crew over, from the old system, I will not get the same crew skills


  32. Game and tanks will broken

  33. omfg..:(

  34. They destroyed all german accuracy

  35. Armored Warfare Anyone???

  36. I stopped playing, this Is stupidity…

  37. Retropaintball clips

    Dez can’t you make a cs 53 build with crew 2.0 and Bonds, i struggle to find the right way to build it

  38. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Thx Professor Dez, and thx to all Your scientific crew in the training room!

  39. Crew 2.0 is going to kill this game

  40. I have 2,5 skills on Grille, so I guess I won’t be like that…

  41. Is your grille crew really that good? 80+ 15% Bia.. only a few people will have a crew like that on live server

  42. game shit manipulated game by rng and mm of pigs comunists from wg

  43. This feels like Reticle Calibration in Blitz, but instead of only active for 15 sec it’s the entire battle

  44. I hope to put that crew on my FV4005, seems this days the fv is no longer competitive (aim time bad and low HE dmg, some times even ricochet)

  45. Wonder if Dez knows majority of tank players think that the Crew 2.0 is going to kill the game.
    And yes the crew skills maybe good but dez doesnt really show how he gets all his skills to max level

  46. No I saw 4 bounced 128mm rounds off light armour What gives if you hit with German gun and bounce use Russian guns better as per WOT game play

  47. Day 29 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  48. Crew 2.0 is making powerful tanks insane.

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