SQUAD TANKS | M1 Abrams Vs T-72 (Squad Tank Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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SQUAD TANKS | Abrams Vs T-72 (Squad Tank Gameplay)

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  1. Rizwandi Awalludien


    Ranging without Laser Rangefinder since World War 2.

  2. Thanks for doing muh suggestion

  3. More please.

  4. The best intro I have seen to a video, watch’t it 2 times

  5. Im here to give some love from karmakut

  6. This is like the perfect mix of Arma and battlefield.

  7. Holy shit ..why is it intense?? i couldnt dare blink when coordinates were shouted at the mic??

  8. hahaha i loved the part where you guys got out of the ditch!

  9. YES! more squad. I Love this game and there is such a small amount of YouTubers on this game and I’m so happy you are playing it.

  10. Play Soviet m3 lee attempt 16

  11. Americaaaaa fuck yeahhhh

  12. Aye guys make me famous

  13. Phly needs to fly out the P108A serie 2, feel the succ with me!

  14. Uncle Sam would be proud of that recovery

  15. the intro was really cinema tier level

  16. This entire video I’m on the edge of my seat, feeling so eager to get this game and play it, but then I remember that I don’t have who to play with and am a total noob at this kind of realistic tank/war game. Oh well.

    Just as well I can’t afford it and don’t have time to play anyway :/

    Edit: THERE YOU GO PHLY!!! The answer is *always* shoot something more times 😀

  17. Cool asf

  18. Last bit was so funny. Shooting the ground to get out of the hole. Loool

  19. bf 109e

  20. Fuh-HAN-TAStick intro Phly! You gots teh tal3nts!

  21. 15:18 – 18:08
    A grand story of ingenuity

  22. *Spread the freedom with muh freebram*

  23. You were playing with some real die hard squad players there phly,them boys acting like they were in the military

  24. sneeki breeki

  25. Whooooah.

    You’re firing M829a4 shells….those are the latest and greatest shells we have in service right now.

    I don’t even think they were widespread when I was still in, at least I didn’t hear about them alot.

    Point is…what kind of T72 is this that can withstand more than one of those? This shell is designed to go against the latest generations of ERA too.

  26. It’s difficult to get a good visual

  27. More Squad please.

  28. Yes more squad!!!

  29. That intro was amazing

  30. Hi Phly, I am not trying to self-promote, but you have inspired me to make war thunder videos and hopefully one day I can edit like you!

  31. I really enjoy this videos man I really really really enjoy all the videos.

  32. Ok, this is epic

  33. Why is your team mate allways say were fucked

  34. This game looks so good!

  35. “Battlefield 3 vibes” that’s the most retarded thing I heard about Squad. Maybe you meant Battlefield 2.

  36. Well, damn, this is really inmersive and was so good. Need more videos like this.

  37. I want more plz

  38. Murica FUCK YEAH!!!

  39. Fantastic video!
    I love Squad coops from Phly

  40. Solve any problem in the American way…. Got stuck? Shoot a gun!!!! Too much speed at landing? Shoot the guns!!!! Can’t see in front of you? You guessed it…. shoot a gun!!!!!

  41. Pirouette Cacahuète

    That was a very good stream, lot of fun 😀

  42. Anybody who played BF3 I just want to say RIP Miller

  43. Changing ammo and shooting without given order, c’mon Phly.

  44. Goodbye WarThunder.

  45. The details in this game, man. Even the simplest things like the loader shouting “UP” after he arms the gun. The devs get a lot of flak for things like optimization, but they’re doing a damn good job for a startup.

  46. Where is Bomber Crew? Attemp 11

  47. More Squad video pls!!!

  48. Phily you are bullying T72 with murica M1 Squad need T14 armata for balance

  49. I wanted such squad gameplay in War Thunder, but it seems others beat it to it. Awesome gameplay!

  50. Woahh tht was a great intro!

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