SPICY! – K-91

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. The video is to spicy for youtube: https://imgur.com/a/cCsR4h6 Demonitized right away.
    IF you like what you see, consider subscribing to my twitch channel at http://www.twitch.tv/circon for 4,99$ because this demonitization happens _a_ _LOT_
    Thanks for watching, enjoy! <3

  2. David van Scheppingen

    Thumbnail made in Japan nsfw

  3. Well gold ammo in tier 10 is out of control. You got away without it due to that tank having VERY good pen and you didnt have to face anything that required it.

  4. TheGamingWolf252

    Dynamic meme play

  5. Leopard 1 needs to have this shell velocity and gun stats if not even better. It’s time to buff it WG. I can’t remember the last time I even saw a Leo 1 in battle..or stb-1

  6. Henri Liimatainen

    Where are your HEAT shells?

  7. You think standard Erlenberg is bad? That’s nothing compared to Erlenberg ASSAULT. After 5+ years of playing with assault enabled, I finally disabled it because Erlenberg Assault is such a terrible map to play on.

    • vvav you played assault for 5 years?! Hats off to you, Sir

    • Chandler Kristoff

      Man i turned that assault crap off as soon as i realized EVERY single assault game i had played was horrible and not enjoyable whatsoever, only thing it’s good for is when you’re the defending team and you get Kolobanov’s medal.

  8. The plays though

  9. It's not what you think

    Nice hair circon

  10. Gun marks mod tracker mod not ready yet?

  11. Can someone explain this to me? Circ says this video is demonetized but I still got and ad (Wix). So if its demonetized and I still saw an ad, who the frick gets the revenue?

  12. So did he forget the super conquer has a hull and he is in a medium tanks ……Ok mate

  13. they ruined this previously crap map and turned it into absolute trash

  14. Autism is Uncontrollable

    So how many Tier X tanks does Russia have? Like twice as many as all the other nations?

  15. Autism is Uncontrollable

    I really don’t like what they did to this map. Don’t know why they didn’t just remove it like multiple others. Shame they removed the factory map tho, I liked it.

  16. #Circon Those 2 S Conqueror’s on you’re team look like they were pro’s

  17. niceeeeeeeuuuu!!

  18. Circ circle death is bes

  19. Circon Im feeling sleepy !!! The worst map in the game boring !!!

  20. They could change the map name to Narcolepsy Village.

  21. There is arty changes I am going from home to home and killing arty players in rl

  22. Epic … yet again young man …

  23. Good replay except for the standard ammo spam…

  24. Chandler Kristoff

    Spicy memes are best memes 10/10

  25. Chandler Kristoff

    Circon screw the K-91 show some -Rocketleague- Soccer gameplay! 😉

  26. The gun on this thing is insane

  27. Great carry…

  28. I see. Farmer Circon is back!

  29. nice finish

  30. Circon – why don’t you ever play tier 10 circon?!

  31. David van Scheppingen

    Totally agree on this map being boring as hell. Liked the older versions much much more, unbalanced as they were. Now it’s just a whole bunch of tanks camping.

    • Balc0ra's Gaming

      Old was worse IMO. New version is not good either. But I can’t say I found two teams camping each side of the lake refusing to cross anything but fun. As the game only started until one team got bored and yoloed past the middle and got raped by their hill. Now at least the first shots don’t come 8 min into the game.

  32. There’s a funny way to be a bad winner, and then there’s the Circon way of being a bad winner. The gameplay is good, but that commentary…

  33. The Calazone Hardy

    hello past self 14:06

  34. And the S conc spams gold at you, what a pathetic loser.

  35. Masterful gameplay sir, masterful!

  36. Awesome!

  37. For many WG balance is the reason they either hate wot or are frustrated with it however whilst that is up there it’s the shit maps lack of variety, no unique maps any more and there are so few in rotation.

    I get so fucking bored of the maps

  38. Great curry bruh see what I did there no ok ok am going out don’t need to push

  39. @8:26 “Fuck You” LMAO!

  40. finally Circon in a russian med at tier 10. nice meme

  41. i lev u Seercen

  42. Ahh, the infamous CIRCle of death :0

  43. Yeah nice food consumable buddy

  44. Why isn’t there a fucking mod that makes it so when you switch from sniper view to overview and back you aren’t looking 10 feet over the tank you were just sniping? Fucking annoying. I didn’t move my mouse, bitch.

  45. Gold Noob 😉

  46. The god of memes

  47. Love your game play Cir but the mocking of the other players is a bit over the top….No need for it!!!

  48. The whining is too obnoxious

  49. 268 v4 player had a (1) shield and was very confident to attack. But no shield Circon was too good for him.

  50. 4corridors.map

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