Some General Advice for Increasing Your Wn8

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  2. Matias Gomez Janzen

    some general advice for streaming only when u actually want to stream

  3. Key point was to leverage the fact that you were able to push into them because they were mostly T8. Oh, and being in a 907 didn’t hurt. 🙂

  4. Would you play that aggressively in your lightly armored tanks as well?

  5. in the spirit of LR’s copy paste comment, I also feel honoured – about having seen you make this video and accidentally streaming XD

  6. *Be aggressive.

    *Don’t die.

    I can only handle one of these things at a time, goddamnit!

  7. None of this works unless you are driving a tier IX or X russian medium tank. Then you can basically do whatever the fuck you want.

  8. Sure, if you have a 907 no problem…

  9. The tank’s armour also gave you the confidence to take that calculated risk though. Would you have tried the same with the Leopard, using its mobility rather than turret armour?

  10. Nice video Lemming but it would be nice if you made this kind of video where you were the bottom tier facing tanks 2 tiers higher and then showing how you would deal with that also maybe in a tank with no armor. Thx as always Lemming really nice videos.
    Also do you think its easier to play tanks that only really is good if top tier now with the mm changes?

  11. DancingMaskDude

    my question is . can i do this with my leo pta too ?

  12. Very helpful video, thank you

  13. And sometimes your win wins easily and you sit in a slow ass tank and don’t get damage cause everyone is faster then you.

  14. гапdом гапdом

    How about my fat Centurion 7/1? armour seems to be working/trollish sometimes

  15. so, basically, drive anything upwards of t-54 and just don’t give a shit because…russians

  16. Great vid as always 🙂

  17. Why would anybody bot at tier 10? You don’t get any credits from it, you don’t get any xp, so what’s the point?

  18. told a toon friend that I liked to play aggressive when possible, to keep the numbers even, knowing our team will melt as always.
    Next match he went Yolo into a crossfire of 2 UDES at the end of game.
    I gave up on him

  19. Some General Advice for Increasing Your Wn8 *While Playing Fast Troll Armor Tanks With 3K+ DPM Against Passive Tomatos

    there fixed it for you

  20. LOL… I was the enemy sta-2 in this. I’m so honoured to be owned by none other than Lemmingrush 🙂

  21. “Just by being agressive” 🙂 lol. I wander what will happen if new players tries this tactic.

  22. Good Game, my clan just played you we won, it was an honor to fight against you, to be honest my heart dropped when I saw your name and if your wondering the clan its ICB and I love your videos, keep up the good work

  23. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    One clarification is that first you need to be top tier and in a tank that is fast, has a good reload and pen, and hopefully has semi decent armor. The other part that you did mention but should have been made a higher priority is that you need to go where you expect the lower tier tanks to be. If either of those conditions don’t fall into place then aggressive can quickly turn into an average or below average game result.

  24. rush yeah ok you got ya dmg from fighting tier 8s skilled tanker like you should in a tier ten should kill the tens first anyone can kill lower tier so skill get your dmg of lower tier use your skill and pick on big boy’s first that takes skill and proves that you earned your damage against the same tier any ten can farm of 8ss

  25. hey lemming do you think wn8 is going to be replaced by wn9 soon?

  26. But what if the e4 locked you down? It surely wouldn’t have been that good of a game/blowout

  27. so essentially bring a high dpm, mobile, stalinium armored op Russian med to increase your wn8. got it.

  28. The voice of lemming. Damn you sound like a pilot over the intercom. ?

  29. Nice reroll stats mahou cheat noob.

  30. Who cares?

  31. Next game please do it with Mouse 🙂

  32. What do you do if your team gets roflstomped?

  33. i think u are good player if u look xvm and go kill green playes before tomatos . why becorse the have skillls 🙂

  34. To me, this shows the importance of reading the enemy’s comp and playing accordingly. The only reason you went into the 8 line alley is because you recognized that there were no tanks, E4 aside, that were capable of stopping your push, and so you had an easy time farming helpless tier 8s.

  35. Marcelo Gutiérrez

    I love your farming ass replays I wish I had seen your videos before back when I was 4k battles I would be a blue by now anyways good advice :3

  36. WN8 is a bullshit measure and horrible for World of Tanks.

  37. The real challenge imo is to correctly assess and expect the stomp in the first place.

    I’ve misjudged that and paid for it so many times

  38. well ofc u can increase ur wn8 in obj 907 being top tier xD

  39. how to predict a stomp?

  40. Linus Andersson

    God tips…but for a not as experienced player as you sometimes it can be tough to know if the game going to be a rofelstomp or not. I will totally get more dmg out of some games but other games I will be farmed early by aggressive enemies. I guess to know this has to with reading your and the other team. Btw, love your channel and learn a lot from you. Keep up the god work. Greetings from Sweden

  41. How about slower tanks that struggle to be where you would want them to be because they simply can’t keep up with the front line?

  42. Lukáš Skladaný

    Do it on frontline with Maus on such a fast battle 😀

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