Spaghetti Casino – Standard B

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. 11:42 clever to wait for reload. i would have just rushed the last shot

  2. therandomnessisreal

    Great game! Look at the map at 6:04 btw lol

  3. and that’s why you have a repair crew on your turret less TDs

  4. What better way of spending the morning than watching another great video of Mr Circon

  5. now go middle with a french and call it croissant casino

  6. Good time to wake up

  7. why do i always tune in for the stream at the right time so that every time he uploads a video on yt im disppointed because ive already seen the gameplay?

    • Tigerfighter I don’t watch much twitch but when I do I usually end up seeing the highlights. Happens every time.

  8. And Circon should be banned.
    This is just porn
    Apart from HEAT for WT Pz IV
    That was just rape lmao

  9. That was SPICY

  10. All hail the mighty circon

  11. Just get a turret

  12. as long as there is this great 3/5/7 i’m glad there is water on maps

  13. Is that victory chance above ammo? I thought you hated that stat

  14. Enemy team: How can we kill this tier 9 unicum autoloader? Lets go in 1 by 1 from different directions. Great idea!

  15. Great game Circ!

  16. Babbedie boepie!

  17. But if all the arty ppl get banned for drowning we will have so much camping since arty prevents camping……..yeah right =)

  18. Michael Cartwright

    Aww man that was good 🙂

  19. The last moment is beautiful

  20. Holy fuck-a-mole batman… the plays

  21. I’d be okay with only the arty class being drowned 3 times in 20 games then ban, but other tanks should be left alone. I can just see some asshat trolls pushing as many people into water and off piers as they can.

  22. What the fuck is a standard B ?

  23. The speed and mobility of this tank seems insane! I wished I could play it but F* grinding all the way to it.

  24. damnit all watching circon play tanks…makes me wanna play tanks xD

  25. That T49 run basically saved the game

  26. A Ex-Blacksmith UK

    Circinflex in World of Tanks, you must be either one of the best players that put up videos, or one of the luckiest, or just your every day command garden miner deity! Thanks for showing us lesser mortals in the game how it is done! lol And thanks for the video, must enjoyment had watching it. 🙂

  27. Great game xd

  28. This was actually a pretty good game to watch… :-)……. They made you work for the result..

  29. #DeleteArt13

  30. if you’d make a change like banning people who drown 3 times in 20 games, you will get people deliberately drowning others to try to get them banned

    • Pushing people into the water gives the pusher credit for the kill though. Drowning others is done all the time anyway. Drowning yourself doesn’t give credit for a kill and should be punishable if done frequently (and possibly have it kept track of individually in different vehicles). Some leeway must be given for careless driving or poor ping, but punish self-destruction.

  31. “Hey 13 90 hows it going we are just gonna switch sides ok?”

  32. damn great game!

  33. Chandler Kristoff

    Most of the maps are hard to drown on if you’re careful and you can make it out of the water if you’re quick enough but a few maps i think are just BS, like Malinovka i went south road and tried to cross over into cover but i slid off the road into the water, *no* *slopes* *to* *get* *back* *up* all i could do is sit there and drown, it sucks.

  34. Chandler Kristoff

    Game was screwing you over lol, first you bounce an amx 13 90 and immediately after there is a dead tank’s gun blocking your shot…

  35. Chandler Kristoff

    Man these auto-reloaders are super carry friendly, good for both 1v1 and 1 vs many.

  36. Haha fucking boss!

  37. Bloody cool Circon !

  38. I drowned myself 2 times in the same spot in the glacier Map by mistake ^^’. ( 2 months between the first and the second one)

  39. The engagement with the JT at the end was awkward. You’re sitting there not firing for 8 seconds (to get two shots in the drum) and he’s tracked just staring at a wall. It’s just like, “You going to kill me or what?!”

  40. Jon .knallpistol


  41. I love the OBJ 263 in A8 the whole game… what a waste of DNA jeez

  42. Epic save

  43. Gareth Fairclough

    Pink for team killers/team damage. Blue for drowners.

  44. What is that mod that has the percentages at the bottom of the screen and what does it do? If it tells you what percentage damage you have done for 3 marking, does anyone know what it is called or where I could find it? Looks like it could be useful.

  45. I wish Circon would platoon with Quickybaby on a regular basis.

    They’re my favorite WoT streamers/YouTubers and it would be awesome to see them play together

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