SOVIET SHERMAN | Spread Communism the American Way! (War Thunder)

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SOVIET SHERMAN | Spread Communism the American Way! (War Thunder)


  1. Take out the (i think it was) Cha-hi short gun premium. You have NEVER made a video on it so love the unloved phly attempt#3

  2. ნიკა არაბული

    play the me163 dominate the 7.0’s
    attempt #1

  3. Lord Tachanka

  4. make a Nazi kv-1b video to

  5. How do I download the new version of WOW

  6. Play pt76b with heatfs only

  7. I am simple man with simple taste….I see big gun and big cool tank i click like

    Doom Turtle forevah

  8. TNG siren

  9. Loving the unloved crusader mk 2

  10. a russian sherman killed a german kv1 ( watah fuq

  11. Series Request: Taking the lowest rank vehicle (that you feel comfortable with) per nation and ACE-ing (ie. 5x) Skill Matters or, preferrably, God Mode in a game.
    So for Brits, maybe not a Tet’ or A13, but a T17E2 or Crusader MkIII perhaps?

  12. You know what’s Interesting about Sherman in Russian service in the war?

    They’d frankly prefer this (and the Valentine) compared to their own T-34. The Russian praised the Sherman to the point a former tank commander and receiver of “Her of the soviet Union” medal wrote a book of his Journey in a Sherman tank while his division steamrolled their way towards Vienna.

    People mocked the Sherman as “tommy cooker”, yet the Russian prefer to be in one compared to their own Soviet tin-can design, when the author mentions how the ammunition used by the American were a lot safer than their own and how responsive the American in correcting any flaw found in the tank. (The said tank commander commanded the 1st Tank Battalion of the 46th Guards Tank Brigade, which at the end of the war, became a senior lecturer of the Frunze Military Academy.)

  13. Woah jakethetankmaster had a lot of accounts

  14. The madman actually did it!

  15. Quantity over quality

    Only take out the C.205 serie 7!!!

  16. yesterday i discovered the btr can penetrate the front hull on a M46

  17. vega virgiawan cantona

    Russian bias confirm XD

  18. Shouldve waited for attempt #300

  19. Ok time for the ultimate Russian brawler, name above all names, the T26 E-4. May Stalin guide your shot, comrade.

  20. Anyone else notice the shot that killed the KV1 at 11:26 also went through and killed the Wirbelwind?

  21. @ 7:02 rap ends @ 7:07

  22. i think sherman is american tank

  23. A-3 MAYBE

  24. Phly do a video whith the stug 3 g at tier 3

  25. The all inspiring Flood

    The 50MM gurmain puma and bf109f1 with 250kg bomb


  27. am i the only one who doesn’t ply wt tank rb caues of my shitty eyesight??

  28. Great video mate. Good luck with the hurricane. Cheers

  29. Hey jake…
    Just wanted to tell you that I have full respect. Your dedicatiom towards your goal made my heart move and made me motivational. Congratulations m8

  30. I don’t understand the thumbnail.

  31. what up phly bring back the bias with the almighty t44

  32. Play F4U Plzzzz

  33. 0:24- HOLY SHIT. THANK YOU.

  34. Thanks for doing JakeTheTankMaster wish.I’m proud of you PhlyDaily

  35. Vanboneio | The gamer with oldschool wheels | /

    Bad/good things to note on the Soviet M4A2-

    (1) You don’t face soviets. (That’s good!)

    (2) you face the cancerous M8 teens. (That’s a no no)

    An eye for an eye i guess?

  36. Play the baby russian derp. The forgotten SU-122.
    Attempt number 3

  37. Play the Bf109-F4 mit dem Canons Attempt #4

  38. More like PhlyftyKillsDaily ?

  39. i want to see phly use those really crappy early tier French tanks the tier 1 ones that can barely pen anything

  40. i actually use the tracers of the mg to distinguish what team the people shooting are in and using this tank will really confuse the american players

  41. *_A B S O L U T E M A D L A D_*

  42. Hi Phly play the french jumbo :3

  43. KV-1B 756r needs to be dropped to 4.7 imo, Jumbo APCR cuts through it like a hot knife through warm butter, and the 76mm, and 85mm just wipe it off the battlefield like dog feces off their dress shoes.

  44. Senpai noticed him

  45. Spread *Communism* the *American* way

  46. Play t 50!!!!

  47. Play the France Yak-3

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