Somebody toucha my spaghet – Progetto M35 mod 46

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  1. Nice game Circon! And surprise surprise, the guy who did team damage also only did a bit over 300 damage total.

  2. Ivan Stepanovic

    My last battle on this map: I’m tier 8 Centurion I in a tier 10 fight, I come to this spot and find 5 Russian and Chinese tanks with no gun depression just lined up here in front of me. Glorious! Later, I troll a Type 4 heavy, stick on his side, cut him down to one shot and then friendly tier 10 arty fires, kills him for 100hp, cuts down my hp as well, stuns me, tracks me and leaves me immobilized long enough for an enemy Emil I who was coming to finish me off. Great games lately…

  3. The timing of the subscription sound with the shot in-game is fenomenal!

  4. what kind of credits you have :S

  5. Skorp: better cap this one

  6. so why is this tank not op?

  7. Love those kinds of teammates. They drive in front of YOUR gun while you’re shooting and get mad at YOU when you accidentally shoot them

  8. Can you give me a definition of what is considered to be a “nice meme”?

  9. somebody toucha my dead meme

  10. The allied Progetto did almost as much damage to you as he did to the enemy team…gg

  11. You, sir, had one job. One fucking job. SOMEBODY TOUCH-A MY PROGETT!!

  12. The only man worthy of bearing the title Meme Overlord

  13. Damn now I can’t use my “somebody tocha my progett” pun anymore. Guess I’ll die.

  14. the second wargaming gives him a chance of using an italian meme in the title he uses it. Prepare for loads of italian memes guys

  15. Somebody touch-a my Progett
    Someone is in this tank

  16. jean-pierre rojas

    Can you do this ?! 399$ !!!!!!!!!

  17. Loving the sub timing when you shoot the progetto in the end

  18. Existential Crisis

    The meme is dead and gone but because its Circon, you may get a pass.

  19. wtf that died 2 monts ago im gona fucking die plz stop with dead memes

  20. Do you like the auto-reloading mechanic circon? I think it’s versatility is simply amazing.

  21. Chandler Kristoff

    I love how both the Oho and T30 were facing away from you, yet you still bounced a shot off both of them lmao XD

  22. Chandler Kristoff

    Should i spend $50 to get Spaghetto 46? i didn’t have enough time to get it free, only 30% discount sadly, or i could wait for tank to be sold by itself?

  23. Taiwan no.1 oh…wait it’s an italian tank

  24. 09:02 that matched up perfectly!

  25. BelgarathDaSorcerer

    I have to say, I am really loving the progetto so far, the 720 burst damage is really nice for hit and runs

  26. Omg a spagetto player not spaming prem ammo? :O

    There is hope after all.

  27. Progetto 46? More like Prosciutto 46

  28. Hate this fucking tank

  29. @Circon, that final engagement with the Progetto, is a good case for unloading the first shot and waiting for the reload, then empty the full 3 shells for the kill. That would be a meme.

  30. Aleksa Bajcetic


  31. The Real Killer B

    I was going to tease you about having a sub-5000 damage game; should have had more faith… 🙂

  32. When luigi says 1 more shot but Mario says no more

  33. And a this is a why you don’t a toucha Circon’s spaghetti. He a kill you.

  34. “Oh we made 137k”. Such a relief since he was so short on credits 😀

  35. Interesting how QB almost never empties his mag unless it’s to secure a kill, and circon does every time.

  36. Circon pulls 5.3k dmg in tier8 tank and still gets critized in chat for how he plays the progetto ^^. I see it like circon: empty the clip when u can make dmg, otherwise just be happy about the quick singlereload. But not hold your shots when u can make damage – unless in some very special situations

  37. Ready racks are legit. It’s why the Stingray is my favorite tank in AW

  38. Skull Fragments

    Would appear you like Italian….


  40. It seems like Circon collects Mastery badges with the same effort that somebody else would collect stamps. ?

  41. RIP that qb fan in chat.

  42. Way too many players over think the reload on this tank. Not Circon. Smoke ’em if you got them.

  43. M O I N E !

  44. Why the Republic of China (Taiwan) flag painted on Italian tank ? lol XD

  45. That Taiwan flag… Taiwan nambar wan! China nambar ninetie nine~

  46. dont sub this guy, he is a dick

  47. ?? I was laughing so hard at the end when you were coxing the jagtiger to get the kill and then you end up killing him yourself lol

  48. why u have Taiwan Flag on ur tank? @@

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