Somua SM – Review – World of Tanks – Is it worth it?

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. First?

  2. but of course you cant just buy the damn tank have to wait for it to be sold as a ‘special’ 🙁

  3. 600 apcr pen?

  4. M4a1 revalorise is better

  5. In a single word: *YES*

  6. Really strong, but not OP

  7. Dellinger the fighting fish

    Is it better than 50 100


    Somua is beast…

  9. I love this tank, it’s my favorite tier 8 premium. The 5 shot clip is great, it has amazing gun handling and unloads it’s clip off quickly. I think having the extra shot in the clip makes this tank better than the Lorraine.

    • i prefer this one over the lorraine also, when you have a team mate to cover for you when reloading it’s really good

  10. Great Frontline tank. Cheap to run.

  11. happy late birthday ma dud

  12. Very good APCR player. 232 pen not enough for an unicum?

    • *slurping noises*

    • @gabi8o
      where is the problem? Premium ammo is for credits 6 years, deal with it, kiddo.

    • I did, mostly don’t play anymore, play steel beasts instead..

    • +Morganator Well i don’t like shooting prem myself, but when every fucking WZ heavy or obj 727388 spams gold even againts my T20 and M26, you really wanna just tap the 2 key and give 0 fucks so…

    • +Morganator At tier 8 MM its not really necessary but most of the time it is to load some gold and 25% of your ammo is reasonable amount in comparison to all those tryhatds spamming gold at bottom tiers.
      I guess he used it to guarantee the damage here because that counts when trying to win and especially when going for gunmarks

  13. meanwhile 50 100 still have shit gun stat 3 sec aim almost 3 sec between shot

  14. 1:37. Over 600mm apcr pen. OP, PLS NERF.

  15. Always good to hear your opinion on any tank. I got this HT as soon as it came out and have no regrets and with my crew going on for 5 skills, I actually prefer it to the Lorr 40t.

  16. it is better that a 50 100 in almost every way , just not in clip damage

  17. Where is my FCM review >:(

  18. Only a full tier 8 battle? I guess the aces Circ got against tier 10s would be too embarrassing for those victims to show.

  19. I have this tank on console base reload time is over 40 seconds what is this bs

  20. Loved this tank so much that I three marked it. It really is a better Amx 50 100 though 🙁 The only reason why you would want to play the Amx 50 100 now is if you joined a 1v1 teir 8 tournament match.

  21. its just a reskind lorrian t-40 XD

  22. It's not what you think

    Nice haircut, circon.

  23. Great content sir

  24. Please like the vid everyone if you want to suport the creator…. YouTube change their policies again so they need every like and follow

  25. I really enjoy these videoes where you comment. Far better than just unedited stream vids. Way more informative, keep it up.

  26. what modpack are u using?

  27. This is SO BAD TANK!

  28. The fact that you have and use your three clips of apcr immediately for a situation like this actually makes a lot of sense to me. It’s an early game counter to all the heavies that pushed down that line, whether you needed it or not.

  29. Congrats on 100k!

  30. Thanks for relooking all of these updated Premiums; really enjoying following this.

  31. O7 Circon! You’ve really been putting out high quality reviews lately. Thanks!

  32. This is great series keep it on but please with some depressing tanks in tech tree and premium like t34 heavy

  33. This crew fits very nice in the batchat,!!

  34. The AMX M4 49 is just so bad these days. It’s too slow for the armor it has and the gun sucks. Somua all the way!

  35. Clipping an IS-3 in this feels so good. Something you can’t do in a Lorraine

  36. Bought 1 use it for clancrap

  37. the Fat-chat is my main money maker, that thicc gurl makes me more dough in the game than the wz-120-1 FT 😉 belated happy birthday circon XD

  38. Such a fantastic Frontlines tank!

  39. Where is livestream gameplay/highlights?

  40. 50B is amazing and definitely worth the grind but for experienced users but going for the M4 51 the tier 9 first might also be good

  41. I want one….

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