SPIRITUAL WARFARE Part 1 of 3: God’s Very Good Purposes For It

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Source: Michael Chriswell

REAL. Spiritual Warfare is Painful. Spiritual Warfare is NECESSARY!


  1. Michael, It sounds like your ex-wife is a covert narcissist and full of the Jezebel spirit. It’s a tough thing to endure. I am going through it myself. The more I prayed for her and the marriage, the worse her behavior became.

  2. God bless you Michael. I really need your words

    • Pro 15:23 A man finds joy in giving an apt reply— and how good is a timely word! Thank you and May God bless you too Amiee as you seek him through faithful obedience to the words of Christ.

  3. i am really going through spiritual warfare so thanks you for those powerful words God bless you

  4. great way to learn about spiritual warefare is a website i found a few weeks ago http://kimechanic.com/Y7b

    enjoy ^_^

  5. Praying for restoration in my marriage after divorce, my ex went from a kind man to full of hate once I reveled my love for him, as we have always been close after our divorce.
    Is this God’s no or the enemy is attaching the weaker vessel for our family not to be restored.

  6. Thank you for your testimony, this, along with the blood of JESUS is how we overcome the devil ! Again Thank You.

  7. This is bullshit

  8. randal vangreunen

    Wow and I am facing the worse warfare as my desire has always been to serve the Lord and my wife who is more into the world,just come after 10 years of marriage come and said she needs a seperation and just left and took everything and left me with the kids.It has been the worse pain and hurt I have ever experience and still and I keep praying and I have the peace at times and I am just silent in the Lord..She is out to hurt me because she comes and just takes things she bought and want to see me break and I keep praying and praying and keep trusting the Lord..I have started a devotion with my two kids and we really seeking the Lord and I know that plans the Lord has for me is great but right now it is hard to see because the pain and hurt but I know He has great plans for me..I keep reading the word and I seek Him and take everyday at a time with the Lord and it is really amazing how the Lord is close to the broken hearted..I have cut all ties with my partner because she wants to still have fun and go out drinking and spending time with her single friends and I cant do that because I love the Lord more..I know I am in the battle of a lifetime as He says that the battle of our warfare is not carnal,but mighty throught Christ for the pulling down of strong holds…I am believe the Lord for so much because He is busy stripping me as I have lost alot but the Lord is faithful..

  9. Michael I’m going through exactly what your going through

  10. Thank you again bro Michael…I have noticed the devil is heavily using ppl around me to test me and It has gotten so heavy I have cried out to God for relief…mostly I am walking in a place of joy and constant dispensing of Grace for whatever I needed to get through but lately I noticed warfare has increased but not Grace…And I know this because I have finally conquered my own inside battle and then its like soon as I learned that God allowed my husband and daughter and others to opress me and Im quickly realizing I was not as established in faith and strength as I thought…this is exactly like Job….

  11. Thank you for this.  Huge blessing for me.  God bless you!

  12. God wont help me

  13. Thank you, God bless.

  14. God speaks to me by sending me over and over the same message  via  apps via online and just some times a person who tells me   …..LOVE ….and don’t give it up  to love ….

  15. God lead me to this page today when i felt like i was at my breaking point in the same condition as you and job and i thank you sir for allowing God to use u to share your testimony and help other christians like me face spiritual warfare !

  16. Thank you for this video my Dear Farther. I thank you for blessing Michael with so much Grace, that he is now helping others and myself. AMEN I have suffered and still suffer from severe Spiritual warfare all my life. Illness and fear, one severe illness after another. Dr’s saying I am “unusual” and to just expect to have that forever, that there is nothing that can be done. I found Jesus this year. Moments before committing Suicide as I had enough of it all and had got myself down into a very dark state, turning to New age for help where others wouldn’t. I screamed out to Jesus from DEEP down. I didn’t even know him!! but I called out his name to please help in the moment.
    He lifted me up off the ground, like a weight lifted ina ninstant. I knew then who was Lord and the answer. I then started having SEVERE sleep paralysis. I used Jesus name as my shield in these moments. I still have fear occasionally and crazy vivid dreams. My fears now have diverted to rejection and failure in Christ. That I will never be able to live up to Gods expectations of me. Why was I saved, I must have to do something spectacular now. What if I don’t understand what Gods wants etc etc. I know its the enemy. He is a psychopathic bully. He Knows when to be nice and what buttons to push at just the right moment. I am working on and I pray to God constantly to help with my addictions and fears. For those that suffer, I found when I prayed to Jesus in moments of suffering and asked him to take control of my life, that I could not do it alone and I THANKED him for my suffering as I knew I had given my life to him and he would not lead me down the wrong path. It was these times miracles happen.

  17. Thanks very for this great video god bless you dear.

  18. Ive been going through this a lot. When I think I overcame something I get hit with that very thing. Its been very hard Ive been backsliding. I found out about your John 7:17 Challenge. I spent almost all of the money I have saved by buying different bibles and now that I found the John 7:17 challenge I cant afford it so I’m putting it forth that I’m going to save some money to I can buy the book. I really like your videos on YouTube. Thank You Michael Chriswell God Bless You!

  19. After being referred to me, by my actual brother, I listened to many of your presentations and have cried tears. I am presently going through a hard time in my second marriage. So much about what you have said has resonated and lead me to prayer more strongly asking about my present condition and where God wants me to go. You have helped me to place the focus on what, and who, is important to me as I learn life’s lessons about the battle for my soul. Thank you and may God continue to bless you immensely!

  20. Michael, It appears your lowest point was not spontaneous but rather planned, if you were mindfull enough to know it (low point conversation/appeal to God) was coming and recorded it to play back here. If I don’t understand will you please explain.
    Another question, how do you now make your income?

  21. A virtual high five going out to you brother for all the time, effort and persistence that you’ve put in to giving clarity in my and many, many others spiritual march.

    • A virtual HIGH FIVE back to you for your appreciation of Father’s work through Relentless Heart and for you desire to learn more about Him and His ways!

  22. I have so many and so much similar experences and journey like Michael since I was baptized in Nov. 2,000 Thanksgiving. I lost marriage with the nonbeliever husband, lost my children, lost many inside and outside church friends, have been kicked out by former employers simply speaking the truth and doing the right things in front of God. I tried so hard to live as a new creature…what I have been facing were and are mocked, dispised, wrongfully accused, betrayed by church friends…the Real spiritual warfare. It is excruciating painful ~ loneliness, doubting, confusion, anxiety, harassment…Psalm 17:3 Fire tests the purity of silver and gold, but the Lord tests the heart. My faith has been strengthened through these trials. We are sojourners on this earth, but permanent residents in heaven if we stride through with Holy Spirit help…because the door is narrow, few finds it. Matthew 7:14

  23. Brother Michael, God brought your videos to my attention in the time I needed. So many and so much experiences and trials like yours I have been through in my 17yrs christian walking with the Lord. Excrutiatingly painful~lost marriage with the nonbeliever husband, lost my two children, lost jobs, critized by church, mocked and dispised by in-church and out-church friends and family members, betrayed, slandered…loneliness, doubting, confusion, anxiety…I have been very grateful for these trials. Because of them God breaks me and restored me and strengthened me. I shared your stories and experiences to my mother (living in China) and we sobbed greatly. I was not alone through those trials. Thank you for your testimonial videos for giving many true Christ followers courage and support. We are sojourers in this dark and evil world. The door to heaven is narrow, few finds it.

  24. Praise the Lord for this video! I am going through this transformation right now.

  25. Very inspiring friend… thank you.

  26. Thank you ? Michael for this video I pray God may continue to use you in your ministry. God bless you

  27. Wooooooow ? this is such a beautifully TRUE & moving message, thank you brother ? God bless

  28. I recognize his despair so much! I’ve felt that way all my life.

  29. You’ve changed my attitude. I’m not scared now. I thank you

  30. I believe but, why is God testing Christians in 3rd world nations everyday of their life? Example.., Christians parents sending their two very young children to bed on an empty stomach for 2/3 days straight. What the Hell did they do and why are the children being punished? I can go on & on about terrible things that take place here in America and many things never change. Just ask any of the 1 million homeless people here. Doesn’t the Bible read.., “ your Father knows your needs”. Also.., if God formed us in our mothers womb.., why are their crippled people or mentally retarded people. Or.., how about conjuring twins attached at the head and hv no hope to be separated because they share one brain???? It seems like America Christians are getting a bit psychotic and also very greedy. We hv more than anyone else and yet we keep asking for more while others around the world hv nothing. So because uneducated destitute people can’t read the Bible, God doesn’t hv to keep His promises.., Philip 4:19…!! Come on Michael open your eyes and stop thinking God loves you more. I’m beginning to dispise YT Christians alwasys telling people how God tested them (you) but delivered them in due time.? It’s false hope…! Many many many believers never see a new day and they listen to you and ask God.., why him and not me? Then after listening to you for many years they begin to lose their faith. Why don’t you put an application in TBN..?

  31. I’ve experienced EVERY one of the spiritual warfare he mentioned! Unfortunately, it was all during the same time period- God’s been my only strength! I’ve long been aware of the battle and real life warfare. I’ve been a target for all my life.

  32. Thank you again for sharing these.. I re-listen to these from time to time because of the depth of explanation and testimonies.

  33. i can relate to what u are saying. u are not alone. i lost properties, job, car etc. all in the same year. everything, was soooo crazy. i thought of ending my life because when u lost your dignity, your self respect, your children are disappointed in you. life has no meaning. but i was able to pray my way out.

  34. Micheal, I thank GOD I found your site. I could not understand why my life is turned upside down. When I was living in the world life was ok. When I surrounded my life to JESUS in 2004 it been one thing after another. Cancer, 2 hip replacements, a stroke, high blood pressure, eye trouble, not to talk about financial wows, every day I put on my armor. Before I found an listen to your story. I thought the Lord hated me. My wife left me over 3yrs ago after buying a house,telling me 5 days before she moved,I think my walk with JESUS drove her away. I pray that this trial is over soon.
    I love JESUS with all my heart. Nothing, I mean nothing is going to separate me from JESUS.

  35. Yes great teaching

  36. WOW!!! I am shocked and amazed. I went through almost the exact same thing. I lost just about everything in the family courts. The shame and suffering are beyond words. Your videos are really helping me to put it all in perspective and getting me back on track with Jesus.

  37. Izzyforeverlace&chrome

    I’m blown away, 5 min’s into this video and EVERYTHING you said from 4:00 to eg., nightmares, uncontrollable blasphemous thoughts about God, doubting His existence ending up believing He doesn’t exist, EVERYTHING you said, I said YES to, from 4:00 to 5: 29. I didn’t know. I’m in the mud, on my face, not my knees, I have no way to get up, I believe this is where I’m supposed to be so that I can become who God had created me to be. I turned back to God and I never thought I would but here I am, on my face in the mud, trusting Him with a trust I had never experienced in my life before. For months before my fall I asked Him to help me with faith and peace and He delivered.♥ I now have hope.

  38. Im going through all your saying pretty much…PLEASE pray for me my spouse and my family ????

  39. Hi my name is krystal .? I would like to share my testimony story along with my spiritual warfare as well. i have been attaked by the enemy by Satan himself. he had spoke from my mouth directly and will try to threaten me. he is angered that God already won my soul. and I fleed from my sin. this goes back around 2 years ago when i could of died . I had anorexia for years and had heart failure problems. but God had healed me fully, i put all my trust into him he would. and he did. he also has showed me all things in my life I needed to repair and fix. he has guided me all the way. but the enemy is so determend. he had spoken this words. you owe me your soul . serve me , or i will destroy your family. God put it into my spirit. how the devil will put you to the test but in time he will fully flee from you. resist temptation . God is always with me helping guide me. in this warefare. i will just say this I’m a girl with a girly voice . and when he spoke from my mouth it was a demonic scratchy evil sounding voice. that’s the only way I can explain it. his presence is pure evil,and full if hatred. it’s so heavey. I had a hard time,to breath. God has taught me to repent, obey his laws, and always be good . no matter any situation always be kind and loving . to self , and all. please all repent before it’s to late .this is our chance. in this life. to make right decisions. he sees our lives. let’s make him proud. thank you all for listening. God bless all of you love krystal??☝

  40. My Lives with Lucifer, Satan,Hitler,Jesus book on amazon.To be wise as the serpent you have to know there are serpents.

  41. Knowing the Truth is 90% of the battle

  42. What do you refer to as the “Elect”?

  43. ? hi everyone else who needs answers. I want to first thank you Michael or Jose. I’m not sure which one I should address. I will try to be brief. Please understand at this time in my life i am smack dab in the middle of a satanic attack. I have given my life, my heart, my whole self to Jesus. I have had a wonderful walk with the Lord for over 20 years. 6 years ago I was attacked….well it’s best described as almost identical as what happened to Job. I am still experiencing the affects, the physical pain etc as I write this. Here’s my question. Why are you telling people that they can get saved and then lose their salvation? I realize this doctrine has caused church splits for a very long time. I have searched & researched & have had the privilege of asking some of the best preachers, scholars, Bible teachers and I thought I had finally gotten my answer to my most seriously sought after question. I know it can become complex and the answer doesn’t come answered in only 1 verse of scripture. I know that’s how scripture gets taken out of context. I feel the Holy Spirit leading me to ask this question right here in the middle of an unlikely section of YouTube for reasons only He knows. Job went through all he went through & remained righteous while he was learning. Let me point out an important verse in Philippians 1:6 quoting that “He who has begun a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” …along with many other verses of the Word of God, they all complement each other to assure all those who are truly saved will remain saved while Jesus is preparing a place for us(John 14: 1-6). I understand that Jesus has already paid in full for our sins, which mean our past, present & future sins. In fact all of us living now means that Jesus paid for sins that were all in the future since all people born in the past 2000 yrs would have “future sins”. Another fact to consider is that the law was given through Moses, Grace & Truth came through Christ Jesus. I realize that Grace doesn’t give us a license to sin, it’s still an extremely important part of our salvation.The answer I believe that makes the most sense is that once we are saved we are always saved, the only change that would happen is that we may lose some rewards, while still keeping our salvation. As I am a sister in Christ, going through the roufghest time in my life, I am sincerely & lovingly asking for an informed answer from those who are certain of this answer. Please be sincere as this is something that unbelievers or what I prefer to say “pre-believers” will read and not just I, but everyone everywhere deserves an informed answer presented in a loving manner. Thank you very much!

  44. Please read this next question! It is very important for everyone! ?

  45. I just want to make a decision to stop feeling sorry about what is happening over my son.My family came to accept Jesus 2 years ago because my 16 years old son was suffering from depression.In the beginning we were all trusting in Lord for healing him and he was making progress.But I just don’t understand why he suddenly stopped attending church and started blaming for allowing all these pains and suffering to come upon him.He starts to tell to stop praying and reading bible so that we will not have anything to do with spiritual. Many times my heart is burdened and I don’t know how to answer him because he would get upset when we still believe in God.I have make decision that we are not going to give in to the plot of enemy but to put up a good fight of faith for me and my family.

  46. I had so much pain in my body, that I came across this video. Thank you for encouragement Michael.

  47. Amazing ❤ God bless you

  48. Dude, once you rise above your faith and see the truth. Truth that sees all that nature has to offer, trees, animals, the earth, and YOU and you will realize the truth that this is all that IS. We have faith based on the innocence of humankind when there was none learned under the sky. This is why God commanded us to learn all that is under the sun, so we may KNOW. When we rise above what we have learned from a primitive consciousness that taught us fear of the dark and the unknown, we have created by our belief which became our faith. We CREATE by our faith, when we rise above our faith we find truth and that sets us free. We as modern man has attempted to relieve ourselves from such dark faiths by walking away, but we need to see the potential we have as human beings whom GOD has given us apart of God to make us eternal and everlasting. We are to be intelligent and conscious beings. We must walk away of our old faiths told when we knew nothing but our beliefs. There is NO devil for the spirit is infinite and that false belief is little. This is a lesson to grow and learn from faith. When we realize that all there is, is Humankind and our beliefs we must rise above and be responsible and we will see the true nature of this universe and our place, which is in perpetual balance and harmony. There is no darkness but what we believe and fear, which is our primitive belief which placed fear of the dark. All things are sacred and holy …. ALL THINGS.

  49. So true

  50. thank you for the message

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