Spreading Communism EVERY 0.5s //War Thunder

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Source: DOLLARplays

I didn’t use ZSU-57-2 for a long time. That was a mistake!! The day has come my comrades.

Thunder official website https://warthunder.com/en

#warthunder #wt #dollarplays

Background music: Gossip Talk – Arthur Benson
Leviathan 3 – Johannes Bornlöf
Broadboard Hellcastle – Eight Bits
Confidence Is Key – Arthur Benson
Down For The Thrill (Instrumental Version) – Ramin

Intro song : Miami Ice – Jojo Avery
Outro song : Down For The Thrill (Instrumental Version) – Ramin
Licensed by Epidemic Sound


  1. Tech question guys. My tank seems to be firing on its own and its random and does it on every tank it seems. My mouse seems to work fine. Did I mess up a setting by accident? Soo damn frustrating. It wouldnt be soo bad if I actually hit something but I dont. One more thing is that after I fire, the barrel kind of moves up or down. Never seen this. Tried other posters but nothing yet. Should I just restart comp? Please help

    • @JUST TED Maybe I was supposed to feed it. Now that I look at the left button on the mouse, it looks like it is a lil bit higher than the right. I tried to bang it, lift it up, push it in and out and even blow into the mouse and still nothing. I think this thing is playing hard to get. The only thing this thing understands is money. Just gonna have to replace her. Thanks all

    • If you are on laptop you may have put your hand on the trackpad

    • Are you using a laptop? I’ve experienced similar issue and it’s because my left palm accidentally touched the touchpad, I have to actually turn off the touchpad itself and the problem solved

    • @Karkovb it always happen so i turn that ofg

  2. Good montage

  3. Btw that was me, from HYGO Friesingcold

  4. When i see _Communism_ and _0.5s_ …

    LET’S GO ZSU 57 2!

  5. First like, then watch. Quality memes as always 10/10

  6. Julius Salovaara

    I have seen zsu 57-2 in a museum and DAMN it’s big, much bigger than I expected

  7. My favorite tank destroyer .I loved to kill abrams and leo 2a5 with this .

  8. Este jogo tem para portugues

  9. Valeriu gherasimov

    Dollar play with kv2 please. Send some nuclear bombs to your enemy.

  10. Rip dollarbill.. you will forever be forgotten after this video

  11. Victor Alberto Fraga

    Lololololol ksksk insane battle

  12. Tiger H1? Pls ?

  13. Crazy Russian Gamer

    I told you Ivan, no more of this *”Houston”* western spy stuff!! You must say *_”Moscow we have a problem!!”_*

  14. That was noice

  15. Well done!

  16. beep beep

  17. Needs more screaming ?

  18. I love Warthunder Mashed Up with MEME, it’s Damm funny???

  19. me likey

  20. Next please RUSSIAN T-10M please….first attempt 🙂

  21. 3:17 Laughs in ancient firewall

  22. nch nice


  24. I really appreciate that you credited the music in the description! 🙂

  25. And that’s a lot of damage

  26. I really want a sound mod for the backup noise for the Russian top tier MBTs

  27. do you have a ps4 i want to play with you

  28. Dollar kann es sein das du deutsch sprachig bist

  29. The prophecy tells that the audio cassette is a skill artifact

  30. Иван Талалакин

    Heeeeey!Nice vid,bro!Greetings from Russia:D

  31. Day D ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  32. As usual, very good editing

  33. Dollar please play with phily daily and play more war thunder

  34. SPAA penetrating a 7.7 heavy tank through the lfp? Well played dgayjin!

  35. С “а фью моментс латир” оранул.

  36. Dollar, you are my spirit animal.

  37. Доллар я знаю что ты русский:)

  38. *Congrats on destroying dollar*

  39. Why you dont play whit planes in shit thunder?

  40. Шон Из Америке

    I wish I could find such stupid enemies.

  41. *rare footage of ZSU-57-2 being used as a AA* – 1:00

  42. Toon van Tatenhove

    What for music is this i like it but i cant find it (9.33)

  43. 5:02 что? ))))))

  44. What was the bgm?

  45. Quality videos Noice job

  46. It was some tank mateing ritul

  47. “And again that youtuber”…??

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