^^| SP 1C ”Sp1cy Memes” Replay Cast! (World of Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Potato gun, yeah that just about says it all.
    The HT parked behind the LT in a bush, yeah, that sure happens a lot, I
    mean WTF…?
    Great video, I can’t wait to get past the SP1C and on to the RU251.

  2. Awesome vid Circon, I havent played all summer and just recently got back
    into WoT. I feel im struggling a bit with the map knowledge, so really love
    these vids!! See you on Twitch (:

  3. i play this tank yesterday and i did 9k spotting WTF

  4. keep up the good work circon, nice video

  5. I don’t think many players will listen though. Circon. Even your own
    subscribers and viewers. The unlimited selfishness and cunt-bag level is
    supreme. Especially here in SEA server, way too many scums and racists. Of
    course there will be quite a few people listen to you but I don’t really
    expect too much. Still, this video is at least helping :)

  6. Again’ great to see you back in the saddle making your vids again….

  7. I have had way more success knife fighting with the spic than actually
    trying to snipe with it. The Shell Velocity is slower than a AMX40…..
    Upclose and flanking its good though.

  8. this series of vids are grate ?

  9. Very informative

    Use your passive scouts as spaced armour

    Got it :)

  10. Loving this format, thanks Circon.

  11. Circon I’ve been watching you for a while now and want to know if you will
    ever do any console videos for plebs like me :(, and i just sold my WZ-131
    that I got from your 59-16 3rd mark vid and I sold it and now I’m sad that
    I have a stock 132 🙁 please circon we have the chieftain :)

  12. Thank YOU man, thank you for all the info, and tips!

  13. Some of my best games in a light tank is on this map. 7200 spotting damage
    in elc. By the way nice hoodies, honestly surprised.

  14. Thank’s for the educational content. Hearing why you’re making the moves
    you are makes the Streaming content that much better.

  15. https://goo.gl/wYyKjc <- Please follow me on instagram!

  16. Yo Circon thanks for this video! really learned a lot listening to you talk
    through it. cheers man!

  17. really nice learned alot from u keep it up
    lekker hoor gaat stukken beter dan bij mij 🙂 maar we leren elke keer weer

  18. Hi Circon I am a CIRC4 member “blame billy we must”. I just wanted to say
    that I love what you are doing right now, and I bougth a hoodie of yours.

  19. do some of these with some mediums

  20. If you need to know where to scout on all maps then check out
    4tankersanddog on youtube

  21. I loved this little bugger, tried the loader once then went back to non
    loader, not a really good choice if you like sniping and not getting a
    heart attack because of rage (not that accurate loader). But RU is worth
    any grind such an epic scout, can tear a new asshole to any tank lol

  22. I wonder if Donald trump will ban SP1Cs from the NA server….

  23. I love my Sp1c as I got 3 marks in only 68 games so that made me super
    happy 😀 I actually really love that tank :D

  24. Nice Replay circon, i just 3marked this tank yesterday in little over 200
    games. Def hard to do if you like me and play on the Asia server with a
    280ping could have done it on 100 games.

  25. Uuuugh SP-1-C plus Y at the end. uuuugh Circon lol

  26. Btw is there any tank you want to be good with but youre not that good with
    it which rly bothers you?

  27. James Ramsey (ShadowXSoldier)

    Hail Circon, the Meme maker.

  28. alright I’m a pleb and don’t follow game updates… are we really getting
    tier 10 light tanks?

  29. Ive done nearly 5k spotting in my tier 5 leopard

  30. circon with the introduction of tier 10 scouts in the future do you think
    its a good idea or a bad idea to work on getting the current tier 8s
    because they could become tier 9s?

  31. Is there any reason that the worth sticker is on the chat :3 gud video da
    no gulag for you

  32. Circon, what is the best tier 7 scout (not counting the bulldog) in your
    opinion ??

  33. Hi Circ, really happy to see your channel growing, i was gonna ask you on
    stream but i missed the last one so ill ask you here, what happened to the
    week of circon series?i really miss that series since i cant always catch
    your stream and they were my source of fresh circon memes 😀 P.S That was a
    great video!

  34. Nace mem

  35. Circon if you die you don’t get spotting, that’s why suicide scouting is a
    bad idea for the scout.

  36. Thanks Circon!

    Please include a screenshot of the crew skills and equipment you are using
    in your videos.

  37. Will you upload videos with 1440p?

  38. Great commentary Circon, I’m really looking forward for more of these

  39. The fastest lawn mower in the west! Yes! I love this tank its hilarious,
    trollish, and it sounds like a lawn mower.

  40. wow that tiger 2.. I thought I was a potato in heavy tanks… but just

  41. Are you kidding? Where else should they park those monster heavies EXCEPT
    right behind a scout or TD? lol

  42. Circon pls no. I just sold it today…. It’s soo bad

  43. Watched this live but your commentary in this one was great, I love the
    sp1c once you get used to it as it plays completely different to every
    other tier 7 light.

  44. circon ive had batle with only t10 only one t7 in each team with spic

  45. good vid please do 1 on amx 1357 Gf

  46. I really enjoy these commentaries. I wish you did more of them :-)

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