Soulless Machines – O-NI – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Wow, such skill! …


  1. Japanese Super heavy line is one of the dumbest lines to be introduced since arty, but since i am 3 marking all tech tree tier 7’s right now, ill have to actually play them. At least it gives me a good excuse to show you how dumb big HE guns are.

  2. Oh my, Daily Circon memes? Hell YEAH! Welcome back Good Sir! Love the content!

  3. Last thing what I played before deleting my wot account were Jap. heavies… Circon is right, I wasn’t strong enough, my brain died :c)

  4. I had real fun with them especially the O-Ho back when its reload was 15 seconds.
    Slap in optics/rammer/spall liner and it can face to face no cover beat type 5 no problem.

  5. Welcome back! We missed circon in YT♥️

  6. I have bigger problems with people who straight up spam gold ammo as top tier. Cause I can’t afford it or haven’t played like 50k games and have 50 million credits over

  7. The Grisha Inquisition

    The entire Japanese heavy line is just a huge joke now. You have thick, flat armor? A quick dab of the 2 key and hey presto, your armor is meaningless. As for the derp guns, the 152 on both Type 4 and 5 are useless since the nerf, and the handling on the 140 is awful to say the least.Big, slow, unreliable heavies that nobody bothers shooting regular AP ammo at. This line is meaningless and, like the wheeled vehicles, has no real place in the game. I wouldn’t even be upset if they removed them and I lost my Type 4. Good riddance.

  8. yeah I do agree on removing derp guns from the game but if and only if SPGs go along with them 😛

  9. But that guns are inaccurate ,have long reload and useless on distance where is the problem. I love my rhm borsig big gun when i pen udes 16-s side for 1050 dmg

    • I don’t think he’s saying that the tank is op. There are obviously a lot of situations where it’s severely lacking.

      But that’s part of why it’s not fun in the long run. Either your armour holds up and you don’t give a shit, or you get penned by everyone. There’s close to no angling. No sidescraping. No Hull down play even. So either way there’s nothing you can do or learn to help yourself save not being seen.

  10. Good thing about the HE nerf is the Japanese heavy line and arty will get the nerf they deserve after such a long time. But WG should take a deeper look at the kv-2 and SU 152 which don’t have anything to go for except their derp canons (well, the su 152 still has an awesome 122mm gun), unlike the Japanese heavies which have idiotic armor tier for tier. Hope WG won’t fuck up again, especially in this state of the game.

  11. Love the daily uploads <3

  12. Look at all this skill… so much skill in not aiming and getting free damage. Many skills. Much damages. Wow.

    Seriously I have never seen so many bad players try to tell me derp guns require more skill than I have since WG put the HE changes on sandbox. God I hope it happens… the salt is gonna be delicious…

  13. Look, sometimes I don’t want to think hard. Sometimes I just want to golf with my KV-2.

  14. Krystian Olszański

    Yeah it is unbalanced but its fun to troll around gotta say that but removing he pen is very stupid its buff to scorpion g in my pudel, t34 85 i could win 1v1 by he ing the living shit out of low armor top tier tanks changing this is makeing all low tiers not able to bite good chunks of those tanks hp. Changing game mechanics like that is making me angry and i m shooting all the creds thru my trolls like 183 etc so i can go to another game when they introduce those he changes with no tanks in garage and no credits in garage. They are killing this game and i m taking my buissnes elswhere. I could agree to those he changes and stay if they remove arta with he memes. This what they are doing right now is like fuck you players only arta can have normal he and make your gaming exp a living hell.

  15. Loving the uploads man! I don’t get time to watch your stream anymore so this is good stuff ??

  16. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    completely agree. Derp guns are to unpredictable. And with TDs having such low HP some even as low as 270! At tier 4 Jesus Christ they die way to easily.

    Really all TDs are under health imo up until tier 9 when they shoot up in HP in some cases double the health.

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