SOVIET SUPER TANK – KV-6 – War Thunder TANKS Gameplay

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Source: PhlyDaily

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SOVIET SUPER TANK – KV-6 – War Thunder TANKS Gameplay

– Soviet super tank “KV-VI” link


  1. nice Intro :D

  2. hey agin phly!

  3. hey phly play the pe-8 vs b-29

  4. awesome phly!!! love the intro!!! plz keep the vids comin!!!

  5. cool intro dude :D

  6. Not to be hatin because of course I’m appreciatin the vid but not
    appreciatin the intro… I liked the old one

  7. Po-2rammers and TB-3 mothership vs PE-8

  8. dani wao (daniwao707)

    pls upload more usermission-gameplays!!!!

  9. awesome infantry battle :D

  10. HOLY SHIT!!!!!

  11. THIS IS AWSOME!!!!!

  12. Hey Phly! I want to thank you! I had a great experience with watching you
    (yesterday) live for the very first time in my life! Sadly enough,
    terrorists messed up the good evening. Also, cool to see the increase of
    subscribers after you played DCS world!


  14. Kiernan “proifleminer234” gill


  15. Kiernan “proifleminer234” gill

    Can you subscribe to my YouTube channel plz

  16. Kiernan “proifleminer234” gill

    I do warthunder

  17. I thought this was a new tank I was like what Ye fawk?

  18. we need infantry so much in wt

  19. what happen to the other intro song I like this one to but there is
    something about the other one but great video dude i really enjoy all your

  20. James “Jamo1611” king

    That’s Leafy’ outro song boi

  21. Loved the new intro music!

  22. Omg imagen a kv2 with no reload xD

  23. This is the reason why Russia won the war…

  24. i wish i dey ad infantry so i can finally trollll

    if u know wot i mean :)

  25. Piotr Aleksandrowicz

    it s realy nice

  26. Well, now we just wait until someone makes the Ratte.

  27. gaijin already said they wont add infantry into battle because it would
    increase mpaa rating and decrease potential group age that can play the

  28. i wise we have a inftre

  29. *Sees Title*
    *Loading the video*-
    Sees first part of video

  30. what is the name of that intro song??


  32. i will like to see some infantry , i think it will be like heroes and
    generals !

  33. Not even a paper tank… this is literally something someone on the
    internet photoshopped together ages ago.

  34. +PhlyDaily … Play the PT 76

  35. +PhlyDaily I can’t find the user missions folder

    note, I downloaded it from Steam

  36. Phly team up with 2 more and make the kv6 in rb :))

  37. the soldiers are player or computer?

  38. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    Dat Intro, so awesome!

  39. Baron a little suggestion on small experiment. Go on an open topped
    vehicles, even maybe a marder or other vehicles where the crew is exposed
    to elements of the external of the tanks. drive the marder right smack dab
    in the center of enemy infantry fire, and see if the exposed crew hurt or
    even knocked out by the small arms of the AI infantry hail of bullets. curious

  40. German Stug?

  41. They have to add the Pz. 1000 Ratte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  43. The KV-2 is harder to kill than the KV-6…

  44. The CEO of GAIJIN already answered us they won’t add infantry in the game.
    because this is a 12+ game if they add the infantry it has be change to

  45. hey +phlydaily what recording software do you use?

  46. is the mission but it gets stuck
    on that kv6 screen 1:25

  47. The intro music is listenable, well done, I quite like it actually. I hope
    it’ll stay there forever

  48. I think infantry without gore would keep that rating good

  49. It would be cool if you could play as infantry, but maybe if you could play
    with squads, and you could research different types of squads with about 5
    or 6 soldiers. You start off with normal infantry squads with SMGs and bolt
    action rifles to fight against other squads,but as you research deeper into
    the tree,you start to research anti-tank squads armed with rocket launchers
    and (for the USSR) anti tank rifles,but also with 1 or 2 soldiers with
    standard rifles or SMGs. and your anti infantry squads use better guns,more
    health and protection against bullets.But still prone to having their heads
    blown off from a tiger I like in fury :). Eventually you can even start
    researching squads with LMGs too.

    Sadly gaijin will never listen to me ;(.
    Liek dis if u cry evri tiem
    1 liek = 1 pray

  50. What….how……..what……..who………..h..o…w……

  51. by ghost of great guderian! is it april’s fools in november?

  52. Рома Трейзер

    there are no infantry, because game has 12+ age rating

  53. Stug twerking should be the title

  54. I’d like to see AI infantry like this custom mission has displayed, player
    controlled infantry… I dunno.

  55. 7:30 im pretty sure that is illegal cuz those are from WT not the dude that
    made it and with the inf im not sure but i doubt that he made it.

  56. please play people in war thunder sorry for may english iam cz

  57. Stronk KV-VI Is missing it’s 2 stalinium BT-7 turrets and custom gun ontop
    of front KV-1 gun!

  58. How do you use binoculars?

  59. how did that guy who made the mission get infantry?

  60. infantry in the game without mods

  61. Leafys outtro as a intro.. nice


    Hope they add infantry!

  63. This Tank never even existed on Blueprints

  64. Did
    Not like the intro

  65. I love the new intro.

  66. WT shuld let you to play as infantry and hide and kill other infantry and
    have abazooka or panzefaust and shoot ata tanks

  67. Phly. the Jagdpanzer38t has the PaK variant of the 75mm L/48 which is
    better than the Stug’s Kwk L/48

  68. Will there be MAUS 100000000000000000 couse that would be awesome

  69. OH MY GOD

  70. When are they going to add in the Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte?????

  71. I have also tested The infantry out a tille whle back. In a test flight
    there were two soldiers near my plane, so I switched to my guner and shot
    them, they died

  72. What the fuck is this shit on the thumbnail? Phly, I think you over
    exaggerated when Photoshopping.

  73. jacques bernoux (jacber2)

    the infantry already exists in warthunder air rb

  74. hey phly please make more vidoes about user missions and have a nice day.

  75. whats the intros name,also the trumpet one?, thanks

  76. What if Heros and generals combined with war thunder?!?!???

  77. That’s was up

  78. O ok

  79. Modders are seriously amazing. How much time do you think it took them to
    add all that stuff?

  80. yes they should implement infantry, but it should be a seperate content
    thingy, like a dlc if you will

  81. I would love to see infantry in warthunder

  82. Dear Phly,

    I like the music lately for the intros, but please, turn it down from 11 to
    maybe about 6 or 7. It’s sorta hard to hear you in the beginning of your
    videos now.


  83. I thought it was a tank made by Gaijin. I thought Gaijin really fucked up.

  84. Time for the p1000….oh wait

  85. Phlydaily! You must play the ‘MURICAN TITANS! M103 120mm and the B-29
    Superfortress with the 40- 500’s!

  86. phly are you from finland

  87. this intro song is leafy’s outro song :D

  88. As soon as i saw the thumbnail i was all like

    Oh no what did gaijin do this time.

  89. They should add trains to War Thunder air RB, and make them targets of
    opportunity, or secondary objectives.

  90. ahh the KV-6 one of the more ambitious yet impractical vehicle designs out
    there mostly because the damn thing had way too many turrets of a high
    it couldn’t fire a full broadside lest it capsize like a drunken whale
    and small valleys were its nemesis but an ambitious none the less

  91. The intro is Leafy’s outro

  92. Su-100Y with infinite reload… XD

  93. I’d love to see a “rapid fire” event, with this find of shooting rate
    stuff. Would be awesome.

  94. A.I. infantry would be awesome

  95. Omg this is awesome!!??

  96. kv2 with 2 guns

  97. Unfixed “UnfixedCarp803” Carp

    hissss this intro belongs to leafy’s outro hissss

  98. the music at the begining is the music that leafyishere uses at the end of
    his videos

  99. do a new Stuka gameplay, more action this time

  100. Haha “excuse me hero coming thru” !!!!

  101. There is already infantry in air battles. In some maps (I don’t know if its
    every one) there are little foot soldiers running around by the columns of
    tanks and armored vehicles.

  102. Wait there is an actual train objective in the game already? WTF? The sim
    community asked to get these for years! even more now with EC! How come
    Gajob isn’t using thier assets it has at all??

  103. That is Amazing Phly! xD Warthunder what are you doing – add infantry AI!,
    it doesnt matter if there is clipping issues or adds a little strain to
    bandwidth, it adds so much more life to the battlefield, they run, shoot
    and die thats enough :B Just have em run around pew pewing randomly we’ll
    be happy with that!

  104. What the fuck xD

  105. OmG dude thats so cool

  106. how do you work the mission plz help

  107. I was really hoping the kv6 was actally in this..

  108. If you take an American bomber on a test drive and look behind you with the
    gunner, you’ll see that infantry are already in the game

  109. I want infantry, so fucking bad. Now that the foliage exploit has finally
    been fixed, Gaijin Entertainment have NO EXCUSES!!!!!!

  110. P-1000 Rate is next

  111. Que benisimoooo imaginensen con uno que lanza misiles

  112. Next thing you know they will add the *Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte* as the
    target. Imagine running into a 1000-ton tank? With dual 280mm guns and a
    secondary 128mm gun.

  113. So the game DOES have trains in the files. They’ve just never used them.

  114. “I think the StuG may have the better gun.”

    What? The Jagdpanzer 38(t) has the same exact gun as the StuG III ausf G.
    Goddamn it, Phly.

    And another thing; The KV-6 would be completely useless. Almost as useless
    as the Maus and T28/T95.

    Big, slow, too many turrets. There’s a reason why tanks don’t have more
    than one turret nowadays.

  115. The Infantry armed with locket launchers could be used to justifyably
    defend spawn from spawn campers. You could get there for a bit, but
    attrition would take you out from hand held anti tank guns.

  116. Silvana MacArthur-Sawaya

    Can any1 tell me how to change the settings to make customs like this?


  118. 7:10 That’s Dr. Emmett Brown’s flying Choo Choo Train. So it’s all good.

  119. I can't believe it's not butter!

    leafy music at the beginning lol
    dont steal from dad phly

  120. Phly how do you do that?

  121. Hell yeah infantry


  123. USSWisconson Gaming

    Dear god. My wish came true.

  124. a maus with no reload….i wanna see that

  125. They should add like Fps infantry troops if they got any chance

  126. song?????????????????

  127. Infantry? Hell yes!
    It would however make urban maps a nightmare for tanks.

  128. the tankneitor

  129. #PrayForParis

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