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Source: Thunder. Official channel.

Meet Major Update “Sons of Attila”: https://wt.link/sonsoffattila

A vast amount of vehicles, fixes and anticipated Roadmap additions have now been implemented!



  1. Ever since this update I can’t log into wt

  2. sons of missle or sons of B(YouTube deleted this word)

  3. where can i close the realistic tree effect?
    it is just too annoying to me

  4. you broke VR in simulator. Anything further then 800m away is invisible??

  5. The new vehicle pictures are ugly tbh

  6. Gepard has no ammo since the update, not a fix in sight. Gaijooble Gazprom being incompetent as Russians tend to be. Pathetic.

  7. The Su-37 Terminator better be in this update.

  8. i hope the hungarian light tanks and other planned but not built tanks will be added too

  9. 3:23 Israel does not have the MIM-72A & MIM-72C missiles in-game but instead has the MIM-72E & MIM-72G missiles

  10. ㄨフフꓛーガ🇺🇸

    Sons of attila
    Cache killa
    Max miller

  11. The *continues visual improvements* are very very welcome and much appreciated

  12. I need typhoon

  13. Russian bias will be hard with this one

  14. One idea would be to add a detail regarding the injection of pilots into planes using a first-person view. I don’t want to ask for too much… but this would be incredible to give you more immersion!

  15. Another thing I would like would be the possibility of changing the skins of the pilots’ uniforms and helmets on the planes… allowing editors like me to have more freedom in customizing, in order to characterize a unique character, and not have to always see the same pilots in all plane models wearing the same type of uniform and helmets…

  16. Imagine you could have a personalized Skin that could uniquely characterize the type of pilot used in a given aircraft. that would be unique! I tried every way… but it didn’t work.

  17. no much of updates for Japan again

  18. im shiting my pants right now

  19. Yayyy more stuff I can never play cuz of grind. French Navy sick tho

  20. A good update, yes indeed, but those trees dancing like if there was a typhoon out there and thoses planes exlpoding like in a micheal bay movie… weird.
    For me it s just making the game less realistic than it used to be. i hope we will get back to previous settings.

  21. Thx gaijin, with this update I finally decided to uninstall the game forever
    (Dinamic repair costs + russian vehicles in the Italians tech tree are the last joke for me)

  22. You had several countries give voice overs in their native languages, but seriously, could you not give a trailer in Hungarian language for the release of an actual Hungarian sub-tree? Turkey got one where they got voiced for atleast a video, even the Finnish got one when they became a sub-tree, why could we not get one?

  23. amaznig broken simulation mode… GJ..

  24. When add USS wisconsin

  25. WE need churchill will big gun

  26. When is the JAS 39 Gripen coming?

  27. végre! Hajrá magyarok! 😀

  28. Czechoslovakia NEXT!!!

  29. I find it cursed that the video is in German for me but all the comments in English.

  30. war thunder can you please add the mig 25

  31. Dovydas Levanavicius

    This is a good update but the stat card pictures is what i dislike from this update

  32. Please add Yugoslav-Serbian tank M84(Base tank but there are a lot of new prototypes) or Serbian tank M-20UP1 you all that can add in Russian Tech Tree

  33. because of this update, i cant purchase the kv1

  34. Just what I need when flying. Another woman calling me “retard”.

  35. give me the loire 130, I NEED IT

  36. Still no f-22 f-35 or the 2,000,000,000 dollar bomber 🙁

  37. Very disappoint of this patch, F-16C without AIM-120, MIG-29 SMT without R-77, what a joke, keep copy and paste stuff Gaijin………We are not stupid

  38. Hey this is too the guys at war thunder can we please get the f22 as a premium vehicle in war thunder please 🙏

  39. I’m on now. GIGITY

  40. lets go! more vehicles ill never be able to use!

  41. Robert Van Schepdael

    I just want to say that War Thunders decision not to put Aim-9Ps on the F-100F is very short sighted of you. Not one jet at Rank VI has chaff or flares except for the A-5C. This jet would be no different from the other rank VIs in Chinas tech tree. Very Disappointed, and this includes the Rank VII F-104G with aim-9js

  42. I haven’t played in a month or two and have been pleasantly surprised by the update. I should take breaks longer than a couple days more!

  43. Anyone else having a problem using LT for sight distance control since update? I had my controls set up perfectly for a controller player

  44. Uh oh, an update. Which piece of classified documents did they get ahold of this time.

  45. Casually waiting for me to be able to play as a SAM site in air rb to ruin air players day

  46. pone server en america latina y te pago ptqtp

  47. Great game but graphic its garbage sadly it have everything only tge essue of graphic 2023 and i feel like im playing super Mario pixel graphic it can’t be fun

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