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  2. Next trip to the U.S will deffo go to Texas again. Man. I need to visit that place.

  3. Hi Phly I really think you should make a video on the LS 3 (German reserve boat). It has amazingly firepower and as it is so small is really hard to kill when combined with its speed and manuverability
    Attempt 4

  4. Connoisseur Snickerdoodle

    Psst hey Phly I heard you like planes…how about you fly the B-10B with a 2,000lb bomb at 1.3, but let’s take some Stuart’s for some pounding

  5. drive tanks looks awesome!

  6. Take out the f 84 b stock

  7. PHLY’s pronunciation is half the reason to watch. “This isn’t the besss spot” and “I wasn’t worth that weapondry. But good shot by that …”

  8. thats definitly a bucket list item, but id never be able to afford the 9k to do it. Phly you should do a giveaway maybe, with that as a prize?

  9. $2800 a round? No thanks. Gaijin must have learned from this cash grab of a place.

  10. The Tank Commander

    Best birthday present? Not for that price. I would rather spend that at Bovington in England at TANKFEST

  11. If i ever visit america, id definitely go to that place

  12. Would have been hilarious if you went whhhheeee when you got bombed.

  13. Luv 2 c that little bit of extra editing that just makes the vid sooooooo much better

  14. 901 shooter

  15. 20:27 It does tell you when you’re on radar. If you look at the mini map it shows that there’s a red circle around the enemy “flag”. If that circle is around the “flag” it means you show up on the enemy minimap.

  16. Phly do you know that KV-1s have stabilizer when goin backwards, try it pls🙃🙃

  17. 12:05 “But i can use my depression”

  18. Love the Punisher intro

  19. Attempt #3 plz phly play some low br with trick n tips / info for the green horns and how to have maximum PHUN love the content

  20. Hey Steve!
    I hate to be negative and I barely ever comment on any youtube videos.
    Ever since you added these quiet, constant background musics into your videos, I enjoy them less and less. If you fear that there would be too much down time and you want to fill that up with those musics, why dont you just raise the ingame sounds? I would love to hear the engines, cannon and gun sounds much more than some annoying music that is just distracting. I dont mind when you put loud music for epic / funny moments, those are fine but the constant ones are killing the videos for me.
    Love your vids and your work.

  21. How do I get that many bushes on my tank?

  22. Love the content! You got me into the game

  23. Interesting drive tanks,but do u have a TONK

  24. America CountryBall

    so this is why squire has been gone

  25. I would be the biggest wimp…my dream is to drive the Leopard!! I’d cry if i had the chance!!

  26. I’ve driven the M50 Ontos a lot. It’s absolutely one of those vehicles that can threaten pretty much anyone, especially in a busy urban environment. It’s even smaller and stealthier than it looks too.

  27. 2 1000kg bombs vs an Ontos: *”Hull destroyed”*

    Real life: that thing’s atoms are now in the ether.

  28. This is the coolest sponsorship ive ever seen

  29. Theres an M50 at the Marine Corps Museum near Quantico.
    It is SO much smaller than you’d think in person.
    Theres also an M4 an M46 close enough to touch.. Not that I have..

  30. 15:57 when u are on limit of patience

  31. I liked the video as soon as you showed me the ad for shoottanks!!!!

  32. Oğuz Yalabaçoğlu

    made from *obamium cube*

  33. M50:”got shot 1 Barrel and break the other 5″
    Amazing Gaijiggle

  34. The banjo music in the background is fuckin perfect 🤣🤣

  35. How to be Phly:

    1.) Buy a wide screen
    2.) Buy a verygood headset
    3.) Obtain a good hearing skill
    4.) Have a 1000 IQ and sense of humors
    5.) Eat more Potatos to strengthen your eyes vision.

  36. With love frome Kowalowe

  37. Lets get 1M subs for phly

  38. Dude I swear seeing a tanks turret fly off and slam to the ground is so cool😂

  39. Pretty Phly for a white guy.

  40. War thunder is a joke and gajin knows that cuz bounced this little shit with Leopard 1s HEATFS at 600 m.

  41. When can we have the return of the PhlyDaily sound pack?

  42. Most sponsors of videos I just skip… This one is actually really cool…

  43. Was song 0:09 from Solid Snake? LMAO

  44. Play the conqueror

  45. if you look at the minimap when you get close to the enemy spawn when the red circle shows up around the enemy flag it tells you when you’re on radar

  46. You said it yourself Phly; F*ck Boi combo: RU 251 and Me262/A1…

    Attempt #1.

  47. Hi please may you do another b29 video

  48. When the Gunny was doing Mail Call, he did a segment on this thing in response to my question.

    And I read that the VC hated this things in the war, especially in Hue. Rolls up and unleashes 6 canister rounds at once then reversed away thru its newly created backblast smokescreen

  49. iSAACCROL MartinezTorres

    Now i want to drive a BT-7 but they don’t have -_-•

  50. but i can use my depression. is probably the best quote ever

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