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  1. THEREAL JoshuaCaleb

    12:41 anytime you want Phly.

  2. Day 258 can you play the conqueror mk.2?

  3. it’s a tank that is still in service today in taiwan. This is the kind of tank that is probably better in actual combat as a opposed to war thunder tank vs tank combat. Any tank is better than no tank and in an island nation with unforgiving terrain like taiwan this would be pretty effective even against chinese mbts.

  4. Historically, despite the cut in engine horsepower, ROCA M41D should have higher torque performence in low gear. However ingame, this feature dosen’t reflected, making this vehicle completely no maneuverability.

  5. Phloppius Woppius, give us some F-4 corsair in ground RB play!

  6. brazil made some upgraded m41’s

  7. This thing exists and I hate to say that we’re still using it

  8. i love how the diesel engine they swapped for this tank is supposed to be better for acceleration and on the spot turning because of the better tourqe and gearing

    but the snail just sees it as “less hp = slow as phuck”

  9. Pity they haven’t made the Brazilian variant of the M41 available.

  10. *hey phly can you do a video on marder a1 please*

  11. You have exactly same amount of lions as I do lol

  12. If it was a Japanese tank, it would be the Anti-Godzilla model.

  13. I would love a bulldog with the M62 shot (APCBC-HE on the US 76mm canons). Probably would be my favorite tank in the game xD

  14. give silver sir 😀 please

  15. Tell you something more interesting

    This thing is still IN SERVICE

  16. Tell you something more interesting

    This thing is still IN SERVICE
    God bless my country…

  17. Just a genuine question: If you use HEATFS as the main shell why not Le Kpz M41?

  18. m41 D?????? d me likey

  19. what are those orange smokes?

  20. The M64 is what happens when a Bulldog gets loose and shacks up with a Hellcat. This is the pedigree Bulldog. The Super Walker Bulldog… or Walker Super Bulldog, or Super Bulldog. Anyhoo. In this metaphor lasers and thermals are developed by breeding tanks.

    Day 51: Take the Scimitar, the last Supermarine, out for a spin. Quad 30mm, 24 chances to find out if British AP rockets do anything, and the last work of many of the developers of the ww2 spitfire generations.

  21. Day 292: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  22. Dio Jelang Ramadhan

    *watching this vidio in dark room
    3:50 MY EYES

  23. love your channel @PhlyDaddy 🙂 whats with that orange spotting round ??

  24. It is a Taiwan only updated version of M41with Diesel and other modern gears, 50 updated tanks services from 1999( left about 20 tanks still serviced now )

  25. Wow, thermals at 8.0, and my TAM2IP at 8.7 goes completely blind in night battles

  26. i rather they take away her thermo and lazer ranger finder and throw her down to 7.0 or 7.3 something like that

  27. HEYYY

  28. I know this would make it broken, but historically they should have put stablizers on this thing, considering it is a light tank vehicle.

  29. Pop gose the weezel

  30. 03:50 My reaction sitting in a dark room watching this.

  31. Brazilian upgraded stuart when

  32. hey phly. you should play the bt-5 again on high br.

  33. I now have your logo on all my War Thunder vehicles!

  34. hey phly can you make a video on the leo l44 plz day 2

  35. This moment WT is now WOT

  36. Phly you said you was going to Israel skyhawk with the 2000 lbs tv guide missile. Please bring it out. Attempt #2

  37. Where the hell did that vehicle came from?

  38. yeah “chinese” tech tree fck gaijin

  39. Skittles but with chocolate inside

    not very accurate on the arty question
    unless you are in open top same as it was before

  40. This light tank have a same problem as Type 69 minus the thermal.
    APFSDS rounds is basically just a fancy APCR rounds but the added laser rangefinder suggests the tank able to engage far distance target while HEAT-FS has one hell of a drop and cannot penetrate cover and ERAs over distance.
    Its a unique problem for China/ROC tech tree,imo.

  41. Make Scout Tanks Scout Again – (not BR’d to take on Mediums, Heavies (depending on Tiers), TDs, easily on 1 on 1 situations)
    A great reason (usually against) for WT needing to be two games as Modern and Early, since lower BR scouts can fit this but modern vehicles see a tech change to more light-weight/hard hitting vehicles and so Lights are no longer the Scouts but basically the mainstay of teams.
    FAR TOO MUCH IN ONE SERVING OF A GAME MAKES FOR A FKING HUGE MESS – One day I’ll re-install but not until they remove the insanity of over-played nations ruining the foundation of what makes a good match.

  42. fun fact: Phly plays War Thunder, which is Phry to play

  43. What is the orange smoke that is almost everywhere?

  44. -9 social credit because m41 is Taiwan

  45. Day 17 : phly please play the American b18 at 1.3 in ground rb with 2,000 lb bomb at 1.3 I want to see your reaction to seeing tanks fly

  46. and another cheater, what a wonder? in War Thunder cheating? fvck No.1 in cheating game ever!!! here the cheater ahole:
    = ADTP = Ricardo_M_Li aimbot cheating wnker

  47. and here a extreme cheating player:
    = ZNiuB = Maiziome

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