Spicy Swedish Meatballs – Lancen C – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Somehow i still dont really like the tank…


  1. Ouuuu, my favourite med in action. Not a good tank? Best earning premium for me.

    • Unsurprisingly the Prog 46 works best for me for med

    • @Yusha Amin progetto 46 is probably the best tier 8 medium tank atm it can clip it can shoot normally it only has none armor T-44-100 is probably my favourite

    • i dont know how people dont like the lansen. im a 51 percent player but i have 60 percent win rate over 200 games with that viking tonk

    • of course the progetto is op as hell and better than this tank but the lansen has a lot going for it as well while still having downsides like gun handling and less pure penetration, making it more balanced. If you consider the role of MTs to be great firepower and mobility and less focus on armor, the lansen is one of the very best at this role, and no premium MT can beat it’s dpm.

    • @creativityfails the lansen is half light tank, it is a ridiculously good late game scout.

  2. Extra thanks for the last couple of days, lots of new viewers and subs! <3

  3. WG should nerf Circon on Redshire

  4. WOT is against me again. 20 games and 16 losses with 5:15 or there about. I played good and bad but does not matter i guess…

    • I think most experience this at one time or another, I tend to have it happen the most on x5 x4 events or when I use my personal reserves

  5. Mailand WorldOfTanks

    SEE! I told you the Lansen is nuts! 😀

  6. Circon, weren’t you reported recently for backing up to snipe on Paris? Granted, even if AC expected F line to be overrun, he should’ve moved on after IS-3 made it to the castle safely and prot remained unmolested, but before that it wasn’t that atrocious of a position.

    • I’m not sure if he was in the exact same position but there is a tree near there you can knock down and allows you to stay hidden while being able to cover the center hills and support your guys on the hills, I always started in that position when playing TD’s and could rack up 1-2k damage easy if the enemies cooperated. After 2 minutes if there’s nothing to shoot at then I’d change positions either moving up to the hills or down the edge towards the castle, but if the enemies are aggressive at the start you can tear them to pieces as they poke over or around the mid-hills from that spot and never be spotted.

  7. I also hate the Lansen. On paper it should be one of my favorite premiums, in reality… is just frustrating.

    • i needed some time to like it. It’s solid but not overpowered.

    • @Niklas K. opposite for me. I liked it at first but after a while the gun started annoying me every other game. Dunno, something is off with this tank. I can recognize it’s not bad, but it just doesn’t work well for me.

  8. Waiting room for Jingles’ video on your and DezGames’ ELC game

  9. This is the only IKEA product that doesn’t need instructions. Haha

  10. Yeah I’m not enjoying my M4 Rev anymore, with my crew and setup it has 0.32 acc and misses shots like nobody’s business. I’d be much happier with Progetto or T44 100. Luckily I have Defender and Patriot so I don’t really have a reason to play it at all.

    • Agreed. I loved mine for the alpha when it came out, but it’s been power creeped so hard that I’m happy to fight them. The gun sucks, it has poor mobility, and virtually nonexistent armor. There’s a looooong list of tanks I’d rather play than that thing.

    • don’t forget about AMX “the boat” CDC

    • What a bullshit text here, Defender has AWFULL GUN HANDLING and you are talking about how Rev handles shots!?! As fars as gun handling, Rev. is masterpiece for Defender. I have maybe 13-14 tier 8 premium tanks and Rev. is enjoyable to play just like Defender, no matter what win rate I have in it.

  11. Nvm, on console this tank has 390 alpha because the devs are even lazier than on PC

  12. Circon, do you have a link with mods for us? Where can we find these mods? Thx

  13. Lansen plays a lot like the CDC- you talk shit, and try not to get hit.

    It helps that it’s much smaller and has more bite than the CDC.

  14. the Timing at the end… circS

  15. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Nice game. Like ever.

  16. i’d say the gun handling and the poor AP shell velocity make this tank very hard to play, but the great camo and dynamics means you are ridiculously flexible even compared to other mediums.

    it’s like a cdc that can actually fucking do something lol

  17. i lost it at “i’ve never seen K2 so well protected!”

  18. you fired gold the entire game lol, my fucking 2.5mil credit balance is just cringing rn

  19. 3 marked it before circon PogU

  20. udesn’t know the trouble I’ve seen

  21. illegal arrest that man !! Op Circon

  22. At 13:35 I actually tried to type GG

  23. 1:52 had a game with an e100 guarding k2, a true hero XD

  24. This is a great replay, shows excellent decision making. Gotta admit, you got kinda lucky with both enemy spaghetti tanks and the su130 going aggro one at a time at the end of the game instead of camping bushes on the red line like they probably should have. Excellent game though.

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