SPG Changes in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks. Hold my beer shout Wargaming as they lay out their plans for balancing the SPG class, well at least some of them!


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  1. I would change it to its 9.17 state. I dont understand why the fuck they changed it into this shit. It was good when you knew how to play it, now its just a click ‘n’ stun.

  2. Before nerf: you had damage
    After nerf: you had stun
    Soon: neither stun nor damage
    Makes sense

  3. we can really play the game if they remove those pesky little distance shooters…

  4. hi man another great vid i am an arty player and i think these changes are way too much, they are neither here or there, it a big nerf.

  5. Borschty The Mighty

    I preferred Arty before 9.18. I particularly played Obj.261 and I enjoyed shooting AP at people who were stupid enough to give me time to aim the shots. However with the new stun mechanic; I absolutely hated it and while I could do ok sometimes, other arty such as the CGC or the M53/55 did better because of a larger gun caliber.

    It’s good that they’re changing the stun mechanic to make it less annoying; but the damage change is questionable.

    They say they’re changing some of the characteristics of arty; to which I hope they might make it so that some arty (Obj.261 for example) AP only or something like that; giving it a unique characteristic than generic (wishful thinking) but aside from that I can’t really say.

    Overall though; good but wavering step forward. I just hope that the prem round change comes soon (As so far I only enjoy playing arty in WoT so I don’t have to deal with it).

  6. i used to like spamming AP shells on objekt 261, after the change that SPG just became boring to play. I’d much rather see occasional 1.7k shots than consistent 200splashes… 🙂

  7. take artys back to how they used to be. now reloads are too long for the minimal damage and are not even worth playing any more.

  8. If they are going to decrease the Stun duration, decrease damage when you don’t hit dead on and decrease the splash radius, they should increase the damage/penetration parameters for when you hit, they should increase the accuracy a little, but most importantly, I don’t want to sit around waiting for my 40+ second reload in my tier ten, only to see it do 100 damage because I missed, so they should increase the reload.

    What will this lead to? People bitching more about arty, because overall they will get stunned more and they will take more damage when hit.

    And if they do these changes, then I hope they will rework the personal missions for the SPGs immediatly too, and not two or three months later.

  9. SPG rebalance was dumb. They are a nightmare for all light, medium and TDs. They only had to reduce the HE penetration to avoid One-shoots,

  10. OK, just do whatever you want with SPG’s, if you nerf I’m OK with that.BUT change also the goals in missions/campagnes with SPG’s.It will be hard (impossible) to achive the requirements.

  11. This is what has to happen to make Artillery Better in WoT:
    1# WG should remove the Stun mechanic or only keep it for HE Shells
    2# Give artillery AP Shells again or give HE more Damage and Penetration
    3# Change the max number of Artillery in a battle to 2
    4# make Artillery a little more accurate

    Artillery used to be a feared class in WoT but with all the debuffs like removing AP Shells the class just isn’t worth playing
    artillery used to make Players think about where to go what to do and work with a plan not anymore
    the way people play now they have no plan which makes the team lose
    now i know some people might not agree with what i have said
    but i’m just giving my opinion

  12. They could just remove them. Or act like a satellite overview to help its team, with a chance per game to really strike with heavy artillery one sector of the map. Like the commander did on Battlefield 4. The game would feel more immersive without the punishment because you want to fight in a open field without hiding after every freaking shot.

  13. Now they can remove artys from wot. Artys are dead now.

  14. Just remove them from the game and compensate every player appropriately

  15. I hate it, personally, I learned Tankers hate being killed by invisible tanks. Arty is always going to be hated because no sees them. I hate derps or vehicles that are horizontal arty such as the FV4005 and KV2 but Wargaming doesn’t do anything about them. Arty I wish would return back to the high damage and low accuracy. Low tier arty are now a pain to play there is no way to play them and do well currently unless you hit the target. The high tiers sure they do damage over an area but catching a whole group off gaurd is rare. QB is right Arty needs some revert. If they don’t revert arty then do the same for derps they did with arty. derps do stun. and give low tier arty some love give them more damage. Because They are terrible currently.

  16. Quikcy baby i have never stop playing arty i have always love playing them( sounds disgusting but i just love them,+ i do play other vehcles to so i do use a key board) all that stun made me do is instead of shot at a person for 1.5 k damage with a AP shell is to shoot at someone getting yoloed or gang banged by my team wining a flank and just shooting closes enough to make shore i stun them for the 1.5 stun damage.or i shoot at were a lot of damage is being dealt aka heavy engagements or occasionally at super low Armour tanks.
    there were times where i dident even half aim my shot or even directly aimed at a vehicle because all i want is to stun them for the next 10 sec that they live for. and now with the stun change i will just shoot after the stun is over. making it even more annoying for the team.hers a idea for improving game play aginst arty. (beyond making to 1 or 2 per team but that still a good idear and i agree with it). what if you had a sort of “beat a dead hourse “system where if you keep shooting at the same person who you shot at or has been shot by arty in a surten time frame or at all.you will do less damage to them on average. this would make us arty players want to rather shoot at every or others tanks atlet once in a game isnted of just focusing one person till their dead. or what if you added 2 types of arty shelles.(not the premium thats literally paying 4X more for a extra meter of splash.) but 2 types where one would do constant or seamy consistent damage to someone and one that would do more damage and stun the first time but make you do less every time you shoot at the same person(like 20% less damage and stun) just an idear so if i miss something that makes this idea bad dont bombard me with hate.

    also i would actuality say that as arty we do more like 60% stun damage and 40 % actually damage. so this Nerf may make it harder to be influence while it all ready is hard. and yes make them more accurate, there are so many moment were a fully aim shot complete fly past a tank and dont even do stun damage( on arty like the t 92)
    And maybe to try and buff some aspects of arty in exchange to less stun you could also make them more mobile Pleas because surprise surprise i actually use my key board and half the time when i play french arty im half way on or on the other side of a flank getting side shots into other vehicles but only can i do this with the french , the rest(especially german) are just to slow and unflexsible to do sucha thing and i why i believe most people dont want to move more then 30 meters with them despite the fact that their SPGs , self PROPELLED guns. which is also why thire called that and not just arty.
    Bit of a rant but i wanted to share my opinion from a artys perspective since i play them the most, hope this was helpful.

  17. Soooo. Japanese heavies will get stun effect? 😉


  19. they will need to changes the Missions i hope

  20. 12:44 Then how should we do 100 sec stun, and double stun missions?

  21. make the aimingtime 20 seconds

  22. Should have just left it alone to begin with it should hit for a ton that’s what artillery does the stun is retarded because if it hit you directly you would be dead as dead can be. Shell shock would effect you the whole game and then some if it wanted to be realistic. And to be honest getting one shot was far better than being stunned over and over and over again that just makes it unbearable to play.

  23. Just go back to before that shit update

  24. I want “katusha” or rocket battery and carpet bombing in wot.

  25. wargaming has effectively made arty’s shitty af, back in the day it was you either get hit and die or not hit, like QuickyBaby mentioned in the video. i don’t think it’s good to have constant damage with arty over high damage with a single shot..

  26. They just made it harder to do personal missions for reward tanks… 🙁

  27. Wargaming admittet it themselves, SPGs do damage equally important to normal tanks but you can’t fight artillery back at most points in the game. Arta mechanic is unfair and broken and should be nerfed to a degree where it’s an actual support class and doesn’t deal own, consistent damage.

  28. A step to the right direction, arty should not stun and deal max of 100dmg

  29. I love it, great update, but I would suggest to limit artys to 1-2 per game

  30. I play spg about 30% of my time maybe. Spg-s add too much RNG. And make the game rather unenjoyable for the tanks. I support this change. They will still be cool to play.

  31. Commander Serviland

    As an older player in wot I have seen myself play spg’s more & I actually thought the team supporting stun mechanic though not perfect was an improvement on what we had. Obviously w.g. have all the statistics to hand and feel maybe this team support is too strong. However I say be careful what you wish for as we see the Japenese heavy’s numbers increase and type 5 drivers rolling around the battlefield with impuniy jabbing their 2 keys for that bonus undefendable damage. Tanks is a game of rock paper scissors, what happens when you take one of those elements away ? I await with interest.

  32. “performance adjusted” buff reload -imagine that

  33. I had the T92 nas the m53/55 for missions After They changed to the 2017 atum mechanichs i tried them but i hated it so i sold them to buy more tanks that i enjoy so yes i would love them to take Back to 2016 because i used to play arty 30% of the time played in WOT

  34. So the SPG are still over nerfed and unplayable, just a fancy new way to keep them from being effective. How about do something to increase the BUOYANCY of the current SPG player (for the simple people to understand, to stop the fuktards from drowning themselves at the thought of being shot)

  35. As a real world artillerist the current mechanic they use in WoT now is the most accurate reflection of how artillery would have worked prior to guided munitions – particularly against vehicles (in reality, having artillery land close enough to ‘stun’ the crew would render real humans into so much potted meat).
    Reducing the stun further, and again reducing splash damage on such terribly inaccurate guns is just another step toward rendering them so anemic that the class might as well finally be removed from the game.

    Prior to stun, artillery was seldom used in competitive game modes – clan, skirmish, et al. Subsequent to the introduction of stun that is the *SOLE* reason teams might field arty in those modes. It is far more effective as a force multiplier than those rare as hell one shots that could happen prior to its introduction. Changing it will eliminate artillery *entirely* from all game modes beyond pubs, and they’ll eventually disappear from pubs, as well.

    The only way they could balance them with the removal of stun and splash would be to make them a *LOT* more accurate; up to the same accuracy direct fire guns currently use (even though overall accuracy has been reduced considerably over most classes save TD in the last few years) and double their current damage output for direct hits.

  36. They should have kept it as it was before 9.18

  37. Fuck you clickers 🙂

  38. Add siege mode to some of these arties that have shovels that fixes them in the ground, and make such mode increase accuracy and reloading time, and maybe view range and camo. That could help.
    Makes them also more vulnerable to counter fire as they need to unsiege. So more interesting in terms of positioning, etc.

  39. Thank you QB for the overtime video.

  40. I miss the old arty. The only reason people even played them was to get that 1 shot out of every 10 shells or so that just made playing them worth it.

  41. CGC splash getting nerfed… Long live the new T92 King.

    Another buff to Japanese heavies

  42. SPG was always cancer in game. One more good thing to play this game.
    pigs can cry or whatever. the game works fine without arty

  43. Martika Kotopoyli

    A great rework again. The facts are these from the perspective of not a noob player, from a player that plays wot 4 hours a day, plays all classes, and have a knowledge to whta he must do some times in battle:
    1) SPG’s are needed in game because they are tanks at special category like the new lights they put in like bicycles!
    2) If a player knows how to play a class it can escape the artis. If an arti wants to escape they simply cant and for not beeing so absolute they may escape 1 /100 times!
    3) an arti player has to wait the spot of others to shoot! They shoot from well known positions and that makes them valnurable to counters.
    4) an arti cant move to another position very easily (some can but….become valnurable).
    5) Artis cant shoot in certain map areas when other tanks can!
    6) they have terrible despersion and load times.
    7) now they cant 1 hit a tank other than a half dead med or maybe a scout. i have even ricochet a bc25t when playing with a fucking gwtiger at up close!
    8) yes they do stun. In how many maps you get to have 2-3-4 tanks in a row as they show it in the video. thta can happen in certain areas most of the time and that is in city maps! in city YOU HAVE TO BE OMFG TO LUCKY in position to even be able to shoot.
    9) you are 1 shot tank
    10) artis in real world that is what they do. They splash damage in large areas.
    11) these are only a part of what i am currently counting cause i am bored….

    What they need to do is:
    1) just dont put too many artis in game 1-2 could be better than 3.
    2) Never let them plattoon
    3) make them play at certain open environments – not fucking himmelsdorf or paris or even ensk(OMG ensk in tier X! i can spot their base from our fucking ours at start with a scout!)
    4) make buildings break in shots so the next can hit the fucking tank behind! they are bricks they can fall!

    Those are changes. Those are referrals from players and not a bunch of mathematicians and physics doing the development instead of beta testers and players.
    Else remove artis at all and off course compensate us players for the time we spend playign them for missions, upgrades, and the fact that you put them in game at first hand!
    But you know what as long as we keep playing and showing interest and paying them by buying staff they will keep doing what they want looking us arrogantly.!

  44. wow WG RIP Bat chat arty, Rip 261 thats just an insane nerf to arty they didnt eve mention that artys with low kalibers like bat cat and 261 have high chances to deal 0 damage at superhavys and reducing additional stun rips thge only thing that was useful on the french arty. reducing spashradius of artys like bat cat and 261 is basicly awsome but they need to buff dispersion and accuracy. by not buffing accuracy damage per shot or reloadtimes this is just a flat out nerf covered in a video thats complicate to understand so people dont think they get nerfed in artys.

  45. Anthony Lautzenheiser

    So now arty will be totally useless.

  46. Haha guys dont be mad!! Just move to FV4005 🙂

  47. We want AP shells!!! We want the now!!! XD

  48. I really don’t give a damn how people play. I am curious, however, about the percentage of people going on about how playing arty takes no skill who tend to just hide in bushes and snipe at people who drive by.

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