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I couldn't stopppppppppppp aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh


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  1. Funfact: There only was a single T-80UM2 prototype and it was destroyed last march in Ukraine

  2. Playing this game on an xbox one s is hell


  4. They added stabilizer for that? I didn’t know :I

  5. dope intro turny

  6. Love the intro style!

  7. badboy-always angry


  8. badboy-always angry

    3:42 BREAKFAST

  9. the reason u think the aps dousnt always work is u need to have ur barrel looking at the missle for the aps to shoot it down

  10. Berry plays

  11. I like prowling around in my UM2.

  12. This tank has:
    Amazing gun
    Autoloader with competitive reload
    Ridiculous super trolly armor
    Mobility almost on par with wheely bois
    A small profile
    Very good sights with a very low and very high zoom
    Commander fire control
    Rounds that 1 shot almost everything
    Decent traverse rates
    an APS
    And a aura of bias and bs that prevent shells from spalling on it/ exploding ammo

    This tank doesn’t have:
    And very good gun depression

    Definitely a tank that should fight 9.7

  13. What a beautiful intro 😍😍😍😍 do It another time pls

  14. ‘19 Explorer Sport

    10.7 gets downtiers a good amount

  15. Don’t stop me now, I’m gonna have myself a real good time

  16. 3bm46 very satisfying

  17. didnt know that it was so rare, i own one thought that grind wasnt that hard

  18. When I ply America 10.7 I just get full up tiers every match. I don’t play GRB anymore. It’s always an up-tier no matter what br I play

  19. Man i cant get enough of your videos

  20. Good video Turnster

  21. Pisemskaya Galina

    I have a problem with my account which is that my enemy has this glitch that makes them aware of their surroundings…

  22. this tank already in war thunder, I think armored warfare should hurry up with it

  23. I got the T 80UM2, its just I couldnt bother to play it

  24. What brand components does your pc have turny, as im having the same issue with warthunder crashing on amd gpu, but my older nvidia one works fine

  25. Gotta love not having NATO restrictions 😅

  26. Foamy Flightmaster

    Love your work, but this tank is a prime example of Russian bias, lots of down tiers…first shot kills (op) and hard to see and kill. All that is bad about the game NO balance at all, almost no skill required to use, not you obviously…🤩

  27. The House of Pain reference was classic!

  28. Is this better or the T-80UK ?

    • T80UK is better but it’s at a higher BR

    • @Waleed Binhamid it’s like yin and yang. Basically the same but at the same time, very different. One suitable for aggressive playstyle while other is for cautious and calculated one. The only thing bother me is the UK sits at higher BR than UM2. Other than that, they’re pretty good imo

    • @A normal Player how to get the UM2 , i hd missed it 😕

    • @Waleed Binhamid quests, i dont know whether or not we have another rerun, maybe you’ll need to wait for a sale, i have to grind my ass off to get that thing

    • ​@Waleed Binhamid you can buy it for like 40 bucks on the marketplace, atleast when i got mine, it was not very popular because it has no thermals.

  29. Everything you’ve said here is bullshit. I got this tank, played about 20 games in it and got oneshot every game, didn’t bounce a single round, from any angle. It’s shit.

  30. Maverick_Saber2017

    Have you ever played the olifant?? Like either make for the brits plz,make a south african lineup gameplay vid

  31. Fast paced is perfect desctription of this video

  32. Marco Klingenfuss

    this thing is basicly a tank for top tier but without thermals, wich isnt that bad if youre experienced enough.

  33. I love people making videos about this thing! Raises the price for what i can sell it 😂 ngl it really tempts me to redeem it but i can‘t

  34. That Berry Intro was Stronk ❤❤

  35. I had to do a double-take cuz of that intro. I was sure I clicked onto a turny video, then I heard ryan’s voice and immediately scrolled down to check what channel this was lol.

  36. 6 rounds per minute sounds pretty harsh😮

  37. Netflix and Chill

    That intro is so good 😮

  38. Fighting against Russia always makes mad. and now i see why

  39. Sick intro bro

  40. Can you make a video on the mbt70 please

  41. I got this about a month ago on the marketplace when it was around $20-30, now it’s been jumping up to nearly 80 and I’m so glad I did.

  42. I feel like an absolute tard goblin for selling this thing because I am not spending 80 bucks to get this tank

  43. بندر العنزي

    I got nuck twice with it but I didn’t have time to drop it

  44. irakli Simongulashvili

    i really hate that WT made these tanks according to paper but in reality they’re so shit they can die without even getting shot

    • Fr lol. I love ripping T80s apart with my chally 2s or type 10s, most of them would be so bad if they weren’t Russian mains.

  45. How is this tank rare? It was a free t80 6 months ago dude? Lol it has no thermals and is at 10.7 and mode often than not I see people getting smacked In it. Nice click Bait though, who you tryna fool with that rare stuff though? Everyone and there mother has this thing including me so if I have it Def is not rare

  46. Top tier russia: Absurdly biased armor values and fake era, ammo/fuel tanks that do not ignite or explode 50% of the time, armor that negates spalling even on side shots, 4 of the best helicopters with the best anti tank missiles in game that kill you from 10km away, anti air that is currently the best in the game. This is why you can run around like a headless chicken playing against NATO tanks with nerfed armor and shells/aircraft and anti air.

  47. what is the classic music at background at first game ?

  48. “This is my perfect victory”

  49. William billy Butcher


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