Spotted for 18 Seconds OP Scout Build! | World of Tanks Sandbox Test Server Equipment 2.0

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks EBR New Equipment Spotting / Scouting Build. World of Tanks New Equipment 2.0 System Testing on Sandox TestServer – New Equipment Test. World of Tanks 2020 Anniversary Rewards.

Today I am going to start showing you crazy builds in World Tanks, using brand new equipment system 2.0 on the Sandbox Test server.

Enjoy the show!


  1. Feel free to let me know what you would like to see in one of the next episodes, hit me up with crazy ideas and builds! ❤

    • Samuel Swysgood

      Make the obj. 268 4 and the badger speed demons. Compare them in one video pls.

    • Hi Dez. Could you make a slow tank more mobile? Like Jgpz E 100. Making outdated vehicles more flexible would be exciting to see.

    • Put the speed comsumable to go 100 km/h with ebr

    • Hello mate. Love ur awsome content 👍But let ur mind fly. We had fun making insane tanks with new equipment. Now would be nice to discuss down effects of it. New players vs veterans benefiting from it for example and so on. Keep it up mate love ur content!!! Lahingus näeme 😉

    • I would like you to show us/me how to recover my 8 years back,time invested and money(over 30 prem tanks)+45 tier X’s uninstall the game and get the hell out of there…GJ tho on the videos!!!

  2. RIP ARTY ..SOBS 🙁

  3. I hope all you testers voted against this crap in the poll

  4. this will buff arty so much ……… i can feel the stun right now

  5. emmet broderick

    Im so glad i downloaded War Thunder last week, WOT is turning into a joke game .

  6. The final thing for me to leave WoT behind and start WT

  7. Yeah because most of the games lasts more or less 5 minutes and these retards at WG consider its too long. So why not do something like getting spotted all the time to make 2-3 minutes battles.

  8. Peter Sahenkari

    Noooo… I don’t understand this. Is the majority of players ACTUALLY in favour of these BS vehicles. This game just keeps getting worse and worse. Everyone seems to hate EBRs, how can Wargaming not see that

  9. The game is getting less and less fun to play. I am about ready to leave it to collect dust!

  10. Boots on the Table with Dom

    Holy shit, EBRs are broken already and anything like this will kill this game entirely for me

  11. Gh0sT_DeM0LiShEr

    Can you try to do maximum Speed on EBR or on any medium?

  12. I’ve bought a panhard. I’m positive they will nerf it now.

  13. Dez to the chopping blocks!!! what are you doing mate 😀 Unless you think that the backlash from the community after this video will stop this update in its tracks you are giving ideas to the cancer of the wot community, lemme guess whats next arty testing?

  14. Can you make an epic/op Camo built for lights on the testserver

  15. Oh great, EBR 105 is going to be even more broken. Well here comes the 2 minute games as why would you play anything else. Not looking forward to this

  16. Boykot EBRs – just desert battles with EBRs. Play for fun – ebrs are not fun – just leave the game

  17. this new mechanics are completely broken.
    Solution for EBR: more halved the vision range!
    After hit in the whells that whells muss be tear off for the rest of the battle. 🙂

  18. Bullshit all that equipment in so many ways! Op tanks will be more op wtf! That is wg omg, so many problems in the game, but they decided to create more problems!

  19. Jacke e-is-silent

    It’s amped up World of Clown Cars! T-50-2 sheds a quiet tear in a corner. “When I was great, no one ever got me OP equipment.”

  20. the links are always in the DEZcription! :)) another example of why italian mediums should be nerfed 😛

  21. @DezGamez what do you think, should the new equipment not only buff one thing but nerf another value? e.g. +10% camo but -2.5% dispersion or something?

  22. That’s not really how the “designated target” perk works.
    I doesn’t do anything unless you keep your gun pointed at the enemy tank.
    I’m not even certain if it does anything for your allies at all or if it’s just for you.

  23. Time to try out WT and AW again. WoT nailed the coffin with EBR already. Now with this buffs coming. It is 100% game over.
    I am definetly leaving wot forever now after 20k battles. Game has died.

  24. with the new equipment coming, i hope wargaming demounts my actual used equipment for free. i do not want to buy some gold to demount old equipment.

  25. They are destroying their own game with this crap!! Should nerf EBR not give it a buff!! Been playing the game since 2013 and this might mean I stop playing this and move on as would make playing heavy tanks etc impossible to play! Also this will mean camping in base will be seen more as no one will want to move out of cover for fear of being deleted! This game is broken. First thing they should do is get rid of this crap and make the EBR slower so you have a chance to hit to slightly faster than lt100 and if you hit wheels you take damage or you are tracked like a tracked vehicle then balance would be restored.

  26. Forgot to mentioned nerf the firing on the move as well as that is broken and make the damage it does less.

  27. Funny to see that everyone is crying about the EBR but nobody think about the sheridan and rhm…. this 2 light gona be a beast with this new equipments they out spot everything with the right setup

  28. hanikrummi hundursvin

    I don´t like it.

  29. Its complete bullshit to not know for how much time you have been spotted depending on what equipment opponent uses!!

  30. Dez, would you tell are you using a special addon for spotting sound? I have heard spotting sound from different directions.

  31. How much luck has Dez. Oh and if can someone teach me little bit to play WoT. I know basics but not tactics. If u want search my name __BundaRecover__

  32. This is ridiculous, these speeding broken a** cars don’t belong in this tank game anymore than a half track or motorcycle.
    It’s like…joining a shortwave radio club but wanting to use your iphone.

  33. *dez can you please showcase tier 5 mobility equipments or any equipment available in 5,6 and 7*


  35. wish all the scouts had two scouting slots. mobility seems kinda of useless on vehicles that by and large already move extremely well and fast

  36. one more reason not to play, thx

  37. WG needs to remove the wheeled vehicles. So broken; 100km speed and self righting system.

  38. hmmm.. to say you maxed out all that extra spotting, you only actually got 150 spotting assist!! You carried the battle by damage for yourself not the team so I think again a lot of players will prioritise damage mechanics?

  39. Before equipment 2.0: EBR is too fast, players can’t hit it and it’s too strong as a scout, brawler, flanker etc; other nations scouts have a hard time dealing with it, making the games one sided;
    After equipment 2.0: Just dump your scouts in the trashcan, players.

  40. Game’s don’t last long at this time. They will be over faster with this stuff.

  41. Dear Dez, with Equipment and the Crew 2.0 Patches, game will be PURE GARBAGE.

  42. wot brocen game pitty , new menagment shit on game more and more

  43. Another example of how Wargaming unintentionally breaks the game with updates and changes. They keep coming at these problems piecemeal which just breaks stuff more.

  44. i would rather have 3 artys in a mach than one erb, this cancer needs to go. they where supposed to be spotters yet can 1v1 kill anything. the speed they argoing on and the turns they make in reality would make them flip like a fucking tumbleweed. they need to go or get reworked.They should only be fast in astraight line. the faster they go the lager their turn radius should be to the point of pretty much not being able to turn at all. they could use a handbrake to turn fast but that should nearly stop them and kill their momentum. they should be shit shots on the move, but could have an increased viewrange on par with other lights to compensate. the damage mechanics to their wheeles could remain the same (as in it would not stop them from moving) but they should take30% to 50% of dmg done to weels as hp dmg.

  45. STOP saying EBR’s are “op”… They are NOT “op” to the average player.

  46. Just wow!!

  47. WG: New update to balance the game
    Dez : hold my wheels

  48. ebr will get wings and drop bombs next. this game is waste of time when most tanks are just free xp for the op ones.

  49. Marián Markovič

    It is completly stupid,… like completly,….

  50. Jonathan Cipriano

    I am on the verge of quitting this game. feelsbad.

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