Somua SM review! Is it WORTH the gold?

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. cmstront plays World of Tanks


  2. Grinded the AMX 50 100 in 2017, does that count too? (as 2018 era)

  3. 177k credits….you know u can buy tanks?

  4. i remember times where tier 8 prems were slighly worse than regular tier 8 ‘s from techn tree. Well not anymore all the new prems are not even slightly better but way way way better than regular tier 8’s.

    Sad to see this game turn into pay2win

  5. Double Double 4G

    So it’s decent, not great with a mid-level skill cap?

  6. 12:28

  7. One dislike from Somua’s designer himself 😀

  8. actually I would say that this is one of not so op premium tanks, just max 50 100 needs some buffs

  9. Holy shjt, so many credits dude! Share some of it with us man

  10. The extra shot compared to Lorraine is a huge deal in my book. There were so many times where I would just botch a single shot from her clip and be left with 900 potential damage, too low to threaten an enemy into not rushing me.

  11. Thank you for another review our Lord of Saltiness.

  12. autoloader with better armor than tiger II
    balanced DA DA

  13. STOP whining all the time bob ffs, if this game makes you so mad, you should consider the option to quit playing. We wont miss your whining ass for sure.

  14. That’s what you get when you’re a greedy cunt ???

  15. i actually grinded from 50 100 to the 50 B this year, 50 100 still pretty good imo

  16. I wonder if they will ever buff the Tiger 2 / E75.. I mean they are so goddamn outdated. Same goes for M103

    • Fair enough, I just feel like the E75 has suffered power creep and has lost it’s position somewhat

    • E75 is shit. 252 mm flat turret front stop nothing at tiier 10. French new tier 9 is better armored then him. Tank like M103 lost it edge.

    • Griffin Faulkner

      Angle the E75’s turret slightly, that should help with the AP pens, and the side armor on the new french heavies is a joke. The E75’s whole thing is that it’s packing a staggering amount of armor all around, not just on the front.

    • Griffin Faulkner e-75 needs a dpm buff

    • Tiger I as it is should be moved to tier VI, Tiger 2 to tier VII and E75 to tier VII lol

  17. I played the 50 100 earlier this year, and I thought it was amazing, had by far the best performance out of my other tier 8’s, and really enjoyed the mobility. However I do think the somua is a bit better, if they brought up the base reload to about 40 seconds it would be a pretty well balanced tank imo

  18. Société d’outillage mécanique et d’usinage d’artillerie (SOMUA)

  19. You say it how it is that’s what I like, you also swear as much as me which suggests you are normaland not geeky. Quickybaby is in wargaming pocket and talks like a wimp. Keep it up ????

  20. Why don’t you guys go play Armored Warfare?

  21. So you can kill a whole full health tank every 45 seconds or so realistically

  22. Frankly that 100mm gun has always given me a headache the cost and the fact it usually bounces or drops into the dirt makes me cry

  23. in t10 matches this thing is FUCKED!!!!

  24. Now don’t tell me this is beter then the regular French Tier VIII heavy autoloader.
    Before you know it everyone is accusing WG of powercreep. LOL

  25. Poor Tiger II

  26. Will not buy another Tier 8 Premium HT unless MM for Tier 8 is fixed. Already have several Tier 8 HTs that are bottom tier most of the time so don’t want to buy another that is just going to be bottom tier. Heck, I wouldn’t mind being middle tier in most matches just not bottom tier 75-80% of the time.

    • Hans-Johan Fleischer

      With Somua SM doesn’t matter if you are bottom tier. I bought it today, had few top damage in tier 10 battles in my Slomua today.

    • Hanfgurkenhasser

      It becomes even worse when you play in a platoon. Main reason my buddy and me don’t play anymore. It’s just no fun at T8 being bottom tier all the time.
      Same goes for T10, so many T11 matches, it’s painful.

  27. CasuallyPlayingWOT

    Wait is this… 2 uploads in the SAME MONTH!!! By the emperor

  28. A french tank with better armor than a Tiger II. Totally balanced blyat.

  29. Calls himself a greedy cunt. Lmfao, love this guy!

  30. Great content again TY bro for your time and efforts.

  31. Giving WG money in 2018 OMEGALUL.

  32. Now show us the actual MM you’ll get with this tank along with all other tier eights. Bottom tier 90% of the time.

  33. I missed Foch’s premium salt, best wishes and hope to see more of your wonderful videos!

  34. Magister R'yleth

    Somua SM= better Tiger II/w autoloader.

  35. Magister R'yleth

    These soft stats are ridiculous. Do you have any idea how hard it is to stabilize an oscillating turret? Yet the gun handles like a Sherman 76mm.

  36. WhosYourDaddyNow

    11:44 – SirBorat

  37. SirFoch video….my life is now complete….
    ps : We missed you man….

  38. Thank you Foch for reminding me why I no longer play this piece of shit game.. 😀

  39. Hans-Johan Fleischer

    bought Slomua & Lorraine today. both awesome! had few top damage in tier 10 battles. totally worth it.

  40. SM, Lorraine, Defender & Skorpion…What’s #5 – T26e5?

  41. it can kill any tier 7, or some tiers 8s , or two tier 6s on full hp with a single clip. definitely powercreep, but hey wargaming are stuck on the powercreep angle and fucking up the game instead of realising the obvious path to go with premiums.

    if they had any brains they would release different versions of lower tier tanks at a higher tier with slightly improved stats and hp.

    a tier 8 KV2… same gun same armour but 1660 hp and 16 second reload and makes credits fastur

    who isnt going to buy that?

    tier 6 hetzer

    tier 6 luchs

    theres many tanks that could be reintroduced as premium higher tier without any risk to fucking up the game balance

    instead wargaming make crap like the t34 black or powercreep tanks that piss all over standard tanks of the same tier

  42. Sure it is it have to be good as a fresh tank to puch people to buy this crap but just easy in several micro patches it will be nerfed without any note and it will become a trash as it was with many premium tanks in the past 🙂

  43. Oh look, he’s alive!

  44. aimed for a decade lmao

  45. “The cupola is obviously weak” 268v4 laughing hard at that sentence

  46. Best quality videos on YouTube,

    1440 FTW

  47. Still miss my ladies and mentlegens… 🙂

  48. Tiger 2 feels bad man..

  49. Greedy cunt 😀

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