Somua S35 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish


World of Tanks free at http://play.any./SHPHQ


  1. I can’t be more agree with your video Osirish, I feel exactly the same.

    These last months, I’ve thrown quite a bunch of money (my money, with my
    credit card) on WoT, and bought a lot of premium tanks I wanted for a long
    time. And now, I feel cheated by WG, because all maps become a “counter
    strike on tracks” and I don’t want to play this sort of games.

    As I said in a previous comment, that’s why I’m playing more on WoWs now,
    than WoT, because there is more tactical decision, and less lightining fast
    reflexes needed in order to perform well (this, and you get equivalent
    rewards, whatever you’re on the winning or loosing team, depending of your
    personnal performance in the battle, which is far less frustrating). But
    it’s sad I’m bound to play WoWs to find back the gameplay I liked in WoT !

    Now, I won’t throw money anymore on WoT (and I won’t spend my remaining
    gold either), until they drastically change their line of development : I’m
    just waiting the link between doublons / gold and then will spend my gold
    stock on WoWs.

  2. isn’t Mines also a low tier map as well? or is it only available from tier

  3. Honestly dont know what WG are doing to low tier games….. they remove
    this map because of puppy kickers when they have put a tank like the pz ii
    J up for sale….. which is clearly OP,broken and is a seal clubbers dream
    tank. Just seems very hypocritical to me even though you could pupy kick on
    every other map in the game

  4. 7 mins in and still waiting for the game to start. 🙂 This is not a
    criticism, it amused me on your map *RANT* (discussion) 😛

    And your correct the S does stand for SOMUA, thus it is the Somua Somua 35
    according to my mighty google fu.

  5. I did not like Provence. But I like Mittengard even less. I don’t know why
    most good maps are taken out of the game. Also I don’t know why the
    deforestation on the maps keeps on going. It has become a game of reflexes
    instead of tactics. Wargaming announced this a long time ago by stating
    that the WOT game should get “faster”. Well here you have it and I don’t
    like the “faster” (but dumber) game. The game is now more suited to idiots.

  6. The Province map was one reason I took to the game so well, I enjoyed the
    tactical nature of the map. If I was to join WOT now and find myself
    playing Mittengard more than a couple of times then I would have moved on
    and found another game to play. Mittengard is a horrible map with dreadful
    gameplay that does virtually nothing to improve a players skills. It goes
    hand in glove with some recent changes to maps that they have carried
    out lately in that they have been badly done and it has been detrimental to
    the game as a whole. WOT have really lost their way and need to get back on
    track if they are not to haemorrhage players from the game and deter new

  7. It may be a touch of deja vu the same thing happened with WORLD OF
    WARPLANES and they dropped it like a hot brick after totally ruining it as
    a competent game

  8. I agree with everything you said. I’ve got a poll going in the forums to
    re-instate removed maps. I refuse to play Mittengard every time it comes up
    I exit to garage I don’t earn credits so they cant take the punishment by
    having awards and credits taken away from me .Storm quoted on Rita’s status
    report that Province was removed and I quote” because it’s shit and
    Dragons Ridge was removed because heavy tanks tool to long to reach the
    top” .What’s the use in playing on a game run by dictators?

  9. osirish what is a pedobear? is that just a pedophile and WG seriously said
    that pedophiles play low tiers to interact with kids? never heard the term
    before today?

  10. I have encountered several players who claimed that they worked for WG, and
    the things that impressed me about them? First, they were horrible players.
    Second, they were obnoxious and insulting to players. Third, they like to
    threaten players with banning them. Those people just aren’t bright. Are
    they really WG employees? Can’t tell, but if they are, it explains their
    complete lack of understanding of armored warfare, and their grotesque

  11. Wargaming continuously are dumbing down the game. And if they try to use
    fiscal reasons to try and justify that type of business philosophy, just
    take a look at Blizzzard and the last 3 expansions they’ve had. Blizzard
    tried making World of Warcraft as easy as possible and they lost HALF of
    their subscriber base because of it.

  12. Subbed just because of your rant. Loved Province :,(

  13. this map is awesome, new players and old players love it, i dunno whats
    goin on with wargaming

  14. Александр Искра

    If they they gave everyone free Sixth Sense perk (to 100% skilled radioman,
    as promised year ago) there would be no problems with Province map.

  15. “Let’s create a new Game mode – like 15 vs 15… but where 14 players of
    each team have to wait until player 1 of team 1 and player 1 of team 2 have
    finished their 1:1 battle… The wining player gets a point for their team
    and then the next 1:1 fight starts.. until one of the teams won the
    majority of the 1:1 battles. So it might happen, that some players don’t
    need to fight anything at all…

    Great Idea, hey?”

    “hmm – let’s remove some usefull maps 1st and see if we can use that 1:1
    idea in a later patch…”

  16. I agree that the tutorial is absolute garbage. It only teaches you to drive
    up to a tank and shoot at it. As if that isn’t the point of the whole game!
    It took me 1500 games and vids by Jingles to learn about decapping,
    angleling and sidescraping! Perhaps Russians learn about this game in
    school so they don’t need the tutorial…

  17. Mittengard map sucks!! Thank you for your rant, you are 100 % right. WG may
    be going to turn the game into a Pv E Game (LOL). WG don’t care about it’s
    player base and they feel that players are to unfair to them by there

  18. May I rant alongside of you irish as I agree totally with all that you say.
    As a 70 year old I also feel that WG have lost their marbles.

  19. All of the premium American lights that I have are low tier. Don’t want to
    be down there, but need the crews trained. Wargaming has been making one
    big mistake after another for awhile now.

  20. I don’t think they ever mentioned this when they removed the map, but I
    believe Province actually had a fairly large win-rate disparity. Something
    like 10-15 percent, which is fairly substantial. I’m not sure if it played
    a lot better over there on the EU servers, but on the NA servers and my
    experiences, that map has given me the most draws and 13 minute long
    camp-fests of any other map. I enjoyed playing the map, but for some reason
    I still disliked it, most likely because it took nearly 3 times as long to
    play out due to the overly cautious nature of all of the teams. I’m really
    not sure how I feel about it being removed anymore. Probably disappointed
    though, because that means I have to play Mittengard more.

  21. I didn’t like province. I found it very boring. Camping on the ridges
    waiting for the enemy to slip up for upwards of 15 minutes often ending in
    a draw is not my idea of a fun videogame experience. I’ll just play classic
    duck hunt if I want that kind of sit there and wait to shoot gameplay.

  22. I agree the most you say.

  23. Well I do think that WG has a point. playing this map with
    cammo/binos/paint you have way more change to win. new players don’t use
    cammo net, paint and binos. so yes……..

  24. Provence was so much boring to play ….

  25. I agree with O. that Province is the far better map to learn the game. And
    new players should have a tutorial that teach about spotting and hiding.

  26. The Wot Forums drones have complained about Province ever since I joined
    and now they have their wish. I hope WoT is also happy because I am not.
    Get rid of the bowl map, Mittengard.

  27. Mebay you could find some way to get it…

  28. I wish they would put in dragon ridge…

  29. Gandalf:End?No,the journey doesen’t end here…

  30. I’m with you, but province, if it was 5 v 5 it would draw every time

  31. Thanks for another Province video Osirish. So more pieces of the puzzle are
    falling in place, wargaming staff have no manners: pedobears I’m offended
    even thou I only have just over 2000 games under my belt.

    P.S. If you got anymore of Province replays please consider putting them on
    your channel.

    Best regards,

    When I started to play the game I don’t think that match making for new
    players was in place ( February 2015 please correct me if I’m wrong ) and I
    survived ok. I just had no expectations of winning for the first 100 games.
    By the 20 or 30 games I was making some progress and in no small measure
    thanks to this very map of Province that thought me to stay put and use
    camouflage and cover, and then wait for the right moment to attack. All
    important tactical lessons.

  32. On mittengard I got 10 kills in the panzer 2, so yeah

  33. If the Province abstinence gets too strong I guess you could always arrange
    a training room match with your viewers 🙂
    I really hope this map gets put back in 9.11 though.

  34. That is exactly right. The only way to limit puppy kicking is to add player
    skill to the matchmaker. This will have noobs play against other noobs,
    puppy kickers will play against other puppy kickers (which they will get
    tired of quite quickly), bots will play against other bots and so on.
    Imagine a game with 30 bots with 20 WN8 each “playing” against each other,
    i.e. both teams idling in the base for 15 minutes.

    Problem solved, botting will be useless, puppy kicking will be useless.
    teams will be evenly matched and everyone will have fun because they either
    get a chance to do something. Games ending in 15-3 will be a freak
    occurrence rather than every other match.

  35. i would imagine it must be horrendous being thrown into mittengard in your
    first battle. i’ve probably had dozens of battles on that map in my time
    and i still cringe when i get it. there is no time to settle in and see
    what is going on. I’d say it is easier to take advantage of new players of
    mittengard because they are like rabbits in headlights

    @viridis lux. rant didnt end at 6:40 it went on 23minutes pretty much

  36. They must have been drunk out of their minds when they made the decision to
    remove Province while leaving Mittengard. Or maybe there was an error in
    the communication, they meant to do it the other way but someone misread
    the email.

  37. i allways start with a tier 2 battel then 4,6,8 and 10 then mowe back down
    and play a tier 1 then 3,5,7,9 i like to play all my tanks in all tiers,
    why is that bad? i love that ther is no bunny jumping in this game, that
    you can use the terrain, that one needs to think about mowement and
    placement, i dont understand why wg more and more twerks the game in favor
    for the heavy tanks, nerfing the the camo on the TDs nerfing the guns one
    the mediums, close in maps like mittengard, i am 39 and most that i play
    with are my age and above and i dont minde using a littet monny for
    somthing like painting or resetting skills or a some days of premium time
    but some day, when you can only drive russien heavys in close in figthing,
    i may not find it amusing anny mor and the i will drop WOT for another
    game, well i like your videos, thank you for sharring them with us all ;-)

  38. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Mittengard is actually pretty good, I had some of my best games in it.
    Province is a really good map too, there is not a SINGLE explanation for
    removing Province.

    Also, I don’t mean to be insulting, but could you put a time stamp for when
    the replay starts please?

  39. 6:40 rant ends. also, i agree with the rant.

  40. Oh god when Province was playable with tier 10s 😀 so horrible map.

  41. are u going to stream soon?

  42. First :D

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