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Source: DOLLARplays

War Thunder Hungarian zrinyi 2, zrinyi 1 and Turan 3 gameplay

This is PART 2 of me playing with Hungarian tree tanks from Sons of Attila .


Intro: Made in Taiwan – Lupus Nocte

Background: Transhumanism – ELFL
Funky Flat – Martin Landstrom
Valkyries of Valhalla – Dragon Tamer
Two Sides – Martin Klem
British Grenadiers – John Abbot
Night Rider 87 – Scanline Memories

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

#tanks #WarThunder #worldoftanks

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  1. I can’t wait for more low tier Hungarian vehicles with their great reverse speeds. There’s many more to add💪

    Btw guys, play from 3.0 to 6.3(tanks) today, and you might see me on the battlefield 😉

    • ​@hardwarewaffel285 it depends how long it will take to get enough footage for my next video

    • K_Balu a Mösterpék

      I very much so want the 38M Toldi I, V-4 Straussler, 43M Toldi III, Toldi Páncélvadász (Tank Destroyer resembling a Marder II or III), 40M Nímród and the 44M Tas with both 75mm and 80mm guns, as for the Austro-Hungarian Navy, i’d say Italy since Hungary is part of it as a subtree, and there is no Austrian subtree as of yet and in that regard Germany does not count as they are a different country and had their own navy.

    • thank you for that upload

    • Good range to be in, so if I get killed…maybe it’s on video😂

  2. It’s a new game.. it’s amazing now… I feel like when I begun war thunder the graphics the Smooth gameplay I’m loving it right now ❤

  3. truly one of the SOME OF THE BEST TANKS IN WAR THUNDER momentos of all time. Also, keep up the good work, Dollar! I love your videos!

  4. are we going to see the free to play series again?

  5. I’m fully expecting a Top Gear TGPD meme when you reach the 2S1 Senor Dollar, since it was the tank in that episode lol

  6. LOVE your new

  7. The tiger is now the most up-tiered tank in the games history😅

  8. Also I always love your videos and I hope they stay the way they are

  9. last night I played with the HO RI, man it is so good, got 8 kills, the frontal armor is so mean

  10. #вернитеПОРТ #returnPORT good map

  11. What was the movide with quote “unfortunely, its useless?”

  12. A quick reminder that the Turan III has been raised to 4.0, but the Pz.IV G remains at 3.3, and the Pz.IV H remains at 3.7. This game is utterly broken.

  13. Did you angle you’re British empire destroyer today?

  14. Shut UP and take that like!

  15. the turan doesnT’ have a forehead, not evewn a five, six, or seven head, no no, it has a ten head.

  16. As a KV-1 player. I can confirm. The F2 Terrifies me…

  17. Did anyone else think “use the HE!” When he was facing the AA vehicles

  18. This is my gfs account and i wanted to say i love your content so much! And was woundering uf you could make a how video about how you got the game sense and stuff like that please?

  19. i wish someone would tell me why they removed the screen/side skirts for the panzer J (premium) german tank :/ i literally only got it cuz it looked cool, and they took it away 😭

  20. Only Hungary(I like your accent)

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