SPIRITUAL WARFARE Part 2 of 3 – Identifying Spiritual Attacks

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Source: Michael Chriswell

In this message, I’m going to share multiple examples of real life spiritual battles I have experienced in my Christian walk. Part 3 will be the Scriptural principles of what we must do to win these battles.


  1. wow God told me to watch this and you helped me alot thanks brother

  2. Micheal, thank you for these video. I have been in a spiritual battle for about 7 yrs now i am exhausted. I can’t take it anymore i just want to give up. I cant but think God has forgotten me. I just dont know what to do.

  3. Struggling. with those. thoughs i’ll never experience, a sex again..So i was justifying my wrong behavior. Thanks for helping me see it’s the enemies tactics for walking in the flesh..

    • Michael Chriswell

      Kim Kane you are welcome Kim! May the Lord bless you with freedom and victory in Christ as you seek Him through faithful obedience to his words!

  4. Michael, I thank you for sharing and being so open. The battle is horrendous. I love the Lord but the struggle is intense particularly since I have chronic pain, panic disorder and anxiety. God bless.

  5. Kagisho Moretlo

    Mike, after I have been praying, God send you my way. I don’t have words now to express my gratitude to GOD for bringing these messages my way, through you. Thank you!

  6. Vanel, Son of Christ

    I am currently going through a spiritual warfare..I do not want to describe it here..so that that name that keep poping up in my mind(the evil) come up stronger!

    • Michael Chriswell

      Good for you brother! Put your mind on Christ…consider HIM who endured such SINFUL OPPOSITION from men so you will not lose heart in your struggle against sin (or evil). You have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood. Praise Him! – Heb 12:2-4

  7. I have been walking with Christ for 1 year,I grew up in a god believing house hold, always hearing of him but didn’t know or care about him,later I stumbled into bondage of sin but then God touched my heart,1 year clean of my old sinful nature,born again In spirit but I’m still learning at the age of 16 still in school,what should I do this young in christ,by the way lukewarm gets a bad taste in my mouth as much as for God the father.

    • Michael Chriswell

      Alfonso Cruz Alfonso, I’m so happy to hear that you are seeking after God with all of your heart, at such a young age. My brother, if you will grab a hold of God, and never let go, he can do things in you and through you that you will not believe. You could end up being much farther along by the time you reach my age if you stay faithful and humble. Until and unless God give you further direction or asks you to do anything specifically, my greatest recommendation for you is to become a master student of the Masters teachings. Absorb yourself in the pure teachings of Christ, spend as many years as God will grant you Learning and practicing the teachings of Jesus Christ! Stay away from all of the controversial subjects that are talked about on countless thousands of YouTube videos… Don’t watch end time videos, the earth is flat videos, the end is coming videos, the antichrist is here videos, etc. stay away from all of those RIDICULOUS things!!! Make your primary focus, reading the word of God, not listening to men, even me! I would encourage you to stay away from all contemporary Christian books… If you feel the need to read any books and you want to really hear the truth and grow in your faith, read books by Andrew Murray or A.W. Tozer. You are safe listening to those men of God and there are others but keep it simple for now. Make reading The Bible, and learning directly from the holy spirit, your main goal. Ask the Lord directly to give you wisdom, understanding and discernment so that you may distinguish between good and evil. Ask the Lord to teach you and to fill you with his spirit, so that you can bring him glory and live close to him. Obviously, I would like to recommend that you go through the playlist on YouTube or read it at our website for free, the John 7:17 challenge. I spent two years categorizing and putting into one book all of the actionable teachings of Jesus Christ with explanations and personal illustrations from my own walk with God. If you have any questions while reading it, please feel free to send us a contact form and I will try to get back to you. May the Lord bless you as you seek him with all of your heart!

  8. Hey y’all, I just wanted to share this song here, which to me connects Perfectly with what Mike says about “being more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus”.
    Mike and Persis: missing your videos, and praying for you in the meanwhile. Ps 20:1-6

  9. rovielyn ulnagan

    Wow I can relate! This spiritual warfare praise God????
    Thank you brother to used being a vessel o God to edify the body of Christ???all th glory belong to the King Jesus ?

  10. wow! all in my tire life looking for answer !! i just don’t understand ! so many time alone sitting in my balcony at night thinking but God Jesus why why why you are tormenting and torture me! what i have down to you!why some people lives life so great happy without a smallest problem ?? why always the good suffer the most?? the inner pain is terrible!! some time you think to your self oh GOD all in my life i was believe in you and the bible! now then i got older i have to realize that nothing was truth??? how sad and pain full to realize that i’m just deceived my self about god existence! i just did not understand ! BUT YOU MICHAEL CHRISWELL pop up on you tube changed all !!YOU GIVEN THE WHOLE UNDERSTANDING FOR WHAT IS HAPPENING AND WHY? NO ONE EVER EXPLAINED THE WAY YOU ARE!!GOD BLESS YOU FOR IT! YOUR VIDEOS IS THRU BLESSING!!!

  11. Michael I don’t know what I’m going through. A few months ago I asked God to help me with my masturbation and these past two weeks I’ve been able to stop and I don’t have a craving for it as much anymore. This past week though, I’ve felt that God is silent and I don’t know if he’s testing me or if I’m going through spiritual warfare, whether God has left me because I’ve been disobedient somewhere. I don’t know what is happening to me but I have had so much fear and worry that if I die right now that I’d go to hell. Michael i just don’t know what to do. I pray and say that I want to trust you Jesus SO BADLY! But I feel like I don’t mean it. I’m so stressed out Michael. This is a hard dark wilderness time I am going through and last night I cried like a baby out to God asking Him what is happening to me! I’m just on a nervous spiritual breakdown. I know I need to trust God but I feel as if I can’t! When I say I trust God I get thoughts on my head that make me feel I don’t trust in God. Then with faith and having true faith in doing works, I don’t know how to show my faith that God may see it! Michael you are a true testimony and I pray for you and I yearn for God and his peace and presence. I need help Michael. May God bless you Michael!

    • Michael Chriswell

      Ethan…here’s my reply friend. WELCOME TO THE NARROW AND EXTREMELY DIFFICULT PATH OF CHRISTIANITY! This is REAL Christianity friend…DARKNESS..SILENCE…TRIALS…DISCOURAGEMENT…THE SENTENCE OF DEATH IN YOUR HEART. Don’t be so surprised. We ALL go through it who are truly in Christ. Welcome to the life of Jesus. Now go read 2 Cor. 4

    • Michael Chriswell thankyou so much Michael for this reply! It really helps me know that what I’m going through my brothers and sisters in Christ are going through it as well! I’ve been watching many videos of yours and at times I get all stressed out over how I can do this and do that. I had a personal message I believe from Christ a couple months ago in Church where I was having a hard time knowing if Christ forgave me for this terrible sin of swearing the F word at Jesus because of hard times I was going through through 7th grade at my Christian school. I talked to a pastor there and He told me that Christ forgives me. I was literally crying with my mom there and as I went to go sit back down in the Church seat I went on my phone on social media on Instagram and low and behold. A message popped up on my screen from this one christian lifestream i follow and it literally was an image of a text message from God saying “I heard you. Just be patient”! I know I need to stay patient and this is one of my weaknesses because I’m contastantly through YouTube am trying to find solutions on how to feel better and know God. I need to trust Jesus Michael. Please pray for me that I can truly stay patient Michael. Thankyou for this message brother! May God bless you and your wife Persis!

    • Ethan Mietzner wow !! God is good.
      today I cried out to God in so much fear and helplessness and said the exact same things you said it’s amazing.. I can’t believe my eyes..

  12. Women like his ex is the reason for the MGTOW movement.

  13. While Im watching this video right now the devil was attacking me by making me hear things and see things in the dark but this video is helping me through it right now

  14. a great help to me while. in in the throws of battle. your like oasis in the desert. your message lets me know there is light at the end of the tunnel. You were defiantly sent to me by GOD thank you thank you. thank you
    you are proof that. I can have a extremely. close walk with GOD I crave this more than anything in my life !!!!!!! thanks Michael. love you like a brother…. KEEP. THE. FAITH. ????

  15. Brother, thank you for the end part of the message where you say that it’s okay not to be okay. I really needed this.

  16. this is truth, god bless you Michael

  17. Anttania Carvalho

    thank you so much for this…its really helping me from my current problem i now have hope and know that jesus is near god bless you…

  18. Thank you.

  19. I know you probably get lots of messages. I’m not even sure you will get this. I have faught my whole life with abuse, neglect, poverty and abandonment. I belive in Jesus Christ with all my heart and pray daily many times. Just like you said even when I feel I have nothing to be thankful for I try to thank him for something.
    I just finished listening to your 3 volumes of spiritual war fair.
    The 1st and 2nd gave me goose bumps. I actually threw my alchol in trash bag. For some reason the 3rd gave me such anxiety, I pulled my alchol back out. Not by anything you said negative but my own fears. I know the devil is working overtime on me. I am scared to even leave my room on many days. I can’t even go to work. I’ve tried and get overwhelmed with fear. I don’t even know what the fear is.
    So many things you mentioned I truly believe God is trying to teach me something. I feel he can’t here me. I have repented my sins to him. I know ‘ALL ‘ things are possible through him…. BUT, I can’t hear him.
    Not sure why I felt need to teach out except maybe prayer. I have no one in my life who understands. I do have a long line of very religious people but even they have given up on me. Even my children.
    I know ‘God’ is there. I do the best I know how.


  21. Thank you so much for all your dedication and love that you show towards humanity , by opening the eyes of many through your videos .You have helped me open my eyes and I praise Jesus!

    My husband tells me I need to stop watching your videos because I am changing and want him to change but I understand that I can’t walk in light with darkness in my life and I choose Jesus I never want to turn back I want to do his will and put him first always dying to myself.

  22. The devil is acuser and a liar. When you exposed the devil He will be accusing and lying about you! The People who speak lies and accusations about you They are possessed and used as tools of the enemy. Divorce is a work of the enemy. Is the Lord who separates us.

  23. I’m very glad and thankful for your teachings. They just confirm my thoughts and feelings. Listening to your perspective just clearing up things, and it u2s easier to understand . There is a long way before me, and I know it won’t be easy. But I know 100%, that I am called by God! And will do everything to be able to stand before him one day…….

    • Michael Chriswell

      Thank you Jesus…I’m happy to hear this sister. May the Lord continue to bless you with more and more light and understanding on His word and His ways in your life!

  24. Mr.criswell.well said and how right you are!I’m going through these things and most likely for all of us the battle won’t stop till jesus comes or until he returns.i highly recommend watching “handed over to death” by David Wilkerson that godly humble servant of God.that video speaks volumes.Also “target of satan’s envy” also by David Wilkerson.

  25. Turn OFF the music.

  26. HalleluYah for you and this message. I feel like I don’t know what to do next but I am searching for a closer walk and a fulfilling life in God through Christ. Any advice?

  27. I have watched a lot of your other pieces and have sincerely asked God to come into my heart and remove or help me see bad in my self…I never matured and I really want to grow in Christ any advice??

  28. I don’t know how to experience Christ

    • Joh 14:21-23 Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him.” (22) Then Judas (not Judas Iscariot) said, “But, Lord, why do you intend to show yourself to us and not to the world?” (23) Jesus replied, “If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.

      Take the John 7:17 Challenge. It’s all the actionable teachings of Christ in one place! It’s free at our website or on the YouTube playlist!

  29. My name is Carolyn and i have been married for 2 years now. And my husband has left me so many times. And came back. I keep standing on God’s promises to fix my marriage. I don’t want to keep doubting God word because sometimes i really believe my husband don’t love me that he’s just using me to take care of him. Or is satan just trying to play with my mind?

  30. Because the word of God saids in Mark 10:9. Ephesians 5:31.

  31. Thank you Michael

  32. This all reminds me of the law of sowing and reaping. Its all by faith because Adam and Eve ate of the fruit and didn’t believe the COMMAND of the Lord not to eat of it. Now we have to fight through faith to learn from our transgression, but glory be to God for the victory and the spoils of war we will have for all eternity In Christ Jesus, amen!!!

  33. Wow this series is amazing ! Thank you Brother ?✝️♥️


  35. You are either the greatest deceiver or the best teacher I’ve ever met

  36. sometimes in a battle indeed ya can not see       but don,t forget to love( as MC did,do) real love is a battle and fear is the enemy ( devil)    you really loved your kids and thats what kept ya going the real love for your kids  . you are blessed …..you did not fear to say it and you kept on believing in them …… and GOD  new     ……wow

    • i am still in the biggest battle i have been in ……but i will not loose GOD as GOD knows whom i love and real ……

    • wow and the part about sex    yep  its so true   …. i rather will have my lover than anybody else i just gave up last week to and indeed … wait ….because love is love  more so much more than just sex( yes sex is great fun but after  1 hour its done. love goes on for ever …..

    • and yes i am told to give up  leave this person  go for other  do this do that but i believe in GOD  and i believe in my real love as i never experienced before ….and GOD said  wait silently      which is way against me .  but i will and i shall even when it fails ..because i gain already in the middel of this battle  I LIVE AGAIN ……

    • always alone i am but i have always GOD always

    • and your story about being gay is not treu on the comment its a sin it is not a sin is a sin but LOVE can not be a sin and yes not talking about abuse or youre pedofile stuff thats a sin indeed   Love is a choosing of both to love even in the name of god and it the biggest battle against hyprocacy .be so happy you are just a man who loves a woman  ok.. i believe in GOD and in love and yes i am gay …..and yes many have problems with there father but many wo have problems who have problems with there father are not gay .its not a choice it is as it is …… i leave this further for you to know   love they neighbour   so i am happy you are married with a wife and hopefully you will have sounds kids . may god teach you still some stuff …. love ya

  37. I am going through almost a mirror experience, here. So many similarities. I am not disputing that is was a dark dream, about being paralyzed in the bed and one with the dog, as I listened to it, I could vaguely translate what your subconscious was attempting to reveal to you as you slept. I had similar dreams. I appreciate that you are sharing these messages and Thankful to Father God that I was shown them. They are comforting and inspiring.

    • You are welcome Shelly…it’s all done in obedience to Father’s commands to me. Let His name be praised for encouraging us all!

  38. God Bless You and your wife, can I ask you brother mike, do you still pray for you ex wife and what how did you pray for her? I needs to know of similar situations. Love In Christ sis lin

    • LoveinChrist Lin Greetings sister… I did for many years, and it was so good for my heart and my walk with God, but the day came when God released me from praying for her. It’s like John 6:66…they made their choice and Jesus didn’t go running after them or where Jesus said the following… John 17:9 NIV
      [9] …I am not praying for the world, but for those you have given me, for they are yours. Jesus knows from the beginning who will not believe and who will betray Him.

  39. Oh man! I can relate with some of the things you shared! Awesome!

  40. God bless you there bud, always accept Jesus as your personal lord and savior and therefore, Jesus is Lord!

  41. People always want to give thier opinion u will get used to it brother I know it’s tough but u know what ur word delivery and spread the gospel also u live with it and base ur experience which is a remarkable and I tell u no doubt in the world u are a big help u awakening our sleep soul and ignorant spirit keep going im in ur side i can relate its a tough warfare spirit ur flesh desire vs the will of God that u need to obey and u need to deny urself i always failed and its hard to pleased god back again the holly spirit ran away from u

  42. I want to thank you Michael Chriswell. Your video about rest popped up on my computer after I had prayed about exactly the issue to Jesus. I thank you for being so brave and speaking out.

  43. I feel encouraged. I stumbled on one of your videos and been listening to you all afternoon. Must say you said very valid things, and an answer of, “testing”. I of course knew that but sometimes we are in so much darkness that we forget the little details, and we fight relentlessly when we probably should be still and know that He is indeed God.

  44. I would love to hear more about your opinion of sleep paralysis, I have been a sufferer and have always woken up for my experience praying from room to room to bless my home. I knew they had a spiritual inclination but my partner tells me always it’s just a dream, but my heart tells me different. I believe I am in battle and I know spiritually I need to grow and live for God but where does my journey begin, how will I know what my purpose is for Christ.

  45. Thank you Michael for your message. I watched your video telling your story about how GOD changed your life, and your story touched my heart and I bought your John 7:17 book. I pray for you and ask for your prayers as I am being tested. God Bless you!

  46. in these last days we need true servants of God sent to save the world from all the darkness…i have learnt so much from ur teachings n i thank God for sending u to talk to me about the battle I’m faced with because i thought i was alone.God bless you man of God n continue to carry that cross.with love from south Africa, Johannesburg

  47. Michael, I’m John’s wife. I’ve been watching many of your videos and they have helped me so much. I rededicated my life to God. I’ve been having issues with my past coming back to me trying to remind me of the old me. I’ve found myself cursing again when they come around. I feel I’m in a spiritual warfare and I want nothing more in life but to be as close as possible to God. I’m trying to get my husband to understand that I want God and a new direction in life through Christ not to go backwards and go back to my past. I keep finding myself swearing every once in a while and I am surprised each time it comes out and I ask God to forgive me but I want it to completely stop. I need help…

    Thank you,

  48. The war is real!! just to let believers know, ALL modern versions of the bible that came out since 1881 till this day are based on the corrupted texts, Codex Vaticanus, Codex Siniaticus, Codex Alexandrinus and or Nestles text. American bible societies has compromised the truth for the corrupted texts. The Revised Standard Version first made, thier greek new testament was made by Westcott and Hort to counter the Authorized King James Version 1611. AKJV manuscripts are based on the Masoretic text and the Received text ( Textus Receptus ). these texts are traced down till the time of the Church of Antioch and the Disciples of Jesus. Why trust to a modern version based on corrupted texts when there is a bible tested thru fire and true for a bit more than 400 years .

  49. Loyanda Shackleford

    When in doubt about any message on youtube or anywhere read the bible so you yourself will know the truth, and use this to see if he speaks the truth..spiritual warfare is real

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