(Sort of) Mingles with Jingles Episode 433

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Source: The Mighty

Yeah, not really an Episode of Mingles, more of what you get on Monday when I'm exhausted after spending the weekend at a Convention.


  1. Firestarter OnYouTube

    want to ask Jingles, have you seen Top Gun Maverick yet?

  2. @Jingles . I am a member of the 501st Northern Darkness Garrison in Indiana USA. I can say that different legions unfortunately behave in different ways. We hoosiers are very laid back and just love anyone who loves Star Wars. Others are far more…..strict.
    I am sorry for your bad experience.
    It is sad that it is different from one to another, but it is true here in America.
    Indianas 2, Northern Darkness, and Bloodfin both just love that you love Star Wars.

  3. With the 501 thing. I hereby encourge every single human beeing to stand around their display and refuse to leave, do so until the 501st either go out of buisness or changes their attitude. Also record any and ALL interatctions with them. Any threats=cops/security. I also encourage any and all human beeings to stop ALL forms of support for these shitheads. Just tell them “nah I prefer to get stuff from ppl that aint shitheads” Lastly ofc do not claim to be from 501st battalion in anyway just stand around in as shitty costumes as you can get. If we record enough evidence of them doing things like this they might be banned from future events… and everyone is a winner…. well not them but shitheads should NEVER win.

  4. Pictures in portrait is fine, videos in portrait => death penalty

  5. Jingles, the pictures are great and in focus which is better than mine many time

  6. Shamsiel Shahar

    6:15 Evangelion and pretty sure My Dress-up Darling

  7. As another ancient Navy veteran, I know exactly what I would have told them – “Unlike you, I served in a REAL military in a REAL war, so PISS OFF!”
    I know a gent who’s originally from NYC, who was a member of the 501st chapter in that city – and sadly, that chapter’s behavior sounded far worse than just trying to order people to leave their display at a convention – like literally, shall we say, “taking advantage” of “junior” members in regards to the amount of time and money they “persuaded ” them to devote to the chapter.
    I am by no means trying to give the whole 501st organization a bad rap – but as with any large organization, without fail, there’s always a few a-holes in the bunch that try to ruin it for everyone else.

  8. John Gustavsson

    No wonder he hates driving. He’s sitting on the wrong side of the car. : P

  9. M25… the longest parking lane is UK?

  10. Those 501st guys really don’t seem to understand how petty and spiteful fandoms can be. They’re almost asking for a bunch of people in real shit costumes to march around everywhere they go and pretend to be included just out of spite over an issue they could really easily handle diplomatically.

  11. Jon-Paul Filkins

    Glastonbury 2007, Somewhere between the John Peel tent and the Pyramid stage, a notorious muddy section, saw a disturbingly good Captain Jack Sparrow. There was at least a hundred of them on site that year, but this one really could have been Johnny Depp, and he was known to be on site that year.

  12. Freaking cosplay stitch counters….. now I’ve heard it all. That’s beyond dickish…

  13. 501st Legion guy: you need to leave you’re not part of 501st.
    Me: But I am part of 68th Legion….what you think you’re the entire Galactic army ?!

  14. Jingles taking good photos needs logic, a subject that is vertically standing needs to be taken in portrait mode, period. So unless it is a group photo, a lone standing person taken in portrait mode is perfectly logical regardless of what internet retards say.

  15. good for you

  16. If anyone complains about the orientation of these photos, they should be aware that we who use real SLR tend to tilt them 90 degrees for full body shots.

  17. When people start taking enthusiasm too seriously it can get quite tedious. I am very much into classic cars, and some of the ‘Marque experts’ can really piss me off. Whether it is awarding the same award in the concours to the same car year on year, or in the case of the Willys Jeep (my father has one) the ‘Jeep Police’ will criticise you for not having the correct nuts or bolts for your week of manufacture (I am not kidding) on a vehicle that would have been rebuilt countless times in service. If you can’t have a bit of fun with your passion, what are you doing?

  18. *actually Jingles* – Because Instagram crops pictures square, it’s much easier to make sure you can fit the entire motive in the vertical dimension of the crop if you take pictures in landscape…wait what are you doing with that shotgun?

  19. I’m so sad, I was looking for you all day Saturday at comic con, didn’t get a chance to meet you 🙁

    Also yh, MCM isn’t like what it used to be, it’s just full of boring stalls that are all selling the same stuff

  20. Makes sense there is a lot of anime stuff since western Comics are Dead

  21. Why would you taking photos people/humans/cosplayers other then in portrait mode, unless they are drunk and laying on the ground (or imitating a molten T-1000)?

  22. glad you had a great weekend jingles 🙂

  23. OK, so what you’re saying Jingles is we need a load of greybeards turning up at MCM next year with jedi and/or sith bathrobes and cardboard tube lightsabers then peer around their display continuously just to wind them up? We’re on it! 😀
    Especially if we have something better underneath so they get the message that we can do better but we’re making a point.

  24. Even if you don’t recognise Jingles, Eddie is hard to miss.

  25. Was the M25 on fire or was it raining fish?

  26. You London give Boston a shot that is definitely a PvP zone

  27. Duncan Hamilton

    If I got asked to clear off by some neckbeard rivet counter in a stormtrooper costume, a big old dose of Go F%^k Yourself Sunshine would be dished out

  28. I think conventions being a shadow of themselves is a side affect of the pandemic. I visited the UK Bass Guitar Show earlier this year. The last time I went two years ago, it took me 8 hours to see everything. This year, I saw everything in an hour. Hoepfully next year will be better for all conventions.

  29. You got to add the Belta neck tattoo in, Jingles. Makes it way more identifiable.

  30. Personally i guess they will have jerks that come up and want to look like they belong to the legion , and as in any club/society – there are peoply that try really hard… we call em neckbeards and fa/tg/uys in the 4chan world. Simply put… asshat’s … but if one of them came up to me and ordered me to leave it simply tell em “try to force me… and ill shove you my 1.5m lightsaber up your rear end, ill be even so kind to let you choose the color of your new in body illumination”

  31. Jingles did you meet the Cheiftain of WoT at the con? Wel done copeng

  32. I mean what do you expect the 501st is Vaders own Unit, right? Of course theyre evil

  33. I once went in the late 90’s to the Sydney Mardi Gras dressed as a mirror ball. I’m straight and comfortable in celebrating others rights and passions.
    Not once was I asked to leave when others who tried to pick me up, were told sorry I’m straight. They told me I looked fabulous. Best night of my life.

  34. … but was Giancarlo Esposito the BAD guy in breaking bad? 😀 or was it us, the viewers, who were truly bad?

  35. Someone went to the con dressed as Eddie!

  36. Why is there a massive TMNT logo on Eddie’s car?

  37. Kristoffer Johansson

    Good story about Benefit Clumsybutch. Anyway, those 501 seems to be marketing geniuses. Telling the potential customers to leave, that is 500 IQ move!

  38. Ah but Jingles – did you tell them to kiss your….?

  39. Sounds like the 501st suffers from reenactor syndrome

  40. Nothing wrong with vertical format still photos. Now, vertical video is sh!t.

  41. Marianne Jensen

    I had to play it one more time, because there was something that sounded wrong at least to me, when I heard it the first time. What it sounded like to me, was that you said: “…. the second day *of* the Saturday”, but listening to it again, I could hear you said: “….. the second day; the Saturday” -Ok, point taken, my bad. Good thing you can roll the video a few seconds back and hear it again, if it sounds wrong to you in the first place.
    I should really get to these comic cons one day…. not sure it will be this year, too short note, and it will take time to put the costume together, I have had in mind

  42. This might be the American in me but I’ll be damned if I paid to get into a place and then walk up to something that was super nice and that I wanted to see just to be told to get the hell away from it. Cuz I promised at the very least Choice words would have been expressed very loudly and at worst they’ll would been barred from the Comic-Con because I would have called one hell of a destruction over them.

  43. And Eddie’s costume was…?

  44. Sadly there’s a portion of the 501st that can be a bit snobbish…

  45. Ackshually Jingles… a person’s portrait is one of the few times a picture in portrait format is appropriate. 🙂

  46. The mishap with Mr. Cumberbatch reminds me of my best friends and me being complete idiots back in the year 2000. We were on our first vacation over the pond from Europe into the US in California, strolling along Venice Beach on a sunny day making fun of a guy walking in front of us for his crazy tattoos. A couple of hours later we passed a poster wich a picture of this guy and we started screaming and cursing on ourselves for hours. It was Tim Commerford, the bassist from Rage Against The Machine. We were HUGE Fans of RATM back then.

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