SOVIET STRONK! T-90ms w Missiles – Armored Warfare

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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Armored Warfare Soviet Stronk – T-90ms 5mm & ATGMs!

About Armored Warfare:
●Build Your Private Military – Establish relationships with other corporations, contractors and non-government suppliers to build your private military’s arsenal. As you gain more combat experience and fight through more battles and scenarios you’ll meet new characters and suppliers who will give you access to newer and even more powerful destructive machines, improved ammunition and other resources.
●Command and Control – Armored Warfare isn’t just about putting you in charge of operating, you’ll also be responsible for upgrading and maintaining these vehicles. As you work your way through the fields of battle you will encounter, you’ll gain knowledge and experience that will help you make intelligent choices before each battle and decide what strategies to implement in order to capture victory.
●Seek and Destroy – True-to-life visuals and destructible environments add a new layer of strategy and complexity across every and scenario where the face of a battlefield could change at a moments notice. Peek over a ridgeline and snipe your enemies from afar, or rush around a hill and surprise enemies behind them when they distracted. The terrain is all-important for combat strategy, and it’s up to you to use it to its fullest potential. But beware, not all cover is permanent. Destructible environments mean you can’t hide behind a building forever.
●Battle for Supremacy – The way to victory isn’t always just to destroy all your enemies. Through a variety of team-based cooperative and competitive game modes, you’ll never run out of exciting battles that you and your friends can participate in. These game modes will also affect your strategies and vehicles choices but most of all will test the mettle of players where group strategies must be employed to take on and overcome unique player-versus-environment (PvE) scenarios and other player teams.

Thanks for watching!


  1. So we’ve seen the Tier 9 T90ms Russian tank. What tank do you want to see
    played next?
    If you want to join me in AW you can sign up here:

  2. Patrick Grænge Hansen

    Hello Baron i am the first to post a comment. Will you repsond to that
    comment ???

  3. me second :D

  4. love it Baron keep up the great work buddy rooting for you

  5. please show us in one of your vids

  6. Capitalists: “But Baron the T90ms isn’t a Soviet tank”
    Baron: “Go to Gulag” (points arbitrarily towards Siberia)

  7. Plz make a video with the Challenger 2

  8. You rock baron

  9. good video

  10. 1/10 how stronk is T-90MS baron

  11. Leo 2A6.

  12. the best tank in the world is T-114 armata the second best is T-90MS :)

  13. Nice cheat account huehuehuehue

  14. Terminator 2

  15. LEO 2A6 10x

  16. You should play the Challenger 2

  17. Palmaria! Pizza for everyone! >:(

  18. challenger 2 next Baron.

  19. press 9 and you get 20% health and ammo will be resupplied +BaronVonGamez

  20. Arieeeeeeeeeeete XD

  21. challenger 2

  22. t-90 and t-90ms are glass cannons

  23. BrothersInArms_WoT_

    M1A2 Abrams 4 Murica!!!

  24. try out the B1 Draco (italian engineering , best engineering)

  25. CRAP please

  26. *CRAN

  27. **CRAB

  28. Paladin please :)

  29. Challenger 2 with ‘please’ :3

  30. m1 a2 next please :)

  31. the free type 59 when it’s out pls ?

  32. Из России с любовью. <3

  33. Baron you should try Wargame: Red Dragon. Good vids keep it up btw!

  34. that should be a 50 not a 762

  35. T-90 MS its not a Soviet MBT ITS RUSSIAN MBT you idiot . . . like always
    you absolutely have no idea what you talking

  36. Play M8 or Leo 2A6

  37. plz play zhuckovsky m62 chaika

  38. Tip: Heat does more damage than APFSDS

  39. Yo baron, play arma 3 with the RHS escalation mod, pretty please?

  40. that tank is a freaking rocket launcher itself

  41. I wished they gave the T-90 the ability to repair it’s armour because
    that’s what it was designed for. To draw out a long slugfest by range or
    quick repairs. The ultimate camper.

  42. Do the M1A2

  43. Take M8 or B1 Draco

  44. B1 Draco plez

  45. it is a Russian tank (point’s toward google search)

  46. Tandem warheads are actually MADE to counter ERA, but ok.

  47. if the us have a prototype of tier 10 tank with a missile and stealth
    that’s will be the weakness of t 14 armanta

  48. woot woot 300th like

  49. lav 400

  50. pvp sucks

  51. Baron, are you Putin stooge, or just russian pretending to be american?

  52. The Remarkable Mr. Slick and his self sacrifice for the team, so selfless,
    hes pretty much a hero of the people.

  53. M1A2 pls barun pls, gife it tu me pls barun pls

  54. Wtf its not soviet its Russian. There is a difference

  55. Crabs gotta eat!


  57. CheekiBreeki Bandit

    Can anyone tell me why my game crashes on startup loading screen??

  58. CheekiBreeki Bandit

    Can anyone tell me why my game crashes on startup loading screen??

  59. Hey Baron here’s a custom game idea: Choose the Normany map, Have as many
    PT-76’s as possible try to get from the beach and to the ocean while being
    strafed, bombed and missiled by whatever planes you choose. Kind of like
    baby sea turtles trying to escape to the sea before being eaten by hungry

  60. Play the most powerful tank

  61. T-14 Armata… Dat sweet new Russian ass Tank. :3

  62. YO, BARON…Do you have a squad for warthunder?

  63. what about pve baron? that is one of the reasons AW stands out!

  64. T-90MS ain’t Soviet from what I am aware.

  65. When he ran away and let them shoot him in the ass, SO MUCH CRINGE!

  66. M1a2 please

  67. Woooohoooo ! The best tank in the world (Black Eagle) MBT is coming.

  68. Oh my god when Baron runs letting three tanks just shoot his butt freely.
    Sorry Baron but that was idiotic. Would’ve been able to handle them with
    front armor angled

  69. m1a2 abrams :D

  70. CRAB BATTLE!!!

  71. crab. please

  72. m1 Abrams main battle tank please

  73. Chally 2 baby

  74. M1128 MGS Stryker Armored Fighting Vehicle

  75. I say Baron should get some crabs gameplay! That armored car looks all
    kinds of fun

  76. battlefield 4 has atgm

  77. M1A2Abram’s

  78. Pl 01 please

  79. M1A2 Abrams!!!!! The most Sophisticated tank in the world! :D

  80. how do u play tanks and planes at the same time (war thunder)

  81. Great video Baron, I’m a fairly new subscriber and I’m really enjoying your
    videos. Great job.

  82. Crab. That think is a big bunch of fun.

  83. m1a2 baron

  84. M1A1 Abrams tank baron please

  85. I dont care play the loltraktor

  86. Aaorn Koenig Koenig

    Bmt term 2

  87. Too bad that NA server is low populated,shame its gr8 f game, u should try
    EU server Baron

  88. T-72 pls!

  89. Why’s the resolution utterly crap even on 1080p?

  90. Recording in (what seems like 480p) and then rendering and uploading in
    1080p doesn’t work well.

  91. This game is shit

  92. My internet is bad so the video keeps buffering and closing everytime it
    closes I have to re watch ad..

  93. LAV 400

  94. pl 01 when it comes out

  95. do the M1128 MGS please

  96. M48 patton

  97. Dimitri Islanuvanich

    PT-76 Or GO TO GULAG (points to Siberia with Baron)


  99. Baron can you play the a39 tortas

  100. Baron, you were NOT running out of ammo…you still had that Orange
    coloured resupply thingy wich can be used in Single player! It was next to
    your repair and medkits! If you would have used it your ammo would have
    been completely replenished and also gain back 20% of your tanks health!!
    Didn’t you know or simply forgot about that??

  101. ariete was name of italian tank divisioon in ww2

  102. Baron Ich weiß nicht, ob Sie das verstehen können, aber bitte nehmen Sie
    die M1A1 Tank bitte!

  103. this is just russia not soviet

  104. Baron, tandem charges are for defeating ERA. Basicaly the first charge
    triggers the ERA and the second penetrates.

  105. stryker mgs

  106. T-14 is not in this game beacause i don’t play this game only war thunder

  107. Baron such an hypocrite when your college sad carefoul right.. ok nice joke
    and stuff but you dont EVER leave your friends to speak or finish a f
    sentence then you speak, you like speak all over everyone when theyr like
    half to say what they have to say.. dont be such hypocrite man, i wouldnt
    be your friend in r life tho. 1 sentece tho your frined, gladly sad i just
    pen the c1 from the left, and your like OH SHIT DID SOMONE SHOOT ME IN THE
    TRAKS instead of saying, ok good job and then say what you have to say….i
    dont know if this is ordinary in america but in eu is not like that, you
    leave a person to say and then say, dont speak over somone this is not

  108. NanoNanoNanoNano NanoNanoPants


  109. Let’s go with the Dragoon 90mm.

  110. b1 draco pliz :D

  111. Leo 2A6 next pls.

  112. Thats ALOT of Free Global EXP and Creds…………How? Free account?

  113. 4:18 what was that sound ?! , sound like someone scream

  114. Would you say this is the best tank not just in the game but in real life ?
    Or is T-14 going to take that spot ?

  115. There is no I in team, but there is a U in Gulag

  116. Брайс Войлокхорошо

    Funny that the 3VBK27 says it has 550mm of armor penetration. I’ve read
    that it is roughly 800mm or more (but info is scarce) due to it being a
    triple charge tandem HEAT.

  117. Carlos Eduardo Pedroso

    plz make a video with leo2a6

  118. ERA was designed to counter HEAT rounds, but tandem heat rounds counter
    ERA. Theres two explosive charges in them, one to take out the ERA and then
    the shaped charge to hit right behind that

  119. almost 77mln credit, 108mln free experience and most of the 9 tiers? 🙂
    common, gime a break :)

  120. Вячеслав Доронин

    Америкосы,на сколько же вы консервативные бараны,у вас всё что из России,то
    “советское”,не пора ли начать умнеть?!Дегроданты тупые!

  121. No Era is good against heat not tandem. Tandem Was designed to negate ERA

  122. Вячеслав Доронин

    Учись играть!

  123. 2:37 IKR!? what a time to be alive! ^-^

  124. The challener 1

  125. please try T-14 Armata

  126. i hatte it when Youtubers gehts for example a account Form the Gamemakes
    with 100.000.000 XP and so in this so unfair for normal players
    i play armored warfare since 3month and am at lvl 4 with a tank an he has
    Tier 1-9 just every tank in game and just need 1 day too get Herr this is
    so unfair:(

    what do you think guys?:/

    sry for bad english;)

  127. This game shows exactly why sidescraping is a lie.

  128. Please play the challanger 2

  129. T90 is from france

  130. Alexander Scheuermann Smith

    BMP 3

  131. ToatallyNot AdolfHitler

    t-14 Armata!!!!

  132. Terminator 2 plz

  133. Or leopard 2 A6 SA, plz

  134. is the Merkava in this?

  135. I actually have the 90MS, but found it a bit meh I honestly prefer my M1A1
    in a number of ways. The gun damage is pretty great, but still can’t get
    through the front of T8+ MBT outside a few hard to hit weak points and it
    pays for that with a below average reload speed. Mobility isn’t notably
    better then other tanks and now that the bugged stonk ERA is fixed it’s not
    really much better protected either. At least the LFP was beefed up so it
    doesn’t auto loose frontal engagements against T8s that aren’t T90s.

  136. try the best tank in game leopard 2A6

  137. How is this game doing? Tried the Beta, haven’t heard about till then.
    There aren’t many streamers on Twitch.

  138. t-14 armata pls

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