Spaced Armour – Obj.252U

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  1. Enjoy some tier 8 and a half 😉

  2. And that Made_In_CCCP invitation is just… perfecto

    Also, a tier 8 match without gold spammers is ultra rare.

  4. Don’t forget circon aiming increases dispersion on Russian tanks. However snap-shots and on the move shots have tier 10 medium dispersion it’s a proven fact because once the Soviet war-machine starts moving it can’t be stopped.

  5. how’s circons crosshair named???

  6. T-69 was MVP

  7. This piece of shit is more accurate than my fully aimed WZ-120-1G FT

  8. No amount of scrubbing will ever make that T69 truly clean.

  9. aiming is for noobs^^

  10. RNG favorites red stats nabs like this one named Circon Kappa

  11. what is that mode that show armor on place you are aiming ?

  12. South Spawn is stongest on consolde because the PC Rejects who have no idea how to play the game all rush hill from the north and it seems like those on south spawn always flank around the hill and kill everyone because no one on console knows what the fuck they are doing because they are all the people who got thier IPs banned from the PC version or say the PC version is too hard.

  13. Spaced Armour’s WoT youtube channel approves of this video title 🙂

  14. 0:00 “it gets better with the tier 9, it doesn’t even care about premium ammo too much”

    Now you got me interested, which tier 9 would it be? The new french heavy?

  15. Someone please buff my fucking CDC! (Thank you QB for selling me that shit)

  16. “Aiming lowers DPM” – can I have a T-shirt like this ?

  17. What is more useful on E50M if you want to ram, spall liner or Belleville washers? If neither is practical, vertical stab or wet ammo rack?

  18. Miodrag Mijatović

    Good tictac, komred

  19. No tanks snapshot me as much as russian tank. Especially IS3’s insane how many times I have had my weakspots snapped cross the map by those bastards.

  20. 0:48 Why is there german flag? 😀

  21. Aiming lowers dpm confirmed

  22. Worst tier 8 heavy in the game

  23. been watching your videos for a while and i still don’t understand why you keep saying nice meme.

  24. Is that the defender or a new tank?

  25. Itz Dirty J69 ! ! !

    We want more “18 – 15 A”

  26. I believe on NA you must use discounts and recruit female crew members before Feb. 8th, otherwise you will lose them

  27. what is that pen mod?

  28. Marshall Allshouse

    Best part was the shot into the pilot 😀
    Amazing game circon!

  29. Joseph Stalin came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And Joseph Stalin is all out of bubble gum.

  30. Plese anyone help me..? How to install this blue part of crosshair like Circon ?

  31. what mods do you use ?

  32. Alexander Stoyanov

    “Da comrade why aim when you have Stalin da blyat nice logic suka” – wg morons

  33. I was permanently banned from your Twitch chat because i said in chat i was going to donate to you.

  34. WHY AIM !!!!! .. that should be the video name xD

  35. I laughed too much at the time of TD TD TD!

  36. This tank is so OP at t8 it’s disgusting. Compare this against tech tree HT like Tiger 2, KV4, T32, hell even the IS-3.. it’s just far superior. Same armor profile as IS-7, with 440 alpha gun at t8 HT.

  37. Help me please!
    Witch is the best from this three?

  38. Lowe camping yuckk

  39. Haha I read this as space Armour for so long


  41. You ended up in a tier 8 match as a tier 8? BLASPHEMY!!!

  42. Bruh send this to jingles… that t-69 gameplay ?

  43. *cyka blyat intensifies*

  44. Insane rng…

  45. i do have to say….. i love seeing a t32 still do good in the current meta

    i fucking LOVED my t32….
    you could bully the shit out of people, especially in old MM when you got top tier more

    if only the m103 had the t32 turret with the m103 gun…..that would be the memes

  46. Wa happen arta?

  47. I like how circon doesnt load his tanks with half gold like certain other “skilled” players *cough* quickybaby *cough*

  48. Imagine that. No arty = Fun game

  49. should send this to wg.. there is no russian bias my ass…

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