“SONS OF ATTILA” UPDATE PREVIEW | War Thunder Official Channel

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Source: War . Official channel.

Get an early look at the new Hungarian line, a vastly improved RWR system for Top Tier Jets, the magnificent Soviet workhorse that is the Mi-8 , and much more!
Learn more: https://warthunder.com/en/news/?tags=Development

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  1. for the Leopard PSO ,pla make the front blade removable like all other vehicles in the game so if you want to remove it then you can .tank you

  2. Help this guy on the right he seems like he needs it…

  3. Усы Сталина

    Tom looks like my friend

  4. Mig 29 najveće govno od aviona . Ali u WT najbolji avion

  5. Dajte f16 block 50 AMRRAM RAKETE

  6. @warthunder Move the VCC 80/60 to a lower br. It is useless, dosen’t have enough of pen or shrapnel to kill other tanks

  7. Let’s go Betty made it into war thunder!!!! now jets will be accurate with their warnings

  8. I’m looking at a woman but I hear a man’s voice?!

  9. When are the Scorpion and Scimitar coming to uk tree?

  10. Hey and NOTHING AGAIN for the Japanese. F_U Gaijin, takes the Japanese out of the game more easily.

  11. Probably one of the coolest updates but still no Spikes for the Puma? Or BUSK for the Bradley? I know it might be useless but I could say the same for the TUSK with the SEP

  12. I’m still waiting for the spike puma it been close to a year now since it been discussed

  13. real question is will we ever get the F-16XL as a Premium / Event vehicle?

  14. Please add the python 4s they are so good missils

  15. hey after this update pls add a polish tree the polish has a list of alot of tanks and aircraft and ships and helis

  16. blahaj bomber :3

  17. “we can’t add Aim-120s as the game isn’t ready for them, btw here’s the six-in-4-seconds 40G overload thrust-vectoring missile that ONLY Russia gets”

    Gaijin in a nutshell…Russia gets the most insanely overpowered stuff under the sun while everyone else gets artificially nerfed for a year or two first.

  18. At least give f16 the aim 9x if you’re giving r73 to mig 29

  19. Could you add Namer(2017) in Israel. The vehicle is absolutely gorgeous and unique and it would make perfect end for Magach line. Also i think Merkava 3 should have 2gen thermals for the gunner, since Baz god modified with better fps.

  20. Please add czechoslovak tech tree

  21. so sure all this is being added. but why the hell are all 20mm hispanos broken hit city. 30mm broken. all british guns dont work quite comical really

  22. how are the types of sherman and sheridan?? an example is the M4A1

  23. Трап на стриме

  24. what year do you think the f15 will come out?

  25. Will the Puma finally get some Spike missiles?

  26. Sooo… will we finally get a “Tank only Mode” without choppers? So you can play tanks again?

  27. Fix the trees. Tired of hitting something invisible with the heli blades.

  28. Person on the right a girl?

  29. next time real women please

  30. I wish this was applied to lower tier planes! Instead of the computer system, (which in ww2 I think it was just beeps and boops) it could be a actual human? Not a computer sounding woman. Unless I’m wrong but let me know if I’m not please

  31. RIP Germany, France and Britain. Germany literally only has the MiG-29 and Tornado as modern Jets while the US has 2x F-14s and 3x F16’s 😐 totally fair wtf. And if the US gets the Texas with such big guns and that amount of AA then Germany should get the Bismarck

  32. why integrate hungary to italy? whyyy

  33. No toyota´s…..

  34. So ussr is op as always. But America has more firepower

  35. I haven’t been receiving squadron points ever since I switched from ps4 to PC. Yes I’m in active squadron n no they are not auto deploying

  36. when will bombers get detailed cockpits

  37. conseguir unos tacos

    This update gon be crazy🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥(i am held in gaijin basement with the basement guy)

  38. The kv-2 no longer has the biggest caliber

  39. wtf is that thing on there right ?

  40. Absolute waste of time

  41. Finally, my homeland is being represented in-game! Harcra fel bajtársak! To arms!


  43. And when are we going to get some new modes?

  44. Hold on, fox 3 will come to this game when it’s ready? We already have Aim-54, give us the Aim-120 and give the other tech trees their fox 3. It’s been ready

  45. Syed Faizal AlYahya

    where’s the KF51 PANTHER in this game? this game really bias n BS on Germany tech😪😪😪😪

  46. Please add Romania to game

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