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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

The next major update for War Thunder — ‘Sons Attila'!



  1. i hope for you guys at Gajin that you give the Puma some spikes now cant belive you adding a tank that is similar and has spikes

  2. 2nd comment of mine, please make hungary a completely seperate tech tree and not a sub tree like others are saying

  3. A kurva életbe azt hittem hamarabb fognak táncolni a síromon mint hogy ezt látni fogom..

  4. OK that’s hungary now where Yugoslavia ?

  5. Things are gonna get real when the Romanian reach tree is added

  6. At this point, I’m really hoping that next time, they will release Czechoslovakian tech tree!


  8. Yoooo are we getting a Kiowa, does that mean we can high bird low bird now lmao

  9. oh no… not that annoying russian voice i heard so much in dcs

  10. could you add wing vapors, just a suggestion

  11. The new addition of mig29smt with the r73 is a blatant attempt at getting classified data on the aim9x, and it shows!!

  12. Let Them Cook🔥

  13. I hope war thunder on income update add new leopard ri or leopard sg

  14. They should have added Romania sub tech tree.

  15. for a second there i thought i would hear the bf4 theme

  16. This makes 0 sense, why would you add Hungary to Italy when you could make a sister nation like Romania and Hungary.

  17. Csaba is gonna be so fun. Another little armoured car

  18. Gamal Trinidad Kabil

    Now the changes you are implementing almost match the trailer quality, keep it up!!

  19. German mains man 🤣🤣. They yet have to wipe of the tears of the fact that “wE dIdNt HaD aNy MbTs iN yEaRs” and they already are bitching and crying and pissing for “tHe Kf41 iS gErMaN”.
    Gaijin is right, german mains never stop crying. You can also grind another tree you know🥶🥶

  20. BulkyBlueCrustacean

    gaijong plz fix heli autocannon accuracy plz

  21. based name Greetings from Hungary

  22. ADD NARNIA ARMOR FOR RUSSIA. awfull gaming experience ,the never ending russian bias

  23. when yall gonna add romania?

  24. One of the European Turkic nation finally comes, I’m excitedly waiting forward other Turkic countries.

  25. Hungary has joined the chat

  26. That 1st scene with the 2 jets fighting brought goosebumps immediately. Insane artwork and cannot wait for the update to drop!

  27. Not a single new boat lol😅?

  28. The game used to be good when I first started playing around six years ago, now the majority of games are rigged….Unless you ‘Pay to play’
    Gaijin just want your money, it’s as simple as that. The fan-boys burst into tears and go hysterical if you make any critical comments about their pet game.
    The TRUTH is quite different. I stopped paying for a Premium account about five years ago, I am now ‘cannon fodder’, my tanks have zero armour and my ammo has little effect.
    Play this rigged nonsense by all means, but do’t get sucked into spending a penny of your hard earned on it, or you WILL regret it

  29. This is good civilization

  30. If I heard my plane yelling ultitude I’d be annoyed

  31. I thought this Thumbnail was a screenshot from Roblox, honestly.

  32. finally hungarian tree

  33. Fix M247 ammunition. Only lets me put the m811 or m822 with default. In game it only shows two types, Missing whatever ones not equipped.

  34. Can big transport helicopters be able to drop supplies for tanks

  35. Fix top tier AA

  36. I can not get over that first scene, gives me chills every time I watch it!

  37. ok let’s go, now make polacks next

  38. Is the German Puma ever going to get ATGMs?

  39. Finally new rwr sounds

  40. Who is working on your trailers? I want to see more of their work! please let me know .

  41. Ánuszbizsergetőkommentek

    Its time to download war thunder, cuz they added HUNGARY HUNHUNHUNHUNHUNHUNHUNHUNHUNHUNHUN!!!!!

  42. when i saw it, i excited to Turkish tech tree is coming but … that’s okay, Atilla isn’t only our ancestor.

  43. so they’re fianly adding a PUMA with its SPIKE Missiles

  44. Beautiful😊

  45. Please also add Oerlikon skyranger 35, because our army will also use it. In addition please add 2K12 Kub AA systems to soviets! If I’m remember correctly, the BRDM-s also had a rocket launcher anti tank version…

  46. Epic Trailer

  47. I wonder if they used a document leaked from the forums for this update?

  48. ”Aultitude”?

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