Soviet Bias in World of Tanks…

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Source: QuickyBaby

Some people think Wargaming are biased towards Soviet tanks in World Tanks. Here’s a couple of games in some of the best Soviet vehicles 🙂


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  1. RNGesus

  2. Russian tankcrewmen had to be very small indeed, they made the crew fit the tank, instead of the tank fitting the crew

  3. One shot at that tank with the Death Star and it is finished! I took out two of them with my FV215 (183)

  4. The requirement for a soviet tanker to be short is true for their modern vehicles I’m not so sure about their WW2 era vehicles

  5. *Russian* bias

  6. 12:15 .. New name.. LuckyBaby…

  7. Quickybaby. It’s not just a meme. It’s not just a joke. It’s a statistical FACT that USSR vehicles are, on average, BETTER than any other nation’s counterparts.

  8. Bounces 3 shots off his ass in a light tank. “Nah no soviet bias.”

  9. Really liked this video. Please more like that??

  10. Murravanker isn’t a very good light tank imo

  11. maybe it is the fact, like you mentioned that the playerbase is mostly russian, the russian tanks are the most played vehicles therefor a player is going to be killed by a russian tank.
    A second thing to consider is the fact that russian tanks tend to be more forgiving because their don’t excell in anything particulair, where as for example german tanks tend to be more specialist and if a player is unable to work that specialty he’ll do (extra?) poorly in said tank. and be killed by a russian.

  12. If it’s an old wives’ tale, then I’ve heard the same tale, QB: that to be a Soviet tanker you had to be really short, for the exact reason of the tanks being built small to conserve materials and to gain advantage by making the tanks a smaller target.

    Also, comparing Leopard 1 and Object 140 in TanksGeeGee (and I confirm myself to be a Leopard driver), they’re actually pretty balanced against each other. The only categories in which Object 140 performs better than the Leopard 1 is the armor, mobility and rate of fire. Leopard has the definite advantage in gun handling. While Obj. has better turret traverse, Leo has better hull traverse.

    • Azure Templar wtf more armor and us faster then leo ahahhahahaha leo was built for that no armor huge mobillity and still 140 is better ahahahaaha

  13. Radu World of Tanks

    There is always bias qb !!!

  14. KV-1 bounces Jagdpanther, IS-3 also has magic armor at the distance, all the Soviet mediums are generally the best or some of the best tier for tier, same with the heavies. The maps and view range limits also favor the Soviet tanks. They ban German history while glorifying Stalin and the USSR. No Soviet bias, no sir.

  15. Kv2 ultimate derp best tank tire 6

  16. also when you drive a ruski tank your rng increased about 25% and you can make every snap go in

  17. The Object performs pretty well but u should also try, and im pretty sure u did before, the Wz 132-1 which performs even better as a light-medium hybrid. 🙂

  18. Holy damn the bounces! LT’s shouldn’t bounce this much! The ruski LT bounced all shells that hit until the 2nd hit at 0 range from an FV 215b

  19. It is not biased, just Obj 140 is the all-rounder, nothing terrible at, it is just the best, but not biased.

  20. I shouldn’t have purchaced AMX13105 =(

  21. they definitely are on console… play russian if you want hatemail


    FV215b is OP

  23. You can’t really get more base xp by shooting higher tier vehicles when you are in a tier 10 tank:D

  24. Tier bias is more profound….than nation bias………. You could try to understand that some nations went against the grain and went for light medium tanks that are assasins and some went for pillboxes that shoot derp guns…..
    But fighting WW2 tanks against M1 Abrams/ Leopard1 (hope that will not happen soon) is just plain silly…..

  25. well fuck this obj140 i have it and t62a is way better gun handling obj140 whit his potato gun no thanks

  26. So, the best tanks are Russian. But, noooo, no russian bias.
    Makes total sense.

  27. Russian tier X always wins

  28. Rashaaaaaaaaaa

  29. I still do better in my t-62. No idea why hehe

  30. I think in wows the Russian ships are better balanced like the tanks in wot. At least if we look on their normal tier 10.Moskva : second most powerful cruiser guns with the best shell velocity on any cruiser. Also a lot of hp and tanky in the front. But she also is the biggest cruiser, making her in easy target and easy to spot. Drives like an truck and has a extreme big zittatel. Any hit in the site is deadly.
    Chabarowks: the biggest fire power with her guns of any dd and the fastet tier 10 ship. Downside useless torpedoes and no camo. She also turns badly in comparison with other DDs.
    Grosewoi: A very well balanced dd: strong guns, slightly outclassed by the German guns. Very strong torps but slower as the american and German torps. Good camo but not as good as the other tier 10 DDs. Strong anti air on the same level as the geering. Only downside: she is a little bit big. She has no weaknesses but also no superiority.


  32. That arty nerf is painful as hell, I hate being stunned constantly throughout a game, I’d rather be one shot killed

  33. Well russian tanks they may be not the the overall best in specific statistics, but most of them have the best overall package.
    Like the Type-59 had, long time ago.
    There are some garbage cans in the lines but I thinks these are the exp sinks every line has and to have an argument against russian bias, “look this one tank is total garbage, this proofs there is no russian bias” 😉

  34. Qb can u make video on best tier 8 credit earner??

  35. Say what You want but 430 is the best med in the game 😀

  36. just more OP Tanks, boring

  37. been dropping in on qb vids for awhile now……take note….that 62 % winning percentage never changes…hmmmmm

  38. I still prefer CAX <3

  39. How bout German rng

  40. Im having a daja vu moment as i believe a year or two ago quickybaby had a vary similar video or am i loosing it?

  41. try to play without gold… max 5 gold ammo….then I want to see your skills. ..

  42. Владимир Симић

    Hey does anyone know something about obj 263 change

  43. NOBODY says “Soviet bias”!

  44. 3:33 That’s just fair

  45. Being the best allrounder means being the best of all of them. Sure, some vehicles are more specialised but that also means they are worse in other areas.

    On key tiers (6,8,10) Russian tanks are very powerful if not the best of the class/tier. There is a reason why you see 140’s/IS-3’s/Defenders/T34-85M’s etc in competitive modes, it’s not because they are equal to the competition or worse.

  46. It’s not a nerf to lighter quicker vehicles for heavies with the new repair kits as the lighter quicker vehicles also get the same benefit. And trying to track a quicker vehicle on the move is a lot harder than a heavy. Considering the quicker vehicles can get back their mobility easier, it is a bigger buff to lights and mediums than heavies. Add to the fact that premium rounds already benefit quicker and less armoured vehicles more than they do heavies, this was much needed.

  47. I am fairly certain that there is a soviet bias

  48. I do think there is a Russian Bias, but it is not as big as many people portrayed. It is a small bias.

  49. My win rate by nation is for Russia 2% higher than the second best nation and 3% higher than my average. >20k battles overall , >2k battles per main nations. That‘s statistically significant.

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