Sophisticated Type 60 ATM

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Source: PhlyDaily

Sophisticated Type 60 ATM


  1. The camo on the tank is stunningly amazing, it fit all terrain

  2. Day55:please play panavia tornado after 5 years

  3. Lmao is no one Gonna bring up how phly nearly lost his head to a cannon shell at 7:50. That shell was on you like butter on toast.

  4. why phly so good at type60

  5. why is everyone hating on the slow missile speed? it’s obviously designed that way on purpose so that you have time to make a cash withdrawal smh 😒

  6. I need hardcore practice with keyboard guided missiles. Especially planes.

  7. How did you get baby tigor in war thunder?

  8. hey phly, could you make a vid with odd and benny again, because i just love you guys together, and bc now you can tow the dead, I think it would me really funny if you guys should make like a barricade in a street and defend it like a fort.

  9. Quick question, why is it with every new video your thumbnail’s gets more and more cursed


  11. Link to the song in the beginning please!!


  13. 12:00 war thunder: where Shermans face off against anti-tank guided missiles.
    gaijin: This is a really good game! People love us!

    • ooohh poor sherman it has to face one of the worst and hardest tank to play with only 6 missiles. How unbalanced OMG. But seriously the jumbo if down tiered dominates the battlefield and this thing would be the worst tank even at 4.0 or any br really

  14. “we might be able to get into a more aggressive position”
    That’s what SHE said!

  15. Poor jumbo

  16. Can you play the MiG-21 PFM in Air RB?

  17. Phly play the F222.2 with some body and win a game within 5 mins it’s op

    You can practically win a game with two F222.2s it’s the French 1.3 bomber

    Me and some buddy’s won a couple of matches in minutes with that thing, no game stands a chance when you got two F222.2

  18. Don’t hate the player…hate the game.

  19. The longkets (longest time of travel)

  20. Play type 63 pls

  21. 8:34 my most favourite one

  22. Woah im watching this video on my bday


  24. We took shots of mescal every time the word punk was heard… we are now very tipsy… a nice warm tipsy. Thank you sir!

  25. “Spawncamping is bad! If its the other team” …Rule No 13 or 14 ?!

  26. BMP-1: It’s 0.3 higher!
    AMX-13 (SS.11) at 6.7, has better missiles, a main gun, and arguably better mobility…

  27. everyone misses the AMX 13 ss 11 at 6.7, 4 atgms main gun with 200mm pen .

  28. People really should consider using the german low tiers at top tier, if you flank and snipe it’s actually really fun

  29. No video on the ST-A 3 ? =(

  30. I honestly do love to watch more of Type 75 SPH.

  31. the discrepency of ATGM BR is so fucking stupid. the swedish 8.0 one especially. it has very little gun depression, slow as shit and has no MG. the UDES is much better, and i mean MUCH better, sure it has less pen value but it is a smaller target, more elevated gun with much greater gun depression and much faster.

  32. GimmeBackMyPancakes

    4:25 lol that hit him in the face

  33. Make Type 60 Reserve BR!

  34. Day 5: bring out the TAM 2C. 3rd gen thermals with DM63 for a 105. really fun and deadly tank to play at its br.

  35. Why is this a lower BR than the swingfire?

  36. (Turkish subtitles please) Hi from Turkey 🙂

  37. This could be reserved and still be trash.

  38. guys just take a moment to listen to the background music….. damn

  39. 2:25 Yes please daddy Phly, please give me your 73 mm main gun phor my 0.3!

    I swear, I’m sorry guys, the intro made me do it.

  40. Anybody else think that Phly occasionally sounds like Bill Burr?

  41. those passionate little ones

    the katyusha is back


  43. latest patch

    The engine sounds of enemy/allied vehicles (ground, aircraft, helicopters) are now muffled by obstacles.

    The volume of engine sounds from enemy/allied ground vehicles approaching from behind the player’s field of view has been increased.

  44. i bought tigor in december and it still didnt arrive and my family thinks its a scam but a youtuber that scams 1 million people? i dont think so but its okay its just shit and im sad af

  45. You can outrun these missiles in a as42

  46. Man. Maybe I really should stop farming Germany, the other countries look like too much darn fun.

  47. Ok. I deleted World of tanks. So, is this game worth the download? And I need suggestions on a new gaming laptop.

    thanks all

  48. Please Play the Rooikats pls

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