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Source: PhlyDaily

START PLAYING!! Download War Thunder NOW!
MOD- IT’S FLIPPING AWESOME! ( War Thunder Gameplay)

Download –


  1. Sounds interesting

    Ok that was a bad one :D

  2. First

  3. There is no commentary at 10:10 and beyond plus game audio is turned all
    the way :)

  4. Natanael de Visser

    PT 76 amfibious tank vs flying boats

  5. Wrong Link Phly ^^

  6. phily can u do 10.5 cm tiger 2 , n where do u get the sound pack X3 luv all
    u vid the best one is the bomber snipe down the plane tat shot him

  7. Music to my ears

  8. The application is called aces

  9. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    When you said ambient sounds I was thinking rain or whale noises.

  10. Gajijn really needs to redo EVERY sound ingame i mean the tigers cannons
    have a silly poof to it i want that deep thuum

  11. ChaoticFluufyPlayz- Minecraft Pocket Edition

    Cromwell vs b 17

  12. I cant wait for 1.57

  13. Coool +phlydaily that make my day and I one of ur big fans and I’m a 9gr
    and I want to now can we play with you on war thunder

  14. NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe

    some of those sounds are good.. some of them are trash tho that sound rly
    unrealistic.. i mean if that is what ppl like.. also i think the ricochet
    sounds are too tinky tink tink weird and weak not talking about the mg
    shoot sound… but developers themselves should really do some pro shit
    with their sounds adding also variation

  15. is it possible to only install the mg sound effects?

  16. So if I download this mod I have to always launch the game through the
    .exe? What if there is a new update?

  17. i always thought that sound was a defect in wt

  18. M26E1. get that super Pershing HYPE!

  19. 12:36 found this while editing – penetration sound effect

  20. Check the devblog!!! SUPER PERSING OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED!!!

  21. there should be a mod that they is the ratta in it

  22. German love big gun??

  23. Guilherme Perrone

    IS2 is so gay.

  24. Ok WHAT THE HELL is that thing on the top of the I think panzer in the
    beginning of the video

  25. Phly. Man.

    That Wirbelwind….

    Take an anti-air vehicle out with this sound pack……. uuuuggghhhhhhh….

  26. So guys the Super Pershing is out on the DEVBLOG! – However I already made
    a video on it if you want to check it out 🙂 (After this one ofcourse)

  27. okay it works best with the panther so lets use the tiger


  28. Oh my god that is so good.

  29. Phly, do a challenge video where you and baron get drunk and go on kv -2
    rampage. Do it or GULAG!

  30. Use this mod and german crew sound mod, its freaking eargasm.

  31. 50% complete :D

  32. Naval frontline NFL


  33. Great gameplay!Sounds are awesome too!

  34. hey phly thats awesome man! its my birthday and im a huge fan so could you
    please reply? thanks

  35. That Wirbelwind sound effect tho…hnnnnng

  36. T32 and B29 American combo (try 4)

  37. the ingen and the reload ar to modern sounds

  38. its not working ….i just get a crash report :(

  39. Dank LegoBrick (DankLegoBrick)

    these kind of sound effect for planes OMG

  40. This shit needs to be added to the game natively.

  41. OMG so nice!

  42. I’m considering to get the custom and german sound pack, but i hate to make
    backups (too damn long to copy the origin) :3

  43. why this ambient not in war thunder itself. so good

  44. lol that a M1 gun sound

  45. Gameing Squirrle

    PhlyDaily i want the sounds but teh steam launcher is a bitch

  46. Holy Cow… The Wirbelwind…

  47. Thankyou for the immersion phly, I totally got tiger 88 firing wood

  48. Does it work for planesz?

  49. war thunder sounds suck ass

  50. Play some AAA with that mod

  51. That Sherman thou >_>

  52. can you make a vidoe showing how to download it? i dont feel like messing
    my game up LOL

  53. and now ill get my mod banned-__-

  54. Altan Aydöre (D3molish3r)


  55. Is the video (not sure how to really describe it) lagging for anyone else?

    Seems to be only in full screen mode

  56. We still need the following
    P-47 Razorback models
    F3D-2 Skyknight
    F9F-8 Cougar
    Now Tanks

  57. I thoht when War Thunder gona implement new sounds :D

  58. exe means executable fyi, just making sure

  59. Gaijin should allow game sound modding
    i mean allow the sounds to be changed and lauched trough the launcher

  60. Hey Phly the dev server its already up?

  61. Good one phly, you broke my DropBox ;)

  62. When i play i dont see holes in tanks…why? 🙁 (max settings btw)

  63. Does this one do much for the russian tanks?

  64. they should put these in a patch for us all permanently! epic sounds!

  65. did anyone else have the mod before Phly and feels rlly special? xD

  66. lol i have two ssds

  67. its flipping awesome and its also old news…..

  68. Can anyone explain to me how to install this awesome sound mod?

  69. sono is every body

  70. so cant download it now..says the sight is shut down…darn

  71. my favorite channel on youtube is phly daily

  72. Guys i am getting this error Error (429)
    This account’s links are generating too much traffic and have been
    temporarily disabled! Can someone upload the mod ?

  73. I could definitely see this being added into the game from Gaijin. Sounds

  74. There is another sound mod out there. It’s made by Kriegstreiber, you
    should try it out. I think the gun sounds are not as good as this mod (very
    similar sounds) and the MG sounds aren’t that good either, but the engines
    just sound f*cking awesome

  75. that moment when a modifikation from a player does more atmosphere than 2
    updates from gaijin together

  76. Sound like a t80

  77. Patrick Lee JackOfAllBlades

    Can someone message me a link to the files as b0ris’ dropbox is down due to
    too many hits.

  78. Do you plan on keeping the sound pack installed?

  79. You’re a real cunt for putting ads in the middle of your videos.

  80. Does it change the sound of any jets? (or any aircraft?)

  81. This is orgasm inducing!

  82. so anyone here the police car in the back ground

  83. You mean Boris the sneaky fucking russian?

  84. I hope that Boris(The modder.) can get a hold on some audio of a WMD going
    off so he can mod KV-2 more realistically. :)

  85. MAIKRA

  86. Your voice settings are way too loud to rly hear the sounds.

  87. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Boris the blade hahahah

  88. WT should add these sound effects in the game. idk WT, talk with boris or
    something. these sounds are awesome. WT sounds are a throw back

  89. So soundpack is made by a guy named Boris and your kill at 10:50 was a guy
    named Boris? I have never seen so much Boris at one time. Illuminati?

  90. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    tigers gun sounds like a spud gun…lame

  91. CaptainAwesomeSauce

    Gaijin plz… ADD DIS

  92. dimitri gourgouris

    I Personally feel the engines sound like a lawn mower, but the main gun
    sounds? ON POINT BOIS ??

  93. this might sound stupid.. but is altering files considered “cheating”….
    btw I downloaded the file it sounds awesome xDD

  94. Salut je suis français et je ne parle pas très bien anglais, et je n’ai pas
    trop compris comment il fait faire pour avoir ce “mode”. Est ce que qqn
    aurait la gentillesse de m’écrire un résumé ou de me dire comment il faut
    faire svp ? Merci d’avance ^^

  95. did anyone noticed he killed BORIS RIGHT THERE XDD 10:50

  96. I really like the new reloading sounds, kind of like pressure.

  97. Phly why do you use Font size for small screens btw?

  98. does the sound pack change the sounds to the planes?:) +PhlyDaily

  99. Gaijin should really invest in some new sound effects for guns and rounds
    flying past, engines, ambient and especially crews. It makes such a huge
    difference and really adds to the immersion. Mods like this show exactly

  100. can you play with t1 planes or tanks you always play with good vehicles?

  101. M18 Hellcat has a pretty good sound with this mod

  102. Please help, I launch war thunder through the ace application and it sends
    me to the launcher and it updates the sound every time. Pls help, very
    honorable, god speed

  103. “Wow those sound effects, just listen to the map guys”
    *Phly keeps talking

  104. Christopher Clausen

    1 Tiger vs 5 sherman

  105. you just crashed the Dropbox Links i think

  106. Oh man that idle engine

  107. Lol I think I tweeted a old historical sound pack to you almost a year ago

  108. I love the distant mg noises

  109. Challenge!!!
    play the T-35 with HE rounds in an arcade battle getting at least 2 kills.
    ( just so you know, I was able to pull it off…but it is going to require
    all your experience) Everyone!!! Like this, and let’s see how he does in
    this challenge!!

  110. Yeah you cant get it now xD
    :This account’s links are generating too much traffic and have been
    temporarily disabled!

  111. Upright productions

    German Sabre and Panzer Kpf. II C next, pls.

  112. Dang. I cant download it. The dropbox link is generating so much traffic
    they temporarily disabled it lol!

  113. Hate the 7.7 machine gun sound, sound so weak.

  114. For some reason it sounds like arma 3 since the late update

  115. Stiggiekaptain WoT

    It sounds sweet but the tracks make no noise :/ A real tanks tracks sound
    like all hell. That’s the killer for me sadly.

    Edit* The tracks don’t make enough noise.

  116. The engine sound is *so much better* !!!1!!11

  117. nice gameplay phly

  118. This gets the Toby Wood stamp of approval!

  119. the in game audio is so low i could barely hear the engine

  120. Manuel Arocho Jr

    15:54 that annoys me when players using is2s do that aim for cheek like u
    can pen my front dyde -.- why risk wasting two shots for one kill like rly
    dont unnderstand why ppl do that. plus phly little tip tiger h1 can pen
    lower glacious of is2s :p

  121. Is it a realistic sound?

  122. ……no russian bias here……..move along

  123. The best sounds that warthunder could never achieve,superb!

  124. Doing this will get people banned… When gaijin eventually notice, and
    believe me they will, that files on peoples computers do not match those on
    the server, the accounts will get automatically flagged and banned
    automatically… This happened with many harmless mods in the past…

  125. gives it way more immersion

  126. i want for ps4 is it possible someone help, the sound is amazing

  127. Bernardo kermessi

    showing a audio mod
    keeps game volume at 20% so we cannot hear shit

  128. i want girls und panzer sound mod!

  129. Phly how do you get to the root folder for warthunder?

  130. When i shot with a jet it heard like a pakkapunshed weapon from bo3 i
    thought wtf

  131. It’s when the bullets break the sound barrier that’s what makes the Crack
    sound, now subsonic rounds don’t make the Crack sound because they travel
    at a lower velocity

  132. Mighty Infinity Films

    Boris the blade you mean Boris the sneaky fucking Russian

  133. Man you’re late on the mod :p

  134. Phly, do you delete the existing sound files and add the new ones or do you
    just add the new ones?

  135. SPAA tanks must be crazy

  136. You should hear the 128mm cannon with this soundpack, it sounds so
    menacing, mean, and crazy like.

  137. Yariel Rodriguez

    Yo Phly can you Pleace show how can you do it because im lost

  138. heyoo

  139. phly plz plz plz tack out the P 51 mustang and the firefly plz plz this my
    3rd attempt

  140. oop take

  141. Kommandant Franz

    Boris sound mod kicks ass with the 88mm. I downloaded it a few weeks ago.

  142. in war thunder i like to change languages

  143. The reload is so sexy.

  144. Can u make a short tutorial video how to download it plz

  145. Wait a second, the sound from the MG reload is the same as a 12.7 mm mag
    reload of an HMG or a GM6 lynx on ArmA 3 (For those who want to listen to
    it go to 7:26). The main gun reload sounds like the full reload sound of a
    mortar from ArmA 3. The penetrating and ricochet sounds are not different
    enought, didn’t notice except for the fact that your crew got injured.
    Except from that the engines sound just like a World Of Tank Historicly
    accurate mod so that’s great ! Needs improvement on those reload sounds
    other then that it’s cool !

  146. Phly you should do some derpy b-29 stuff. Like flying at 100 feet over
    airfield and bomb it lol

  147. Um this is a dumb question cuz I have war thunder for two years and I’m
    asking is that how you shoot secondaries

  148. why TF you playing the same tiger in the second game! Phly really, when you
    showing us a sound pack you dont let us hear the same sounds over and over!
    make another video and explore the mod

  149. So goddamn beautiful

  150. “executive”

    You mean executable, lol

  151. its really quiet for me phly. :(

  152. Omg the flak sounds amazing

  153. that shell reload sound, goddamn.

  154. must have

  155. Man! These videos are way better when PieDaisy doesn’t talk at all!

    *Flame Shield activate*

  156. how do you do the binocular thing in like the commanders view

  157. Dominic Hróòvitnisson

    Mod works perfectly and sounds amazing…the tiger sounds so much more
    menacing….someone hire this guy

  158. Guys check out the m19 with this oh my god I had a sound orgasm it is
    fucking awesome like so people can get sound orgasms too

  159. so, for confirmation, this can be used in any online battle? no issues bo
    weird bannes because of modified files or whatever? since I see player
    names and the wat you respond to everything it seems you’re online. But as
    I said, just for confirmation, just to be 100% sure ^^

  160. should have hid the hud

  161. I have a question for you Phly, do these machine gun sounds work for the
    planes as well? Or is it strictly for the ground forces right now?

  162. Azarias-12 The Skinny

    How much does it weight it?

  163. Ive been waiting for a sound mod for War thunder for so long. Thought it
    wasnt possible. Thanks Phly for sharing this and thanks for creating this
    whoever you are. You the real MVP.

  164. 10x better

  165. FInally got myself off the pzr 4 f2 glad to see I won’t be fighting tigers
    in the next few rows down.

  166. The KT 105 sounds weak

  167. Sparkleshy Starswirl

    I think I like this no commentary format better

  168. Does sound lot better than the default

  169. Hey +PhlyDaily why don’t u pick a fight with BaronVon?

  170. nice

  171. i hope this guy continues developing this… and that gaijin take notice

  172. Why can’t the base game sound that good

  173. I wish the MG impact sounds would continue until they stop hitting you
    instead of them repeating with a delay. Would make it more realistic but I
    guess it would be annoying for many people. Just imagine a continuous
    pelting on your armor..

  174. tbh I want a mod that replaces the gun sounds with anime girls saying “pow”
    and “bang” and “ka-boom”

  175. turn the game volume up! jeez dude its way to low.

  176. Red Orcestra, lawsuit confirmed?

  177. The Iron Armenian’s sound mods > This

  178. Boris the bullet-dodger?

  179. that werby sound though

  180. need $50 for war thunder GoFundMe

  181. Phly, I did exactly what you said and replaced the default files with the
    mod files, and it wouldn’t let me launch from aces.exe because it said the
    files were corrupted. Any suggestions?

  182. T34 57 with yak9k SEND THEM TO GULAG!!!! (Attempt 1)

  183. that was so intense with all the silence. you’re very thoughtful with the
    silent gameplay. thank you.

  184. I always get BSed when I play my Tiger H1, (getting one shot by t34s type

  185. Hearing these realistic sound effects makes me wonder why developers don’t
    just use realistic sound effects by default?

    This sounds so much nicer than the original. Thanks for showing it to us

  186. This reminds me of the time I first played Arma III with JSRS, holy shit
    was I blown away.

  187. I like this

  188. 9:00 oh, you hit me ammo, russky don’t care. that’s so fucked up seriously

  189. omg why isnt this thing defalt. good job to whoever made this pls ad stuff
    for planes too. everyone needs to get this pack. I have it. what are yall
    waiting for.

  190. please up vote if you want to see phly in a sim battle with this sound mod
    and no hud on

  191. He must have taken the sounds of the Tiger engine straight from the working
    Tiger they have at Bovington Tank Museum. sounds pretty accurate. I

  192. it really does make me laugh when modders can do better than the devs can
    even dream of

  193. I could barely hear the sound fx cause I have my sound lvl set for he’s
    voice which is way loud compared to he’s voice. Could you turn the game vol

  194. now we only need a 4k mod

  195. The only time I will ever say this to Phly
    STFU Phly! I want to hear the game lol

  196. Does your crew stats affect how you damage targets. I ask because my tiger
    bounces the shots you make in this video. I literally bounce the same
    rounds you use off the sides of Shermans, where I’ve seen you pen thier
    fronts, which I can’t. With?

  197. Nemanja Batanjski

    Should i get KV 2 or KV 85???

  198. Mods is what makes games soo much better

  199. thanks PhlyDaily,,,, super cool sounds :)

  200. i wish there will be sounds to JagdPanther tanks too but i guess its not ,
    available 😛 ?

  201. HK is not Chi na

    The reload sound is soooo good

  202. That sound must be anoying when SPAA shoots at you xD

  203. Blackwater Lucas

    I fucking love it thanks for showing it :D

  204. The IS line’s lower glaces are really weak FYI

  205. 6:23 AA gun echo…coool

  206. BaconNatorTheAce

    Am i the only one who think the engine sounds like a lawnmower?

  207. can’t hear shit, you’re to fucking load

  208. Heimskr Priest of Talos

    I’m watching this while I’m on the shitter

  209. Hey phly use the is-4m and il-28. If you refuse komrade Stalin will send
    you to gulag along with your girlfriend. Komrade Stalin will come to your
    house while your sleeping and destroy your computer and burn it and steal
    your cat. You have 24 hours to make you decision.if you comply you will be
    spared and you family and kitty. You have been warned

  210. how hard is it for Gajin to pay mod makers for content? Id be happy if i
    spent couple days collecting sounds, then modding them to fit the game and
    then selling it to Gajin for small amount of money. It would encourage ppl
    to start creating content for Gajin and Gajin could reassign ppl to more
    important matters that need to be fixed.

  211. ‫שילה אברהמי‬‎

    this is fucking awesome tiger engine!!! exactly like in real!!! woooooooow
    i hear this and its make me want play this more and more!!! wow

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