SOON. – Emil 1 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

I love blindshots.


  1. Dat no views doe. “Uploaded 8 seconds ago.”

  2. Last🤣🤣‼️

  3. No one cares if your FiRsT

  4. last time i was this early my supermarkets were in stock

  5. I see Circon using my strategy xD

  6. ラー油美味しいチャーシューめん

    6th! Sorry, never been so early before. Love Circon!

  7. I’m at the point where I enjoy watching WoT but not playing it

    • @Matthew Sowers I did the same until I came back to play like half a year ago. The first month felt good. Completed 2 campaigns and now halfway through the 279 campaign. But now the game has started to feel progressively worse every day for some reason. I feel like the rng is treating me worse and mm has gone to shit.

    • There’s a LOT of us

    • Only played console, but I think I know more about the pc version hahaha

    • Going on 4-5 years of not playing but still watching 😂

    • @Yaman Eh back in the day I was fine with playing solo but now I just want people to play with and none of my friends played WOT so I quit.

  8. that grille 15 that turned up with almost no HP probably took all those shots for the spotted td

  9. Those blind shots are the epitome of ‘you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’. Moral of the story: be more like Circon.

    • The problem is, while its 100% true, some tanks, like the old FV Death Star (and to a lesser extent the sand machine today), British lights, and the smaller French auto loaders, just can’t afford many blind shots 🙁 or even many aimed shots in the case of machines like the manticore. Because of how important, making every shell count matters. You 100% WILL miss a shot if you don’t take it, but you’ll also miss the shot 5 minutes from now, if you’ve no ammo to send…

  10. 2020 is the shit. Like, pure sewage.

  11. Camper seeking shells in action.

  12. This tank is so slow right now, and the gun can be unreliable as fk, but yeah, it’s good when it works

  13. maybe i try wot again, been a view years but hey…..nothing else to do right now

  14. Syahareen Sha Rani

    That E 50 could have kill you if he just focus on you but eh shooting TD with more HP is better than killing a one shot Heavy tank ….

  15. Stay safe papi Circon <3

  16. That zoom in on the eye showed the premature aging that happens when you play WOT for a living

  17. @circon, at what time are you going to stream?

  18. Your mom fully recovered? Fantastic news! I was very sad and worried, Circ. Very good my friend, very good indeed!
    I’m actually crying of joy, cause my mom has Alzheimer, and she will never recover, but at least yours could! Godspeed.

  19. the colour has come back on your camera it looked black and white for a while

  20. Coalition-15 – one man army. Lovely contradiction

  21. Dont have the time to watch your stream but watch 90% of your youtube content how many tier 8 do you have left to 3 mark?

  22. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    2019 was bad?

    2020 is like: “Holdmybeer”

    We should just be patient now tho…just everyone give up a bit of personal freedom and we can save a lot of lifes. All in all it is very inconvinient, but i don´t think it will overall be as bad as for example the flue was 2017/18 which alone killed over 25k people in my country and hardly ever was on the News.

  23. “Then the emil nation attacked” 😉 haha

  24. Glad to hear your mom is doing better.My mom had a tough last year too.Stay safe.

  25. Almost hits more blind shots than actual aimed shots? “The Force is strong in this one”

  26. At 5:55 to quote a certain jedi master obiwon kenobi ” hello there”

  27. Think about all those parents telling their kid’s playing on-line games is a waste of time. Now it’s probably the best thing you can do to encourage “social distancing”.

  28. Yea !!! Swedish hull down heavies, my favorite !<3

  29. Oh so emil shoot all 3 of his shoots lets wait for him to reload and then attack him and fail. -E 50 (???)

  30. In these desperate times, the world needs MOAR BARRELS!!!

  31. 5:55
    *Why do I hear boss music?*

  32. More damage with blind shots than half the tanker population has ever done in a game 😛 GG

  33. This is why you don’t sandbag your teammates by going behind them when you have worse camo rating than them and using them as a meat shield. 2k dmg from blind fires is SPICY AF.

  34. I’m sorry to say that I never linked together your past year with the current year and how it has just been totally crazy for you. I haven’t been around much for the live streams lately but I hope you are doing as well as possible.

  35. Watching this makes me want to play. Tried to play, NA server down. Here I am again…

  36. You did more damage to targets you couldn’t see than 2/3 of your team each did in total.

  37. 1900 blind is not something you see every day

  38. Nice of that E50 to let you reload, very fair…

  39. Circon if you’re ever feeling down just remember, us memers are always there for you Sir Memelord 😀

  40. Tank sniper in an Emil. Yep, 2020 is weird as fuck!

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