Something Odd Is Going On With Italy – War Thunder

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Source: TheEuropeanCanadian

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  1. They destroyed the only reason to grind Italian Helis by putting the A129 at 10.0, of course that vehicle could have been overperforming but if so little people play it…

  2. Logan Nicholson

    Italys biggest weakness is just the fact that everything that Italian vehicle can do (with the exception of the OTOMATIC and Centauro 120) other nations can do better and quite a lot better

  3. I started and finished Germany, but Italy has been the most fun for me.

  4. George JerubBaal

    Yeah, but I love and play Italy big time even more than I play Soviet now, so I Italy is getting big in my opinion

  5. I played italy to catch a break from british solid shot for a bit, i would love to see more vehicles added to it, particularly in the terms of vehicles with any armour.

  6. From the ground point of view Gaijin did preatty well with italy adding all the differtent variant of the Dardo last year, but for air… they only got a bunch of planes everyone have, the F104.
    It’s extremely sad their heli tree got completely forgotten since Italy is one of the more, if not the most, experienced nation in Europe in producing and designing helicopters. To me the italian heli tree potential is second only to USA and USSR.
    the main issue i see with italian top tier is with CAS, which is not exixstent for Italy above 8.7, since i think the ground part is preatty ok overall.
    -The centauro as said is fun and is incredibly competitive.
    -The OTOMATIC even if outranged by SAM platforms, its still the only AA capable of defending itself from MBTs effectively even at mid-long range outside the ADATS. If the HE-MOM would work properly with its anti-missile capability, maybe could return being more appealing
    -The Arietes are solid, but not even near good as the new MBTs. there’s no hope here. The only way to save this boi i think is maybe adding some unique gimmick like the Horus UAV lounched by the 120 gun (much like the planes with ships) and give the option to spot from above with that (but overall i think a nation can have a good toptier lineup even without an MBT since the vehicles that do better in toptier are the light tanks or the AAs)

  7. They could merge Greece which is really good

  8. – YVY – _Schnapps_ a 100% radar and aimbotcheater proove in replay, he always knew where the opponent is exactly and shoot even of there wasnt any chance to aim at all never saw such a scm cheater in this game before amd i saw MANY MANY gay-jiin is a scm company

  9. So Italy is gonna have t72 in tier 6? The ones already in the Game not enough???

  10. I’m glad they are losing the T6 premiums aswell as the fact like you mentioned Japan doesn’t have them, T6 premiums are just buy ins to top tier for noobs

  11. MOPARman345 HEMI

    Maybe if we had some good top tier jets……..

  12. Personally I don’t mind Italy, I spend most of the time playing IFVs and the Centauro. Of course the Ariete isn’t as good as other MBTs, but you can be successful if you play it with that in mind.

  13. Bighead74 Entertainment

    Can you do all air to air missiles ranking, which of them are identical (aim 9j and P for example, or shafrir and aim9b) which are more consistent or easily distracted so it is easier for new pilots like me, because there are alot of variants of missiles, but some of them have identical stats and stuff, thank you

  14. Grinding rank 6 air tree of Italy SUCKS. I like the G91’s but there are 2 tech tree version that are exactly the same but different BR’s (WHAT!?) and they don’t have air to air missiles. The premium R4 which is also exactly the same thing as R1 and pre-serie but gets the missiles. Why? Why not all of them? Why not at least the R1 because it’s 8.7 and not 8.3, it goes against the fucking cancer harriers, every single match is a full op tier 9.7 for it and it just NEEDS the missiles. Why is there 3 versions of the SAME THING but only the premium one is the playable one?

  15. Cheesecake Double Peanutbutter

    I played a lot of Italy 1.3 lineup, have about 4:1 Kd ratio lol, absolute blast at low tier.
    Did not know its top tier suffers

  16. If Italy was to receive a sub tree it would likely be Spain since the two country have had a very long history of friendship and cooperation, militarily and politically for hundreds of years.

  17. Mitchell Peacock

    I hope one day warthunder gets a Indian tech tree or a Brazilian tech tree.

  18. TEC, there’s also huge gaps in Italian Ground tech tree that makes it painful to grind, the same issue is plaguing France tech tree as well.

    I do agree the top tier – at 11.0 BR – will definitely make some players just drop playing it, but there’s also a lot more areas where you can’t make a potent ground BR line-up. Between 4.3 and 6.0 there’s not a single line-up you can make with 3 vehicles of the same BR or with small BR difference + an AA (a 4th vehicle) while tech trees like USSR, US or Germany can get up to 5-6 vehicles of same BR range, you will end up having less back-up vehicles than any other tree and most of them are situational vehicles which require a specific gameplay. For example, at 5.7 you can bring up M36B1, M-18 and Sherman Vc which all are best to play as ambush vehicles. There are also huge gaps between 6.7-8.3 and 9.3-9.7 BRs, where you can hardly make a decent line-up, with a few exceptions for 6.3-6.7, 7.7 and 8.7-9.0 range.

    Their helicopters won’t help either since AB 205 A1 – although magnifficent to fly – lacks any potent armament for armored targets. A109EOA is a nice helicopter but hard to grind with AB 205 since it’s too expensive in RP and SL for a 9.0 BR helicopter. It’s also set as 9.3 arcade BR which is forcing A109 to compete against Vikrs and Hellfires in Heli PVE and PVP modes. The A129CBT also is a mess, since it gets too many ATGM types and the loadout also pales in comparison to it’s counterparts. I personally would split the A129 into 2 variants, 1 with TOW missiles and 1 with Hellfire missiles to make the grind friendlier and give Italy 2 helicopters instead of 1 (and allowing the TOW variant to be a useful 9.7 back-up) and perhaps re-do the pylon loadouts, if possible. I know there are new proposals for a modernized A129 to be introduced to the end-of-the line to fill the gap, but if the loadout is kept with the same as the current CBT then it will fall behind Appaches, Ka-52s and Mi-28s.

  19. Good guess. But I want to put a bet on Finland first.

  20. farhan rahmaddani

    i my self don’t care with top tier because of the grind would be too much for the time i have for video game, that i just grind early and mid tier
    i’ve play other game with lot of grind (warframe, albion, black desert, and some other) and honestly for a game that it’s only way to survive is by selling stuff to skip the grind war thunder have a good early game experience, other game would force you to have fun only on the end game that you need insane amount of time to grind or put money on it to skip the grind, and there’s war thunder a game where the early game are nice but the end game are less nice.

  21. Stormtrooper 123

    as a italian player I really hope they bring the Hungarians as a sub tech tree

  22. A way to make the naval part more attractive could be adding asap the Andrea Doria or Caio Duilio, the refits, the bigger 15 inch battleship should follow these so it might get people back to bring Italy

  23. The one thing that’s striking to me is just how many obvious aircraft Italy is missing in terms of Jets or modern props. Italy produced (and continues to produce) countless trainer and dedicated CAS aircraft which would pair well with Italian ground vehicles in a number of BR brackets. Seems like an obvious way to sell both the ground and air tree for Italy.

  24. The release of the F104 ASA was a huge disappointment. I’ve been hoping they would add it for a long time and when they finally announced it, I was really excited. Then when i actually tried it out, i saw just how broken it was and how much they underdelivered with its capabilities. They werent even gonna give it flares at first like bruh.

  25. But there are still no replacement for the previously removed premiums. No British MBT, no US heli … ect.

  26. Aevis Prime DRG

    I still find complaining about not having premiums is stupid. ” I want more things I need to pay for”

  27. I can very much see Commonwealth Nations getting their own tree. If not then South Africa. They have a fair amount of stuff. Might be limited. But I think there might be enough to justify a small nation being added.

    Alternatively. I can see maybe something like Italy and Hungary together. Maybe even Romania? But I would love to see Turkey get added. Though they might need to be combined with another nation.

  28. Italy could use the unique Romanian/Hungarian vehicles (like they already have a few of) however I hope this wont mean we also get a ton of copy paste soviet mbts and migs….. which we probably will.

  29. You have a amazing gift of being able to make not only a 2 minute video into 10 minutes+ but sound like you want to die at the same time is just wow

  30. I actually think one of the main problems is content glut and player retention rates: WT has *so much* content that it’s difficult for people to decide what to do and who to play as from the start. 2-5 tech trees per nation and 3 different game modes means that playing the “natural” way of self-exploration, especially as F2P, becomes absurdly time consuming. How many months will it take to get even halfway up the tech tree of a few nations in the different game modes? Are you going to be entertained all the way through and how will you handle any “walls” in grind/difficulty? Not everyone can play 6+ hours per day, so it quickly gets tempting to go play something else if you aren’t having fun.

    Basically, I’m pretty sure there’s a knock-on effect where most players will have less and less time to invest in each new tech tree since it takes so long to “complete” a single branch of a single tree. So as a new player, I’d ask: Do I *really* want to risk jumping from 6.3 to 9.0 (RB numbers) in the Italian fighter line as my first nation? Do I want to play various off-shoots of other nations in the tank tree until a reasonably modern age? At least the Big Three will mostly let me move up at a reasonable pace but then we end up back at the time issue.

    That’s also why all the new players ask about top tier, since what they’re *really* wanting is to know if going up a certain tree is worth months of their time. Imagine playing with no input from other sources and finding out that the game stops being fun in a given nation at BR 7. Are you then going to spend months grinding a new nation or are you going to play new titles instead? It’s going to be an issue at some point for Gaijin, that’s for sure.

  31. Sambre Toothmcgoon

    The otomatic with its radar down is like a cat with its ears down idk why I felt the need to say this

  32. What premiums are they taking away?

  33. Italy top tier line up is POS (PSO) one or 2 centauro and then dardo/ automatic and that right there is all your SL gone in one game

  34. Centaro 2 could be added

  35. Italy tech tree should be the left side + dardo variants and otomatic. everything else could be purged and no one would care

  36. Arseny Suslenkov

    Spain would fit Italian tree pretty well, it would introduce powerful top tier mbts, more ships and planes, while there are also vehicles with Italian “influence” like VEC, ASCOD MMBT, VRC-105, BMR-600 Sidam-25, Civil War stuff.

    • I agree about Spain but only in the ground tech tree. When it comes to air force, there are still a lot of planes that are missing. Same when it comes to naval. Italy had a bigger navy than Germany’s and Ussr’s combined.


  38. Italian tech tree complete? You have no idea how many Italian aircraft, vessels and tanks are missing. All the gun trucks(armed from 47mm to 102mm guns) are missing, all Italian jet attackers(Mb.326k, Mb.339k and Amx Ghibli), only ONE battleship (keep in mind Italy at the start of ww2 had the 4rd biggest navy in the world, and they had 7 battleships) and a very scarse helicopter tree, which is weird, considering Italy has one of Europe’s biggest industries in that field)

  39. If Finland as a sub tree is added and the hawks are too.

    Sweden will have a high tier jet with R60s

  40. Sorry, but italian Line up at 10.7 is OP as heck, only vehicle they lack is dedicated CAS and SAM. Ariete’s are awesome tanks, very competitive if you are not braindead. Centauro 120 is the best Wheeled vehicle in the game. Dardo’s also are probably one of most effective IFV’s currently. Same for A-129 CBT. Of course every line up will be bad if you are a bad player. I think gaijin would be more willing to add more planes, but you said that they didnt build any, so its not worth I guess. Italian tree lacks still so many vehicles, its not a surprise that Italy is so rarely choosen

  41. I cant comment on the top 2 ariete’s, but i find the Ariete(p) a really good vehicle to play, even in an uptier (which is constant as i play it in a lineup with the centuaro 120). The exposed ammo rack isnt really a significant issue as long as you dont take hull ammo (why would you?), given the size of the ariete, and the fact its got pretty much no armour, shells pen, go through into an empty space and do very little damage, you really do have to be very precise with shots to actually do significant damage, which is less of a requirement for other tanks. The Ariete(p) is the only tank ive played that has survived multiple direct hits from bombs, ATGMs and shells all in a short period of time while still being viable afterwards (not even the T72B3 has that sort of survivability).

  42. The Update “Danger Zone” was just released on June 15, 2022.
    This update is definitely a huge negative change for the Italian tanks. Very sad.
    Gaijin have moved the three M13/40 BR 1.0 tanks to much higher ratings. The M13/40 I is now at 1.7 and the M13/40 II and III are now at 2.0!!!!!!!!
    I have played the Italian ground forces tech tree for a long, long time now and there is absolutely no way that these tanks are in any way that superior to the US, German, or Russian reserve or BR 1.0 tanks.
    I wonder if Gaijin is trying to shut down the Italian tech tree?
    At this point in time, I would absolutely NOT recommend the Italian tech tree for new or changing players.

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