SQUAD UP #1 – Ft. Mighty Jingles, Devildog & Fv4005 (War Thunder Gameplay)

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SQUAD UP #1 – Ft. Mighty Jingles, Devildog & ()


  1. So to check out Devils and Jingles first time playing together here it is ))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZgX3CNkUeM&t=236s

  2. in crossout

  3. Liver Eatin Jackson

    What happend between Phly and Baron BTW? I was gone from youtube for a while.

  4. The Taiwanese military kept their WW2 Shermans, Stuarts,and LVTs in pristine shape in their camps when I was there. I even saw a shiny M42 Duster. It was like a museum there. Don’t worry, Devildog, not all abuse precious old tanks.

  5. Hey phly huge fan love your videos work to much to catch your live streams sadly hopefully I’ll have time to watch one this weekend keep up the good work man

  6. under 20 min gang

  7. Watching this is like watching the Power Ranger mash up specials ?

  8. So that was hilarious, Old school fun! Thanks Phly, Devil and Jingles! This is like when I first started watching your guys channels for me. Was looking for something about “WarThunder” and found you and Jingles. Been with you both just about every day since.

  9. Phly, that is your right wing.

  10. 『Yukikaze Flyes』 Raptor.chan

    Jingles back yaay

  11. I thought I would never see this day again.

  12. Paintball for life!

  13. Jingle’s T95 story was real (not that I disbelieved him)

    “In 1974 the last prototype was discovered abandoned in a field at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. It is unknown where it spent the intervening 27 years. It is the sole remaining example of these tanks and was exhibited at the Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor in Kentucky. In 2011, it was shipped to its new home at Fort Benning, Georgia. It will be placed in the new Patton Park, which is a plot of 30 acres where all of the tanks being stored at Fort Benning will be displayed. Patton Park will be completed by 2020. Unfortunately the vehicle was damaged in January 2017 during transit to another facility for external refurbishment when it broke loose from the M1070 HET carrying it. The transporter failed to negotiate a downhill slope and subsequent bend at a safe speed, causing the securing chains to break and allowing the T95 to slide off the trailer. Despite then rolling into a ditch, only minor repairable damage was sustained to 2 bogies. The outer track units had been removed.”

  14. Phly the T-95 is at Fort Benning, Georgia

  15. Sebastian Eduardo Barraza Martínez

    Hey phly, did you saw any UFO flying around there… they said it’s a new easter egg

  16. This is glorious. Three of my favorite YouTubers in one video.

  17. I wanna see u try the Japanese Pz IV Anko SP.

  18. I have an idea for a series: pick a tank, preferably a WW2 one that was in common use, and play a bunch realistic matches on maps the tank fought on in order in which it fought there. It could be a self created campaign. It would be nice if you posted most of the gameplay with little editing.

  19. Nice coop team. It is like the A team.

  20. phly do you still play with baron von gamez? tell me pls phloo daily!!

  21. Sorry phly but airsoft is the way to go

  22. i think you all of u guys should do some challenge idk t50’s in top tier or something or biplane 😉

  23. jingles subscriber/salt mine slave

    Oh mighty Gnome Overlord art thou doing a video on this too?

  24. are you kidding me? you got jingles to play warthunder again?! this is like finding a unicorn in space.

  25. I want to play with jingles D:

  26. Definitely loving the collab! Would love to see more! Keep up the great work Phly!

  27. ooh mighty jingles and phly colab neat

  28. Aaron Baskerville

    What aa gun has the most ammo per gun ??

  29. why arent you doing any videos with baron ?

  30. So glad to see Jingles back in War Thunder.

  31. When it’s stupid, but it works..

  32. america, germany or russia, i need help i have tier 2 in all

  33. Add squire and this would be a solid team!

  34. Nicolas Castillo

    epic video man

  35. Jingles!!

  36. TheOnlySillySausage

    Will you play WOW together?

  37. Laughing about some1 not knowing what type of tank it is when looking at it. ME: i have no idea wtf theyre talking about

  38. Take any high medium to top tier tank of your choice and get 3 arty kills in a game. Ps I won’t be mad if there trucks….#10

  39. Great to see Jingles on a War Thunder Stream again! Nice work Phly!

  40. Fv4005 vs KV-2 …..

  41. Great player combination!!! Some day I’ll be worthy to be playing with the greats, as well! 🙂 Owoooooo! I’ll see you on the battlefield!

  42. The Holy Trinity of good youtubers

  43. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Why AP only tho? Why not take a few HE for planes…

  44. A bit of my soul died when Jingles got killed in the beginning of the video…

  45. Anything with jingles in, its gonna be a good video

  46. “That gun sounds like the sun coughing” XD

  47. Good to see Jingles back 🙂

  48. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I don’t play WT that much but Phily+Jingles? Only a mad man would not like the video


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