Some Harsh Truths About War Thunder That Noobs Need To Hear

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Source: Tankenstein

I’m here to tell you the facts about War that no guide could ever tell you. I go over how this game is, rather than just be good at it, although I do certainly have those videos. These are some harsh truths about War Thunder that noobs need to hear.

Thank you!

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  1. I love the game but I doubt understand plane realistic mode because in low tier all I played was arcade then I switched a realistic tank ground and had a lot of fun until I got to around halfway through tier 2 where I was stuck getting maybe one or 2 kills a game but usually I died more than anything any test will be useful for either planes or tanks..

  2. This game is finely tuned to provide the lowest reward to frustration ratio possible in a bid to get you to buy GE. The fact that the consensus in the comments is to not play (take a break) in order to have the most fun is telling. If you don’t play don’t start. It’s not fun, the game modes are extremely limited, and the player base is extremely toxic as a result of being molested by gajin.

  3. remember try for first time the helicopters

  4. I played it for 6 months I felt this how the essence of pain

  5. Dear new warthunder players it’s not going to get better it will only get worse
    Have fun
    -retired warthunder vet

  6. I bought bf 5 one time purchase
    I play war thunder even if I sell my flat I can’t play happily

  7. I just seal club with low tier BR Germany.

  8. i literally just login everyday for the login reward and *maybe* play a match, and then just log off wanting to ride the sewer slide

  9. I installed war thunder 70 days ago yes the grind is long and you get killed alot but thats not what i hate about the game but its god forbidden repair cost, it doesn’t even do anything for the game

  10. My only issue is that I don’t usually have enough money or well silver lines to get past the rain I’m quite skilled when it comes to shooting them down but in turn all my teammates steal the kills and get the benefit from it whilst I’m trying to scramble at least one kill

  11. Azmans tips

    Dont charge the point
    Dont line up in single file
    Be patient!
    Set up your binoculars (Wont believe how many people dont know about them)
    and when it comes to spaa
    Dont hold, tap!

  12. Have to be honest, I hate arcade
    Havent played it in years

  13. What you forgot to mention:
    Certain vehicles are or may seem really unbalanceds, as the r3 and it would always take months before they consider to slightly balance it by up BR. And people are gonna abuse it.

    Nations in it self can be very unbalanced, depending on BR. E.G. if you want to play the Brits, you won’t have a good time except for some verhicles like the Crusader. Especially British AA and Bombers are really bad compared to german ones.

    Prepare for getting stomped by people that are covered in bushes so you couldn’t spot them (most notable pay to win feature).

    There are verhicles that are almost useless, because they are not versitile enough to adapt to situations. Especially if you play something that relies on ambushing but your team stops or is getting stomped so you hardly get any chances to do anything. The gamemode and maps simply doesn’t match with certain playstyles of certain tanks.

    Speaking of gamemodes and maps: Prepare to play the same gamemode like for ever again and again and prepare to play maps that keeps getting more and more unsuited as the BR rises. And generally playing maps, that are just unbalanced where one side has certain adventures over the other.

    BR compression is also a thing you forgot to mention, what makes the game unbalanced.

    WarThunder (Gajin) are able to design a pretty nice looking sandbox, but they fail to make a real game of it. Just take a look at the PvE Kampagnes. They are garbage. The game is out of beta for years now and the bomber cockpits has still placeholders. Why? Because they do not care about providing a polished game experience in any way!

    So my tip: Simple do not install this game!

    Btw. the game is doomed by design. They explain the whole BR compression problem because the queue times would otherwise go up. But as they introduce stronger verhicles they need either compress the BR further or the per BR playerbase will get thinner. This would lead to higher queue times or ultimately to while unplayable BRs due to lack of a playerbase.

  14. You should have also talked about seal clubbers at low BRs.

  15. I had played WT casually on and off for years, and then really got into it in the last couple years, and while certain aspects have gone downhill in that time (economy and toxicity mainly), it does have some great features and tricks. Here’s a couple notes I think people should know:
    1: While the grinds for upgrades do take a long time in higher vehicles, I find that the speed that you grind through it depends on your understanding of the vehicle, as such, you will generally learn how to play a vehicle well by the time its fully upgraded.
    2: WT has community etiqute, and breaking that unlocks the full toxicity of the community, though the acceptance of the etiqute has eroded significantly. If an enemy plane is on fire, don’t shoot them unless you are the one who set it on fire, or the fire has gone out. Don’t bomb bases that other people have marked. Above all, don’t call attention to yourself.

  16. its gotten to that point boys, its been fun but its time to go now

  17. What I dont get is why I should even want to play high tier. This video seems just to assume that everyone wants that. I am at tier 5 aircraft, but I often go back to tier 3 because I will have a way better kill ratio and thus more fun. Also I prefer the style of dog fights in this tier. When I dont even play my tier 5 stuff, why should I go to tier 6 now? I think the game is perfectly fine to play at lower tiers.

  18. Tip nr x: Battlepass can give up to 2-3 free prem vehicles through the lvl 50 and warbondshop or free talismans for rank 1-4 vehicles.

    The repair cost for vehicles is the thing that catches new players out the most. They hear that X vehicles is OP and amazing and gets it straight away not knowing it cost you 10-30k per match if you die. So then they are stuck with a plane too expensive to play for them and worst place scenario they talismaned it.

    Wait for sales, then you can get most things at 50% sale. (Except squadron vehicles)

  19. I find myself opening uo new nations instead…
    I got to the Mig15bis in Germany and had unlocked all ww2 fighters, Interceptors, and ww2 bombers…
    But then I thought “sweden isn’t much”… Then I won the F2G1 in battlepass so here goes the US…
    Then I wanted to fly spitfires – England…
    Then I wanted Zero’s – Japan
    Now im singing “bella chow” while grinding Italy lol

  20. Sure I must admit that the start of this video is very much on point but later falls off with the community bs. Yes a portion of the community is ok some of the time with your rare person nice all of the time but that is it. As a person that has played for more than half a decade I more often am witness to bs and toxicity rivalling a group of silver spoon kids in Fortnite or CoD. It spans more than what game mode a person entertains.

    I am a sim player the actually started in arcade then realistic before settling down in sim. At one point really put myself out there to be helpful to people until I continued to be backstabbed and just generally realized how much of a waste of time it was. The countless people that never actually think for themselves became all too apparent after seeing how many people do not even look at the settings menus or tutorials. They do not help themselves so I won’t help them anymore.

    The community is not all that great. The ONLY great “community” is the small niche cliques that people insulate themselves with… The rest of the video is on point. Just wish you emphasized more to ACTUALLY LOOK AT YOUR SETTINGS AND KEY BINDS when starting the game. I would rather answer questions in regards to understanding the mechanics of different key binds than being asked constantly what key to turn engine on or why a plane won’t move ffs. Do the tutorials and it will tell you…

  21. 10:40 you forgot to mention to never talk about bushes. You will start a war fueled by copium.

  22. I actually have let it get to that mental health point and its sad honestly

  23. Tristan Olde Riekerink

    i stopped playing war thunder after i lost 16.000 silver lions in an air realistic battle. flew the spitfire mk22, killed 2 enemies and got 1 assist, had a premium account at the time, still lost 16K. that just felt like i was straight up getting scammed. i felt like i did good in that game, and i still got punished.

  24. Do anything to get boosters. Boosters will seriously help a lot.

  25. Very good video! It was very useful to me, thank you very much for helping me make better decisions and for other people

  26. I play dynamic campaign. That’s my satisfaction

  27. I agree with your opinion on war thunder being better back when I started playing wot I was playing it as a substitute to war thunder with a mobile flight simulator as a substitute for air battles and had high tier vehicles in both when I switched to war thunder on the 31st October 2018 as it was finally available for Xbox 3 years ago I was extremely exited it took me a while to learn the ropes but I overall have far more fun as a max lvl player in war thunder than I ever had in those other games More realistic physics way better graphics and damage models that don’t rely on a hp system makes war thunder 1000 times better and I always prefer realistic mode as a controller player

  28. i burned about 1.5k since 2013… finally finished with the game cause its just a pain

  29. I hate spawn campers

  30. Im just downloading the game today, I hope I can progress quickly

  31. skill is very important in game….but brah ant cheater protection rly?i dont know in which world do you live…

  32. i dont like this video

  33. Me: plays arcade because i think its fun and easy and i just want to enjoy the game

  34. pro tip, the first match of the day you will be down tiered. any time you win you will be up tiered in the next match. get used to being thrown into matches where you’re severely outmatched

    • forgot to add, the grind IS the game. don’t expect anything different when you unlock a new vehicle/tier, it is all just more of the same with fewer players to go against

  35. TL;DR: Hackers are a thing and are actually fairly common, but their hacks are just display and sound mods. If you’re playing on console, stick to arcade if you want fair play.

    Cheating in WT is common, but it’s overall effectiveness is HIGHLY limited due to Gaijin’s decent anticheat. The availability of cheats is for the most part strictly limited to display and sound mods, which, for the most part, aren’t actually that helpful, especially in top tier air RB. Nonetheless, programmed gunsight leads, hitbox highlights, wall hacks, and the like are far more common than you may think. Is this a problem? Not necessarily. Hacks such as aimbot and invincibility are simply not possible in WT, meaning that whatever hacks a player uses are simply ESP hacks. These “hacks” actually fall into the same category that custom sound mods and reticle mods do, which as we all know have the perpensity to be abused, but aren’t abused by most. Where this IS problematic is in the situation where console players, unable to modify their client whatsoever, are placed against PC players who have, relative to the abilities of the console player, wallhacks (ULQ) and ESP (sound mods). It is obvious that in these situations, a console player can’t possibly compete with a PC player. This area is one where Gaijin would have serious problems trying to fix even if they really tried, primarily due to licensing and platforming blocks. For a rough estimate I’d say that less than 5% of players who actively play BRs 1.0-7.0 use hacks. In these BR ranges, players are typically not tryharding as much as they do in top BRs. From BRs 7.0-11.7, I’d say the number of blatant cheaters are as high as 25%. Again, thermals and such tend to equalize the viability and advantage of said hacks, but those who do use them have noticeably increased awareness of the battlefield and of enemies, but at the end of the day, EVERY player has to aim, fire, and actually kill enemies the same way.

  36. down bad guys

    “Let’s hurry these things take a few months”

  37. I just got to tier 4 you think in stuck in?

  38. I actually prefer world of tanks over war thunder.
    I personally hate one shots, sucks getting killed by them and it’s okay when it happens but warthunder kinda revolves around it.
    Personally I like it taking multiple hits to kill something, the whole arcade health thing. It can make people panic when you have a fast firing high pen low damage gun, makes people panic. While it doesn’t stand for everyone. I find it way better when instead of a one and done, you get out of a battle, half little to no health. And yeah World of tanks is more random, I personally like it. I cannot count how many times I’ve missed a shot because of the rng. Or didn’t pen, or hell didn’t kill someone by a smidge of health. And as shitty as being on that side of the rng is, I can’t count how many times I’ve been on the good side if that rng aswell

  39. its easy to get frustrated when you forget you’re playing to have fun and not to grind to the next tank. The game gets even more frustrating when you get over 7.7 BR.

  40. To go on top of these tips.

    Tips for Air Realistic Battles:

    1. You are *NOT* an ace of aces that can shoot down everyone without being hit.
    ~ Fighting a 2 vs 1 on equal terms is very difficult.
    ~ Fighting a 2+ vs 1 is as equals is a death sentence.
    ~ ONLY engage multiple enemies when you have a great advantage. (Alt advantage, Speed Advantage, and SOMETIMES better turn rate.)

    2. Learn real air combat maneuvers.
    ~ Learn how to high yo-yo, low yo-yo, flat scissor, rolling scissor, BnZ, and canopy roll. Don’t stop there, there are more maneuvers to learn.
    ~ Learn how to gain energy. What causes you to lose it. How to use it, and how to retain your energy. Remember, energy is your best friend.
    ~ Drill this rule into your head: *”If you are high, you are slow. If you are low, you are fast. If you are high and fast, you are preparing for a fight. And if you are both low and slow, you are dead.”*

    3. Think before you act.
    ~ Greed is your worst enemy. You don’t have infinite ammo. One lucky burst could be fatal.
    ~ Analyze the situation and make the best decision. Never put yourself at a disadvantage no matter how many kills you COULD get.
    ~ Learn how to predict your opponent. Think about what you would do if you were in their situation. Then adjust accordingly. By getting into someone’s head, you can turn your disadvantage into an advantage.
    ~ Know when you are beaten. If you can, it’s best to just land and J out. This saves you time and prevents a repair bill. Don’t fight a losing battle, it is not worth the risk. Otherwise, if you are surrounded and there’s nowhere to run, fight until the bitter end.

    4. Know what are you flying.
    ~ Are you using a fighter, an interceptor, a heavy fighter, attacker, or a frontline, medium, long-range bomber?
    ~ Understand what your plane’s strengths are and how to use them to your advantage.
    ~ Know what your plane’s weaknesses are and how they will affect your gameplay.
    ~ Understand what your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses are. Always exploit theirs, and try to protect yours.
    ~ A plane’s strengths and weaknesses are not set in stone. They will change at different speeds and altitudes. Some planes will even lock up at high speeds.
    ~ Fly as many planes as you can. This will help you get a feel on who can do what at what speed or altitude.
    ~ Try out different maneuvers, climb rates, and ammunition. See what works and what doesn’t.
    ~ Know what each type of ammunition does. (HEI – AP – T – I – IAI – FI)

    5. This is just a game.
    ~ You will be shot down *A LOT.* Sometimes it will be a lucky pilot kill from a random ai AA truck.
    ~ Try to keep a cool head
    ~ Try out other modes, nations, and vehicle types.
    ~ If you having a bad time, log off and do or play something else for a while. Get your brain refreshed.
    ~ Remember to have fun

    * B O N U S T I P *
    ~ Remember to specialize your crew for certain vehicles. Never upgrade the gunner skills if you only use fighters on that crew slot. It will waste your crew XP.

  41. reality is that its not worth playing shit thunder it is pay to progress game there are far better realistic games for airforce and tanks, i played for 2 years until i had enough of repair cost and all the other snails pay us pay us measures

  42. Dont play this crap ever.

  43. what i hate about WT is my pc it sucks

  44. I mean cheating was really prevalent for awhile a couple years ago. But it’s blatantly obvious when it happens

  45. For Reference:
    (note that i’ve never used any premium vehicle as my main grinder nor do i ever buy a premium account)

    Air RB:
    i play fighters only cuz if you are good, you’ll earn much more SL and RP than bombers. i have 19d of Flight time( about 456 hours).I have got:
    @ all US aircraft tier I-V
    @ all german aircrafts tier I-III + fighters of tier IV, and 3 tier V jets
    @ all UK aircrafts tier I-III + most fighters of tier IV
    @ tier III Italy(fighters only), tier II Japan, tier III USSR(fighters only)

    All with average Kill/Spawn of 1.35 and a Kill/Death ratio of 3.5 (5.7 K/D on F4U 4B and 4 K/D on Ta 152 H, which are my main grinder for US and Germany)

    consider this, 456 hours of playtime and i haven’t even unlocked half of the available aircrafts
    also note that the grind for tanks is gonna be longer since there are more of them than aircrafts, also because the skill for aircraft combat is higher than tanks. An air RB win with 4 kills and active engagements will be equivalent of 8 kills with base captures and assists*

    *might be more or less

    I’m planning to quit in January 2022

  46. Is it normal that im not in tier 2 of 1 month of playing?

  47. Timmy tartar suace

    My first mistake was going down the bomber rout in my planes trying to get the b-17

  48. You can only have fun when you try to have fun. The grind cant be the reason you play. You dont have to play top vehicles, play those that are fun, even if progress is slower.

  49. I have a strong addiction that I cannot get rid of over this game.

  50. Josman Ruiz Lorenzo

    I play the game on and off because I don’t have to best set up. It’s hard to build skill when you lag to oblivion and can’t enjoy the game on high settings because the computer runs at 5-10fps. I don’t enjoy using ultra low settings because of the average it provides and how bad the game looks. Low to medium settings are OK but I have never gotten over 30fps.

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