Sooo War Thunder Thinks Tiger H1 & Sherman 76 Are Equal?

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Sooo War Thinks Tiger H1 & Sherman 76 Are Equal?


  1. Attempt #12
    Play the Panzer IV H
    Thank you

  2. Has anyone got an idea as to why Epic thunder hasn’t been implemented into the game? or as to why they haven’t collaborated or employed the creator?

  3. 13:12 got me..

  4. Mommy! I’m in yt now!

  5. FreEdOom

  6. To bad that I can’t download the sound mod on PS4,because I would love to have it

  7. How do you ajust range?

  8. I’d love to play this game but damn if I can even locate targets to shoot and hopefully destroy.

  9. Sherman is way more practical

  10. I didn’t know US tank had stabilizer

  11. Honestly tiger is so bad. It’s armour is a joke

  12. Yall sleepin on the panzer 4/70, nothing can pen it from the front (:

  13. hahaha!

  14. i looked it up

  15. Of course this BR is unfair like hell.
    Go play Tiger at BR 5.3 and show how perfectly balanced it is.

  16. Saint Militarist

    You have to remember that Sherman is a medium tank and still kicks ass sometimes better then Tiger

  17. I had to uninstall the epic thunder sound mod, the german machine guns sounded like cut off audio squeeks and the ostwind sounded like it was sneezing.

  18. No one who plays the Tiger angles their armour

    And always sit in the open

  19. 12:45 “Hey Peppin, I see you got your gunner Charlie Crawford down there with ya!”

  20. Matyáš Blažek

    Please play with 122 russian speedster, SU-122-54
    Attempt #2

  21. Always meet BR 6.0 PUCK

  22. stalinium in action 5:53

  23. TBF it’s the prototype Tiger.

  24. Lithenton Danarian

    In War Thunder the M4A3 76mm HVSS Sherman is a god.

    I have never ever had trouble killing tigers with that tank and that gun that the E8 gets is so damn good at close range with APCBC and the at range with its APCR which is more than capable of bitch slapping a Tiger 1’s turret armour (or hull depending on the angle).

    Personally putting the Tiger H1 at 5.3 was a good move as it gives the germans something else in their lower tiered lineups that they can take without the possibility of having to face 6.7’s like the T34’s and T29’s all day long.

    The Tiger 1’s in war thunder are good but are pretty outclassed by alot of other vehicles… shit even the chaffee eats Tigers for breakfast and that’s a 3.3!

    No complaints here about the BR change, I feel like it actually gives German players the chance to actually perform better with the Tiger.

  25. How to buy gold with steam?

  26. i have never seen this combat in war thunder im at 5.3 and ive never seen american tanks do so well usually they are all one shot

  27. There were little more than 1300 Tigers and about 50.000 Shermans produced, so roughly counting you should have 38 Sherman respawns for one Tiger.

  28. Miroslaw Olszewski

    Sherman’s been called a lighters try to guess why , no competition for an tiger , as he will not penetrate tiger from front or site , tiger had 88 mm gun best gun ww2 – end the lad is paying player?

  29. Obviously they are comparable

  30. Play m2 lel

  31. It’s like all these Thunderbolts, Maulers, Cobras, your stabilizer and fast-firing gun with ~same penetration as on Tiger are non-existent when discussing the so very OP 5.3 Tiger.

  32. attempt #10, use the Tetrarch Mk1, BUT try and kill a german Panther with it.

  33. Gaijin is Naziiiiiii

  34. I think People overestimate the Tiger H1 in game, in my personal opinion the M4A3 76 is better all around and really loses only in long distance shoot outs but medium and short range engagements the M4 is still better then most tanks at that BR. range and most maps at that tier are medium to close range. Granted it still comes down to the player and some Luck.

  35. Gschwin Game Jumper

    Theres no such thing as bunjamin betton on google

  36. And imagine the pain of german drivers, gaijin please have mercy

  37. From my playing of the American tanks i noticed one major thing : Your victory rely only on how many M18 Hellcats is going to spawn on start of the match. If 0 – You lost. I once spawned in match where 8x M18 spawned on start.. Victory came in 5 minutes. Shortest game ever.

  38. Well if the French is any indication, when a couple of games go well the dev’s raise the repair cost to 25000, good luck USA….

  39. E8 should be 4.7

  40. After seeing so many people banned because of sound mods, i think ill pass.

  41. @PhlyDaily the M4 76mm was the historical correct Enemy of the Tiger

  42. Wait what’s this betton thing?

  43. Why germans always lose?

  44. Brooooo huricane users suck, they just use the overpowerness to beat

  45. Does the sound mod work on the new updated war thunder 1.8.9 ?

  46. It’s about time that the Tiger has its BR dropped. It is inferior to other 5.7 vehicles like the IS-2. Anyway, the US rules in BRs 5.0-7.0, maybe more too.

  47. m18 are just so deadly, and really disgusting! in a awesome way :)))

  48. TankDaily, you have a serious American Bias problem… If America is doing great in War Thunder while all other nations are inferior, it’s fine, but once another nation tries to compete, IT’S A DISASTER MOVE TO DEFCON 1 NOW THE COMMUNISTS ARE REMOVING OUR FREEDOM OF DOING WHAT WE WANT!!!!!! I shake my head in disappointment, contemplating on what I did wrong to make you like this…

  49. Has anyone noticed that the typhoon 1b late has a lever named bias on the lower left of the pilot (the pilot model might need to be removed )

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