So, WG Made a New Tank Game | Project CW (Cold War)

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Project CW (Project Cold War) First Closed Alpha Gameplay – New Tank Game made by . Titan, Jäger, Copper (Abrams) Gameplay First Impressions.

Today I am going take my first look at WarGaming's new title, new game called Project CW (Project Cold War).

What do you think?


  1. First gameplay action for you, how does it look like?

  2. Can’t wait for them to make the Abrams the worst tank in the game

  3. I want to play it do you have a key?

  4. new couterstrike with tanks gg,who cares.

  5. As a WT and Armored warfare player, I am excited as I do prefer modern tanks than WW2 ones

  6. seems to be even more arcady than WoT, looks shite, HUD seems to be made for mobile gaming. I’ll give it a pass.

  7. Will it be on wargaming site for download

  8. @rudrashivagaming4377

    Atleast we can attack the D point.

  9. I’m not sponsored – I was giving away alpha keys. Get serious please.

  10. So…WG made a counterstrike with tanks, after War Thunder? LOL😆

  11. They need to work on the physics but it looks good overall.
    I will definitely try it out when it’s out.

  12. Let’s be real, even logo of this game looks like dick

  13. finally a better game than wot

  14. Video on the set up will be nice Dez Thanks

  15. Its fun, you can oneshot some of the tanks too

  16. This new game reminds me a lot Armored Warfare

  17. I noticed that the Titan has a perfect reload soft spot when reloading. You never used. It’s just like the Gears of War reload

  18. The time you died was because you drove straight into a semi transparent red wall. I assume the next zone wasn’t open yet

  19. Amazing, love WoT, but i’m not gonna pay over and over again for one game.

  20. nah its not realistic cus of the healthbar hee

  21. Like one of there upcoming game STEEL HUNTER(Mecha battleroyale) WG is somehow starting to abolish the grindy tech tree system

  22. So its like WoT but with a Battlefield 4 vibe. That’s pretty awesome

  23. Thought they’re fially gonna make that modern tank game…

  24. They better spend more time fixing WOT.

  25. This is Armored Warfare all day long.

  26. @wotblitzgaming2053

    upgraded Tanki Online XDD

  27. Just WHY dont they copy wot console cw? It is way more polished and fun, than this parody 😂😂😂😂
    Who needs this “game” anyway?)))

  28. This is already taken my liking as someone who love COD, i can see the similarity in it especially the way the game looks but this is for tanks and i also love playing war thunder and used to play Wot

  29. Where you download this game? I read on another page they don’t expect it to be fully released till end 2025 or early 2026. Looks somewhat good…. I usually like playing tank online mmo…old but fun

  30. WG answer to Gaijin WT

  31. Hopefully the players who like arcadey gameplay can move on to that and then Wargaming can slow down and rebalance WoT to be closer to its more strategic and thoughtful roots.

  32. This looks a,lot like WoT for PlayStation. There’s even a battlemod there called ColdWar which is very much like this. But anyway.. this game looks good. I’ll play it when is ready

  33. This game is 10y too late while modern war at top records like bf3 or cod

  34. It’ a cool game, but its not a closed alpha.

  35. @tomasrusakevic6570

    Wargaming designers:hold my energy drink …

  36. They are creating another money sucker…,because wot is dead

  37. World of Tanks: Black Ops 4

  38. I thought WoT Modern Armor already exists?

  39. Thos looks like fucking trash . . .

  40. Dez, get me a code buddy !😎

  41. Dez, I was hoping WG would make a new tank game.

  42. What a shitty looking game.

  43. That bait was awesome!

  44. Looking forward to a new streaming from CW contest!

  45. They really just made armored warfare lmfao

  46. Will this game place world of tanks because i sawed that Wot death is near

  47. So they just made a copy of Armored Warfare?? 10 years old game!
    Wargaming is just a big bunch of clowns

  48. I know why wot servers are going bad

  49. I like how it got the same vibe as WoT console

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