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  1. Congratulations

  2. Do the turms lol and show the noobs how to play it

  3. Hello Phly, I’ve looked back in my life and found that I’ve been watching you videos on various accounts since 2014 or so. It’s been fun through the years and your videos have helped me out of dark places. I’m honored to have been a member of the Phlying Circus for so long. I wish you all the happiness the world has to offer, may the road rise to meet you and may the winds blow in your favor. Viking out.

  4. Another cursed thumbnail

  5. Day 305: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  6. I don’t know, I honestly wonder if this tank isn’t just broken in this game. It just seems far too good and it’s kinda ridiculous the M4A3E2 76 is 6.3 and this is at 5.7. Like, I get it only has 100mm of armor technically but it is also horrible to fight especially if it’s down tiered and never seems to die without a concerted effort from several tanks to overwhelm it. It just feels like it needs a significant BR raise or totally reworked as it seems entirely too tough.

  7. Atirach Wongsrinak

    Can you make a clip about collecting money? Ready to recommend vehicles to use. Thank you.

  8. Love your content man. I know the feeling, my daughter is almost 10 months old now and it’s crazy. The time just flys by man.

  9. Best/worst memory of this thing is just watching one drive from their spawn, through the cap and directly into one of our spawns without losing any crew.
    Tried to kill it from the flank with 17pdr apds which should’ve penned since they were giving me a flat broadside but after 6 shots not a single penetration so that was fun.

  10. You should take a second look at the Centurion Mk.5 AVRE again!

  11. Every time I play in a KV, I end up with either a puma or m22 behind my ass terrorizing me

  12. hey phly I just watched one of your first videos and I was wondering if you could react to it?

  13. Dad life is pretty cool. My oldest loves playing video games. She’s definitely a gamer. It’s worth it. Her talking smack and me destroying her hopes and dreams and drinking her salty tears is amazing. It’s even sweeter when she returns the favor. Lol

  14. Congrats on the re marry but the reason i come here is because i know its gonna be good clean fun no politics current affairs no bs just war thunder thanks dude

  15. I realized yesterday that decor can be damaged. Something was trying to shoot my barrel and hit the stahlhelm up top instead and turned it orange

  16. There are two types of Jumbo players:
    – Braindead hurr durr armor thicc
    – actual fucking Gods

    there are no in between

  17. 08:29 – Bless you

  18. Requesting since Sept 2018 please Phly. I-16 type 10. Thank you

  19. Based Dad Moment?

  20. One of these days I’m gonna see you replace a crew member again. I’ll be so proud of you when I do.

  21. Daniel Bergström

    Dose he have a gigor

  22. Sector clear

  23. the KV-220 is pretty much my Favorite 5.7 tank, the coupola is also a meme worth of Armor, people expect it to be a weakspot, but its quite well armored.

  24. Warthunder Canblunder

    When phlys kid grows up hes gonna get to play every warthunder vehicle, im kinda jealous

  25. Given that the real Russian army invaded an upcoming democratic, non-aggressive neighboring country of Ukraine, could you please either boycott russian vehicles or give brief information about what happens in Ukraine to your russian viewers?

  26. İlker Eryılmaz

    Perfect example of Pay to Win… Love it!

  27. congrats

  28. Im gonna be a dad!

    In 15 years

  29. we love you phlyyyyyyyyyy

  30. Hi phly, please try using the SARC mk VI (6pdr) because when firing sideways you can almost flip with the recoil lol

  31. I don’t even play war thunder or particularly enjoy it whenever i do. I think I’m just here for your personality and consistency. These videos have kind of become a part of my daily routine. Thank you for your videos Phly

  32. Just A Weird Tree

    Should try getting 6 kills in a Yak-15p. Did it once in RB.

  33. Congratulations once again on your marraige and your beautiful baby boy , you make a great looking family and i hope im still watching you on here ,(hopefully playing games YOU enjoy! After all really thats what we love seeing and hearing, YOUR enjoyment as you play the games we all love. Still the great thing is youre still OUR phly daily mate , you havent gone down the “appeal to every demographic” rabbit hole other tubers have which makes em change and often far less appealing to watch ironically.
    No i hope you never need to change either, i honestly think if you had financial worries youd only have to say so and we would all do a few donations of a few dollars and with your subscriber list so big that would easily ease any money worries.
    I think that ive donated maybe 3 times on live streams and if you did more of those im pretty sure id do more.
    Anyway just wanted to say thanks for many years of fun and laughs , you be careful with that voice,
    Dont want it to affect your burgeoning pop singing career !!!

  34. I will have days tank RB for me, I’ll do so bad(grew up with AB). And then I just click on the KV-220, Soviet M4A2 and Pe-8 lineup and I start enjoying the game again. This thing is a beast.

  35. Emergency Room Andy

    Phly out here making me want a kid. Relax brotha I need my money for GE! Happy for you, PhlyDaddy

  36. baby maus

  37. Ehsan Alikhanloo

    We call this bad boy t150 in world of tanks even in that game the armor is insane for a tier 6 tank

  38. when they were bulding the maus they took the cannon of the kv220

  39. I’ve noticed this a lot how do so many people not notice a FREAKING KV220 and phly please start him out on the glory days games you must pass the torch

  40. Literally just got this tank my first ever trophy yesterday it feels like this was made for me lmao

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