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  1. *Hey everyone I’ve had so much fun making these videos for ya’ll this week maybe the best week this year. Thanks so much for spending some of your day here 07*
    Also support me with getting some V Bucks

    • Ir the best Phly

    • No problem always live your videos keep it up and btw play a game in the M4A2(76)w please

    • ******, Greats videos. You are a top notch entertainer! Weird how internet and the world works now. I have my morning coffee in my office, start the day with one of your vids, then go on about my day… Really means a lot what you are doing and I gladly support you each month.

    • I’ve still got a challenge for you, 3 smoke round kills at any tier, if anyone can, it’s you

  2. Phly,please play Panzer IV H,the best vehicle on War Thunder
    Attempt #172

  3. 1:25 …dude, don’t emotionally ammo rack me like that with that tanker wisdom

  4. Kontrazec Elektrolikec

    Omfg 2:06 my fucking sides have left orbit

  5. god this is some of the best stuff you’ve ever done phly

  6. О да Полёт мальчик! Классное видео )

  7. 14:10 I was watching this with my cat and you scared the living shit out of her

  8. 14:05 ply.exe has stopped

  9. AnnihilationOnNation

    Play su-100y. Its been over a year. “Angry Russian noises” attempt #30

  10. 4:10 how did his gun auto repair in 0 seconds?

  11. B34 is God and life and the only worth while bomber to play since you can do ungodly thing with it

  12. China CCP evil Made tank

  13. Attempt #14: I challenge you to only get assists in tank RB with at least 5 assists, no AA

  14. 12:31 “hey look at this guy” CHUNCK CHUNCK CHUNCK CHUNCK

  15. Armando Jesus Alejandro


  16. 14:02 I mean who hasn’t baby battered their pants playing War Thunder? No shame Phly!

  17. I love the intros of these videos they are so funny

  18. Hey Phly, phly out the Me-410B6-R3. It is an amazing ground pounder with its 30mm Mk103 cannons, and is maneuverable enough to hold its own in a dogfight. Plus it doesn’t lock up in a dive! Attempt #5

  19. Just saying the Type 65 is actually a Chinese design.

  20. Lol love your vids

  21. it’s a Chinese tank not Soviet

  22. You: I think we should see other people….
    Your girlfriend: 0:12

  23. but that’s a “north korean” AA

  24. really missed a bird is the word moment when you killed that tiger H1 with one shot at 14:14.

  25. That intro was ? sir

  26. This things silhouette is higher then giraffe pussy

  27. 14:00 Phly.exe has stopped responding

  28. 5:17 “these guys are out of their dear living mind” i think that might be bo times crew

  29. *33rd attempt* of that little pesky lightly Armored vehicle at 6.0 Murica 🙂

  30. 14:03. I 100% just heard phlys vinegar strokes.

  31. i miss old phly intro song

  32. This thing is basically a little brother of ZSU-57

  33. 14:09 Phly.exe has stopped working

  34. “Russian’s favourite “Death machine”


  35. It’s a Chinese vehicle god damn it

  36. The reason why it’s in the normal chinese tree, is because it’s a chinese vehicle… Not a Soviet one. And that’s why it’s a rare collectible. And it is also the reason that the version that Phly is playing here has the russian star beside its name. Because it is not from the nation that he is playing.

  37. Love ya and everything… But U have such a big audience and have a really big influence on wat people and take out and try… U just showed everyone a really stupid spawn camping spot right at the end of the vid.. and warthunder will be even more cancerous then it was before

  38. there are new Russian helicopters and American ship rank Swedish jets and stuff check the dev list

  39. even though the type oooooohhhooooooohhhhhhhhhoooooo

  40. Try #2: Heya Phly, Can we get a dedicated video for the most advanced Panzer 4. The model H, the tank that needs some limelight compared to the F2 and G. If you want to get some aircraft support for it you could use a BF-109 G-2/Trop. with it’s bomb.

  41. hey phly do you ever take time out of your game time to show people how you got SO good {im taking in game here in a div}

  42. Attempt #5?
    Play the new br’d m48a2 C with the me 262 Squadron vehicle or its main tech tree variant with fewer guns!

  43. Play the f80 plz

  44. 2:11 *happy stalin noises*

  45. HEY FLOPPER WHOPPER I was looking for a video on the J7W1 SHINDEN on your channel but the latest one is from 4 years ago… Time for a revisit?

  46. I fully support giving anti air the ability to spot and help repair other tanks as long as they get balanced by taking away their stupid amounts of pen and have spawn points required raised. It’s anti air I should be ineffective vs all but the lightest armored ground vehicles. The way warthunder is now you would be find taking out anti air as your main battle tank.

  47. I’ve still got that challenge for you, 3 smoke round kills at any tier, if anyone can, it’s you

  48. Ra-Ra-Rasputin, Russia’s Soviet Death Machine.

  49. Phly intro: oh shit I’m gonna die

    Phly reality: bomb doesn’t even scratch


  50. 14:14
    paapapPAPAPAPA umamau mau PAPA umau mamau PAPA umau mamau PAPAP Uma uma uma uma uma PAPA uma uma uma mamau uma uma uma mamau PAPA uma uma uma uma PAPA uma uma uma uma mau mau Don’t you know about the burd WEEEEELLLL everybody knows that the burd is the word ba ba ba Burd Burd Bu Burd is the Word PAPA uma uama uma uma uma umamau mau papa uama uma uma uma uam papa uma uma umama mau mau pap uma uma uma uma uam mama mau papap pa pa pa pa pa uma mamau mamau uma uma uma …….

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