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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. Last two days for the initial sale! 🚀SALE HERE GET 3% off War Thunder GE & Vehicles 🚀 – –
    Thanks for all the support and enjoy the video!

  2. bruh i saw the smk at 1.0

  3. The hull was used by two prototypes, the SMK and T-100, in which the T-100 I believe was later converted over to the SU-100Y

  4. When did the pz g get turret skirts?

  5. I think the su 100y was built on the same hull

  6. Bruh the KV-1 was based off the S.M.K. and plus, the other one (T-100)
    Got modified in to the

  7. Day 7: Play the T-44 with Stalin’s dream cannon (85mm)

  8. Day 13 of asking phly if he could play the ar234 c3 and go b29 clubbing

  9. the chassy looks like the SU-100Y


  11. I use the SMK all the time it is a good tank two guns are better then one , Try using the two top rounds for the 76 and the 45 AP all the way

  12. “thank you for not sending me to gulag”

  13. Mr Phlydaily
    can you do a ADATS video? ive seen you havent made alot of them , and i would like to see you handle the newer tanks with the ADATS, please and thank you 🙂

  14. Day 1 of telling phly to play the T54-E1!!! Maus hunter

  15. Jeremy Sincerbeaux

    Dear Mr. Dad Phloypy: Love the content, watch erey day. Just wanted you to know that my Tigore plushy brings me great success in all aspects of my gaming life, and that your game play inspires me to new heights of nearly having fun in WarioThunder! lol Keep up the great work brother!!!

  16. Hey phly you havent posted a video of the amx 13 ss11 yet (day 54)

  17. love the intro lol 🤣

  18. I think he absolutely nailed the decals on the tank

  19. Most dangerous thing about a Sherman 75 is the other one behind you that you didn’t see.
    –Some German guy probably

  20. I miss the old intro:(

  21. It been used

  22. Well it’s not those premium russian tanks that are in the german tech tree.
    That’s all I ever see now, german t34, german kv 1, german kv 2, nothing else they win. History was wrong the germans won by using russian tanks. The rest never existed.

  23. looks like somone is a big TF2 fan


  25. Germany left the chat

  26. 12:42 😐📸 go to gulag phil.

  27. 4:08 video starts

  28. 1:37 there was a self-propelled gun, S-51, designed and built on the chassis of the KV-1S. Despite successful trials, the S-51 never entered mass production.

  29. yes, there was a similar chassis from another prototype called the T-100

  30. Day 16: We want whole “Phly Album”, its almost done (Long Range Yeets, The Missile Knows Where It Is, The Final Countdown…), just put them all on one LP and I will buy it.

  31. This design was inspired from a British tank made in the 1930s

  32. Yea sucket hahahaha

  33. The hull and suspension of the SMK is the inspiration for the KV-1

  34. tf2 really is such a gem lore wise

  35. Haven’t seen a PhlyVideo for so long, or played WT for a while either.
    But I love the use of “meet the pyro”

  36. Fun fact phly, it’s actually the tank that developed into the kv 1, the tanks was good but the double turrets we’re too complex, so they made a single turreted one that ended up being the kv 1

  37. Yo! Am I the only one who’s wondering when gaijin is going to add the B-36 and The Russian Bear

  38. ANormalYouTubeUsername

    Day 5 of asking for a WMA301 video

  39. SMK was one of my top low tier tank for a long time but has been put back in place over time. You should try the Toldi 2a on the italian tree, it knocks hard. Anyhow, love the content.

  40. i think the chassis was used in SU-100Y tank destroyer

  41. using evidence from 13:30 he was during that match actually downtired while uptierd at the same time
    the german t-34 is 4.0
    the arl 44 is 3.7(the one he fought)
    but the panzer 4 f1 is 2.3
    witht he smk being 3.7 he. was more downtierd then uptierd
    or the german player was crazy

  42. Pimpels? Zero!
    Blackheads? Zero!
    Gun depression? Zero!

  43. I may be wrong here isn’t the SMK has side armor and this tank is actually T 100? I may be wrong feel free to correct me

  44. Play sea hurricane mk1c

  45. 12:42 – don`t do that: everytime someone shoots Lenin (even digital) – one human dies somewhere in the world 😉

  46. Raffaele Soldatini

    Sorry Phlydaily but how can you move the plane in the another direction without using the mouse, I mean like at 9:53 the cursor is on the right but you can move up-left, and I wanted to know if it was a key.

  47. I’m pretty sure the SMK body is the KV-4 prototype

  48. very good tank and very agile and fast for its size good enuf armor took it 50% off worth it

  49. KV 1 Hull was also used for KV 2, and for KV 3, 4, 5 and other variants it was made a bit longer

  50. Wasn’t an up-tier Phly, the ARL is 3.7 too (if you were talking about this one), french 3.7 line-up is not bad at all ^_^ have a nice day !

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