Special ORDER OF WAR Game Mode Coming to World of Tanks | Order of War Mode Review

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Just as I was about to release my todays video about couple upcoming tanks, WG release a banger an article about the upcoming game mode Order of War. So let’s take a look at what this mode has to offer… Seems interesting to say the least.

What do you think?


  1. So, what do you think about this? News came out of nowhere, but actually excited to test it out. Hopefully it will be fun for longer than 5 battles!
    Have a nice day, my friends!

  2. Looks similar to a mode that was in WoT Console with the RTS like format.

    Well this mode surely looks interesting but can’t help to think, I wonder what they will break this time? 😀

  3. Another hint at the fact that this game is almost dead and already it’s filled with bots by wg , and this is another mode to take our attention from that fact.

  4. Am i the only one who noticed the rhm pzwgn has a different gun on the picture?

  5. I like it although 7 Tier X is a high hurdle

  6. The official Donald Trump YouTube channel

    That was unexpected

  7. hey, I cant receive my prime gaming care paket.
    Has someone here a similar issue? did the cancel the support?
    thx in advance

  8. Finally some bots, which will accept my suggestions, how to win the battle 😀

  9. Sneaky finnish boi

    the testing requirements must have changed, because when sandbox was new, I was there and I didn’t have a tier x

  10. As a Master elo League of legends player and World of tanks lover, this is a dream <3

  11. This reminds me Starcraft

  12. 15:00 I thought the same when I saw it

  13. It did say the vehicles from your garage. So you might need at least 7 tier 10s to play. I’m sure, if that is the case, it could be changed.

  14. really only tier 10 tanks allowed? im playing wot for 4 years but to grind 6 million ooff
    it actually feels like when you hit 2 million credits you earn less credits

  15. So this game mode is only reserved for the “lucky” few? Having 7 Tier X tanks…

  16. Great stuff friend 👏 👍

  17. Wargaming is too lazy to create bots so we have to do it.

  18. i watched this video too lookingforward to play this gamemode

  19. Ach! I thought it was an upgrade of the original Order of War, that pre-dated WOT. Love that game & still play it

  20. Man they fu..ck up all the game i have one lucky game 5.7k dmg whit td i ned one shot to make the mision 15 but i fier 2 shots one hit the track and the second one bounce the rng is so so fu..de up

  21. boring gamemode …..

  22. no arty yet again in a special event …. fuck you WG.

  23. They are showing it on stream now 👀

  24. How about a game mode where there is 15 vs 15 battle, no bases, just fighting. Like in real life, no tank battles in history were won by driving into a circle. I want a real tank battle mode.

  25. i got video inception. XD

  26. cool another mode that i cant play….

  27. Right when I have most of my exams, thx WG

  28. Why did WG steal this mode from xbox though?

  29. I hate that wg do nothing to make the actual gameplay better or even make it playable, they release another gamemode, that just a copy paste from another game. Creativity is just gone.

  30. Wasn’t this a gamemode on console?

  31. It sort of looks like a hybrid of WoT and Iron Conflict methinks…

  32. looks interesting but let me guess.. You’ll be able to buy the points to play as a strategist by purchasing the “mystery strategist loot boxes”.

  33. a strategy game mode?

  34. Just like “old time” + litle new fitur

  35. Absolute boooring add Capture the flag mod or Free for all!
    Iam sure ppls love that.
    2.24 So its more RTS game now?

  36. Looks like another waste of time, some new shitty game mode that is not fixing the current problems we have, fuck off war gaming.

  37. This was on console, just saying

  38. Blackhorse Engineer

    So i stead of fixing balance issues and other mechanics in the original game, they are adding yet another addition to it!? TYPICAL WG!!

  39. Said specifically tanks in your garage so i think you have to play with your own t10. So if you dont have 7 t10s you might be screwed

  40. This helps so much for clan war strategies layout

  41. It will be amazing to have this new mod of playing.
    At least a lot of “noob” and bad internet conections players can move to that type of game.
    It will soo mutch good for bot type of games.
    Bad players at WOT could be good players on “strategi WOT”.
    I´m ready to tested since they open the server test for that mod of game.

  42. “The game isnt dying”
    Also the game:

  43. I started playing War Thunder after 2k hours of WoT and I m excited about this game 🙂 Wot is a shit right now… Sadly only good time in WoT was when you couldnt move death tanks. Now you see only premium OP tanks on VIII tier shooting gold… (sorry for english)

  44. Kriegsmarine Tirpitz

    I would rather have 1v1s, it would be much interesting
    now u have to deal with 6 noobs in your team

  45. Console had something like this.

  46. I’m not hyped at all… But at least is something different to play when i’m getting overburned of ramdoms

  47. WoT meets CnC Gen ZH.
    Looks interesting, would love to try that out.
    Keep up the great work Dez👍

  48. WGs are about to make clear until there is not enough player to fill 2 teams

  49. OOOoooOOO that looks so fun!!!

  50. what if I only have 3 tier X tanks..??!!

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