SO YOU STARTED BAD in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today’s video is all about survival in World of Tanks how to make the most of a bad start!



  1. Oh yeah first

  2. Yes I did

  3. I haven’t been playing for 4 years, but suddenly this is recommend to me

  4. UNICORN - S.F. 3 - Pro gameplay🍀

    Great content my friend, have a nice day🙂👍

  5. it’s so sad to see SIPC/HWK12 game play as I remembered how SIPC used to be a tank with specialty and actually fun to play with it’s small size and 3 round clip

  6. Well bc have you seen the foch 155s dmg per second now with a clip bc now it has more alpha damage

  7. And bc they removed the foch 155 to add a clip


    *41:56** Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how much time and work she put into these videos?*
    *It’s unbelievable, and I think they deserve a lot more than that*

  9. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I still remember that pain but somehow I managed to survive the battle with only 1 HP at the start of the battle

  10. Only a CC get such games. SU 130 bouncing …

  11. HAHAHA 7:17 ROMANU NOSTRU CA IN ORICE ALT JOC =)))))))))))))

  12. my account was permanently banned yesterday for trolling and killing allies, I lost 10 tier X tanks

  13. Interestingly, the ShPTK had obviously come out from behind his own rock… and died.

    Can’t be the same-named player from SEA server – he’s usually more polite than that.

  14. Dead TVP yelling at a low HP light. Why am I not surprised XD

  15. Hahaha that’s happened to me too 😹

  16. Lucky you quicky I always get on a team of people who doesn’t understand gun depression and going over hills for a kill only to die themselves and costing us a match plus credits. These same scrubs also like to push into the enemy at what seems to be the new thing as fast as you can for another loss of credits cause team just disappears. I been playing for 10 years and it’s quite disturbing on the N. American server

  17. Hello QB, always thank you for making me discover, learn and enjoy this game

  18. You know it had to be poll tanks to get qb in the Foch b 😂

  19. Where’s the review on the Autumn Golden Armoury Gift Boxes?? No one has done one. Why? No, seriously. Why? You are always very opposed to their gambling gift boxes, so why all of a sudden you and all the other creators silent on this one? FYI – they were of low value to say the least. It would have been nice for at least one of the YouTube creators to have given their opinion on whether or not these are a OK deal or not. Just very interesting as to why ALL of the content providers were silent.

  20. Operation Whispers

    It’s worth it to note that there’s commander skills that activate at low health. As well as a medal you can earn (as a well armored tank) for blocking damage while on low health.

    Never give up! Never surrender!!

  21. Great stuff QB, this was a far more satisfying video to watch as you said than watching the overpowered premium games spamming gold.
    I will remember this one long after I forget about most of those ones.

  22. Oh we are totally calling you out in game 😉

  23. Why you didnt respond to those guys in chat?

  24. Great video

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