Special Forces M56 Scorpion Behind Enemy Lines – War Thunder Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. one of the biggest issues in War thunder is the B.R. in my opinion…

  2. hint get the m163 and drive it into the water and watch the magic

  3. I like it on how in the middle of battle with shells flying and bombes
    going off the camander of the scorpion is just chill asf.

  4. That’s the tank in my town in Elmwood park

  5. Skenderbeuismyhero

    Hey! We need the m50 Ontos next!!!! That would be bad ass!

  6. I hope they add helos but I don’t think they should be in an exclusive mode
    like air RB I hope they do ground forces support if they do add helos

  7. The biggest issue in WT is you can fights against a Tiger iI with missiles
    and in the war that no exist en fact WT have the biggest issue in the
    “realism” of the game 

  8. AD-2! AD-2! AD-2! VIETNAM BABY!

  9. Greginator6701 gaming

    So, I noticed a lot of drifting during the first game. I challenge you to
    try and get as many kills while drifting as possible. #DriftKill

  10. What’s the hot key for binos?

  11. people do know that if you don’t traverse when you spawn you are invincible
    for around 20 seconds, so if your team is getting spawn killed pick a
    turreted tank with a good reload, stay still and kill spawn killeds, gaijin
    covered that in a shooting range video, so baron please make a video about
    the invincibility so people will stop complaining as much

  12. What do you call an autistic kid in a tank?

  13. Let’s go old school baron. T35 Russian Land Battleship

  14. Interesting thing: The M56 Scorpion is the type of tank used in the
    original pilot of Airwolf when they are fighting the “Libyan” army.

  15. Next stream should use this tank against the Russian ASU-57 and see how
    that goes!

  16. fuckkkk yes! ive been waiting so long for this mean tank!

  17. Kitthipong Nissaidee

    please Preview Fv4202 british medium tank line

  18. Where in mowm

  19. There should be a Halo scorpion

  20. 14:00 Baron did you just say Hopening? BARON DO YOU EVEN ENGLISH M8?

  21. did baron and phly have a fight or something?

  22. Juega con el Charioteer Mk VII y el Brigand B. 1.


  24. But but men of war Mondays. . .

  25. baron this is a problem for all german tankers they keep getting flanked in
    tier 4 by m56, m41a1, m18, t92 and m36 and can be killed by all other
    nations with no protection much in front facing heatfs

  26. also the m42 andm19 rekt my german planes and usually allies spawn camp us

  27. You remind me with every video why it’s fun to play this game.

    The M56 seems like a revamped M18 which is awesome.

  28. I’m just curious. why do you ever want to use timer bomb? it’s like a
    giving enemy time to run, isn’t it?

  29. SPARTAN Ravindra-919

    I would like to see helicopters in War Thunder

  30. do only i see some russian porn shit on the right >> ?? its like third
    video and i still see it wtf youtube

  31. Baron do you know what happens when aaa shoots at a helicopter spoiler is

  32. There are helicopters in the CDK

  33. Maybe have an area where the enemy cant go? And youre invincible for 2
    seconds when you go out and you cant shoot?

  34. Young man, how many times have I told you not to drive your tanks indoor ?
    Now, go put up more videos of you flying around and making brownies in your
    pants. do this now !

  35. Funny you mentioned this particular map for spawn camping. I get the
    majority of my kills on this map by ambushing guys that come over to try to
    camp. I camp our spawn and wrek wannabe spawn campers. I get the periodical
    “dude, fight, get out of our spawn.” but then point out I have four more
    kills than the guy bitching.

  36. Why does it only have 3 crew ant not 4?

  37. baron try unturned

  38. american ninja tank

  39. You said :”It plays like the american asu-57″. Isn’t that russian?

  40. the reason this match was fun is because you havent been playing against
    the russians

  41. you can blame them from being in the spawn. they should cap the point and
    not spawn camp.

  42. The new hellcat.

  43. Love your aim lol

  44. use PZ.v anko

  45. Prabaditya Rahman

    366.633 Subs! Congratulation

  46. Spawncamping IS a tactic in War Thunder in my opinion,its just that some
    maps just make so its cheating

  47. spawn camping is a problem? no its not, it’s strategy

  48. Could you please play world of tanks war thunder dosen’t have much of a

  49. M56 vs Asu

  50. Ok I like baron a lot but some of the stuff he says I just dislike and
    disagree with, like the adding helicopters statement

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