Somua SM Unicum Review/Guide, Contributing as Bottom Tier

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Somua SM, a tier 8 French premium heavy tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 10 Mannerheim Line and El Halluf battles.

The Somua SM is “worth it” in terms of purchasing, as it is an enjoyable and effective tank play. It features a 5-shell autoloader and functional armor.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb depression (-10)
+ Excellent silver penetration (232)
+ Excellent intra-clip reload (2.25s)
+ Good upper hull armor (~210mm)
+ Good side hull armor (90mm) allows hull angling increase the upper hull to ~2 effective
– Low top speed (37km/h)
– Sluggish acceleration
– Somewhat poor accuracy (0.4 base)
– Below average HP (1450)

Recommended Equipment
1. VStab
2. Vents
3. GLD

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. First! o7 Taugrim.

  2. The Somua looks too slow for my taste….

  3. ive played games with you before and never realized who you were Lol great content

  4. One huge change on that map is ast heavy lane around G9 it is now completely flat on the upper path. So its now impossible to go hulldown, i always go down on the lower path at the water now

  5. I wanted this tank, but then I realized I would be constantly annoyed with how slow it is, and I already have the Lorraine.

    • Laura E Lorr40t is the almost the same except when you’re top tier at T8.. (then this thing is simply a beast..) if you’re bottom tier then the speed makes the Lorr 40t better on TX

  6. Brjánn Jónasson

    Nice video. I have the Lorraine so no real reason to get this tank. I feel the Lorraine will be better with the increased mobility, even with one less shot in the drum. Like you, I prefer a 3-4 shot autoloader so the Lorraine is pretty perfect.

    • Lorraine is a med this is a heavy…so a crew trainer for ur heavies…!!

    • Brjánn Jónasson

      Was thinking from a credit-making point of view.

    • hey….can NEVER have enough credit makers…but yes i understand.

    • Yep mobility is OP in this game, the Lorraine is extremely strong and imo the slower somua is a downgrade. My Lorr is a 3-mark 65% winrate solo over 350 battles, I cannot imagine coming anywhere near those type of numbers in a slow tank that can’t flex and relocate efficiently

  7. Brill to c an experienced player giving ADVICE in chat during battle instead of the total over use of toxic insults and mindless clicking…so wish more of this would b apparent…but being a twat is far easier then helping…well done keep it up, much appreciated.

    • Héctor Lamaña i Sánchez

      Spike72 I completely agree, useful tactic commentary and mistakes pointing. It has helped me play better and enjoy my games more 🙂

    • Yea Taugrims attitude as well as his non premium shell use and his informative content is why I recommend him to anyone who is taking that next step from learning the basics (on the prem shell front I always say learn to play with out it then add it in if you want 🙂 )..

  8. Great vid. I always look to see if I happen to appear given how much we’ve platooned.

  9. I am learning a lot even I do not plan to get Somua. Great video as always!

  10. This tank is borderline OP. More like a tier 8.5 premium for me smh. Its not even fair for some tier 9 to fight this thing

    • kaierz Mao it’s not too much better than the 50 100, and the Lorraine 40t is a way better tank. Dont see how anyone can complain about the Somua when we have OP premium tanks like the defender and the patriot…

    • The low top speed and relatively poor accuracy are big balancing factors. I don’t think this tank is OP.

    • Taugrim it is OP vs T6/T7/T8 for sure.. it’s balanced at T9/T8TD and relatively underwhelming at TX (compared to Lorr 40t)

    • That’s exactly how I see it too, from a balance perspective. I don’t have the Lorr 40t but the mobility is a big plus.

  11. you are using chat as much as gun. and that helps to win for sure.
    tnx for share

  12. Yeah about those “arty” that’s one of the reasons I don’t play the game anymore; the other being the constant power creep in both standard and premium tanks. I think I’m around 20k battles but I just couldn’t take it anymore. I still enjoy your videos though. 😉

  13. That’s actually super welcomed. I wanted to know what a good player thought of it and not one of those early reviews where people played with it like 1 evening when it launched!

  14. I got 50 100 and the Lorraine. This one seems so slow. How is its mobility? You didnt touch upon that.

    • You can really feel the difference as when it comes to mobility. But you can feel it as well, when you fire your clip. That 0,5 sec less between every shot makes it so much better when you unload on someone, bcs it will propably make you fire 4-5 shots, before enemy loads his shot. In somua u are exposed for 8 secs compared to 50 100’s 13,5 secs and only 300 dmg more. So now you can choose: greater firepower (technically speaking not, but you propably won’t be able to fire all 6 rounds from 50 100 beeing safe all the time) or faster tank.

  15. But that was lucky one, you must admit… Bouncing a 263 mm of penetration shot from T30… That shot went propably to your mantlet, but still. It’s like everyone loves bouncing off Amx 50 B, which is paper, but can bounce some bullsh*t shots. But from the other side I must admit, that when I’m playing bc 25-t I bounce about one shot per 2 games, so am not surprised that that T30 bounced. But he propably just aimed at the center of your turret 😉

    • > Bouncing a 263 mm of penetration shot from T30

      Yes, it was a bit lucky.

      I was counting on his horrible gun handling resulting in a missed shot, but in hindsight I wouldn’t have forced the shot because staying alive to protect the JPE’s flanks was higher priority.

    • Yes, actually he was more important than you. But than comes the moment of reflection, when you ask yourself whether you want more WN8 or won game. And you don’t know as well if JPE is good player or not, so that was gamble. Especially I wouldn’t risk taking that shot, bcs JPE was at ~full HP and taking that shot shouldn’t cost him whole flank, while if you died there it could make difference, bcs tbh for a short amount of time you have more firepower and what you didn;t know that JPE is not the best player in the world (1300 wn8), so you surviving is propably better, because you can outplay enemies. That is why I like using XVM. I know if I can count on allies and if I have to be aware of any enemy.

  16. I love this tank. Beside being good for my play style it is a really good credit maker. Many complains about it being slow, but that gives you an opportunity to reload and re-think your tactics.

  17. no premium? respect.

  18. Chandler Kristoff

    I’m not even buying this tank but i’ll watch the video anyway because i know it will informational 🙂

  19. Most intuitive video on this tank yet! thank you.

  20. Taugrim you should team up with LemmingRush.. (he’s a force of nature, (probably the best player who’s the best streamer..) not the best player. Not the best streamer. But the best player who’s the best streamer)

    • I’ve read your comment several times and beyond teaming up with LR the rest I can’t wrap my noodle around…

    • Taugrim haha … there is an innate ability in humans to communicate entertain and be a successful presenter. It can be developed & it’s similar to acting perhaps. Or salesmanship. It is also a lot of preparatory work. Being prepared to do the preparation work is a lot of it.

      Then there is knowing how to play tanks.

      Some streamers present well but aren’t super great players nor teachers (Jingles & some others too).

      Some play outstandingly well but are overly cynical about team mates, swear unnecessarily aren’t super fun to listen to (I’d put Circon and SirFoch in this) and often have immature trolling fanboys in the comments section.

      Then there is a 3rd group. People who play the game at a high enough abnormal skill level to be worthwhile investing in from a learning perspective AND can communicate well to a high standard professionally. Three I’d put in here are you, Taugrim, Quickybaby, and LemmingRush.

      The best of these three skill wise is a LemmingRush and he lacks nothing in terms of communication. Quickybaby is incredibly well presented but isn’t as good a player as LemmingRush. You’re somewhere inbetween both but with the added bonus you dont use gold.

    • Say what? Taugrim not using *any* gold ammo, period, puts him above LR *IMO.*

    • Thanks for breaking that down, it’s really interesting to hear the perspective of others players on various streamers and YouTubers.

  21. Nice review but already have the AMX M4 49 and being bottom tier all the time with it just prevents me from buying another Premium tier 8 HT that will just be bottom tier most matches.

  22. If that tank was 10 kph faster I would buy it. That gun is fantastic though with 5 shots and 2.25 inter clip r.o.f.

    • Absolutely, the autoloader makes the tank.

      The Somua SM is at my threshold of a slowish tank. Anything slower and I get frustrated driving it.

  23. what is your laodout for th T-54( no gold)? also will you stream anytime soon? 🙂

    • I run almost all AP, with maybe 5-6 HE shells for squishies. With silver ammo I averaged ~2.3k DPG in the T-54.

      Obviously the HEAT in the T-54 is amazing and let’s you pen the vast majority of tanks frontally. But the T-54 is very good at flanking and has an excellent armor profile.

  24. I say this again and again. This channel is a real gem-no premium ammo and bottom tiers. This is what I WANT tank rewievers to do.

  25. Great video as usual. That T-49 was doing one of my biggest pet peeves on that map. I play TDs more than anything and that is a great map for TDs, if someone spots the far side. Otherwise, the enemy lights will spot you and you will get hammered by their TDs, which you cannot see. I did see that there was another light spotting valley but still. Why do lights want to go brawl in the early game? Save that for later when the heavies have beaten each other up.

    • Agree 100%. That’s a point I tried to emphasize in my Light Tanks Guide video.

      That is, don’t go to city / brawling areas early game in a light tank, but it’s fine to go there mid-to-late to flank enemies.

  26. Taugrim! What is better LORRAINE40T OR SOMUA SM .. im thinking buying lorraine 🙂 but can you give some tips on what to buy?

    • If you’re competent with medium tanks, i.e. you know how to flex and spot, then go with the Lorr 40t. I don’t have it but most people regard it as an excellent tank. It does require more finesse as the armor is weak.

    • Taugrim thanks taugrim for the reply! Keep up the goodwork always!

  27. like always, fantastic comments and good gameplay. i try your tactics. but my shots keep going nowhere.

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