SQUEEZE BORE | High PEN High VELOCITY (War Thunder Sd.kfz.221 (s.Pz.B.41)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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SQUEEZE BORE | High PEN High VELOCITY (War Thunder Sd.kfz.221 (s.Pz.B.41)


  1. Damn, its like squeezing a 7.62mm round down to 5.56mm

  2. Lol seeing you drift behind an mbt is funny af

  3. Call it the “Pop Pop”

  4. Play the squeeze bore top tier

  5. hey phly, squeezebore top tier 😉

  6. nerf pls op (rusos)

  7. Belgium= Flanders(dutch) + Wallonia(french).
    The ardennes are in wallonia. Your pronunciation of wallonia was good. Wallownia not walloonia.

  8. Were you in the military or do you just know a lot about tanks

  9. Flip_ Fluitketel

    Gruber’s little tank. (alo alo reference).

  10. Is this modded?

  11. cute Hans tank

  12. Matthew Kingston

    Try hoi4 attempt 12

  13. H.35 to victory!


  15. Play Fortnite 😁

  16. Naci Emre Tezcan

    add SdKfz 222 from Company of Heroes!

  17. How the fuck do you have 49,972,062 golden eagles

  18. so basicly a 20 mm impact zone with a force and schrapnell of a 28mm, wow nice.

  19. Wtf is that???????? Is a new vehicle in the new patch???

  20. Looking for Infanterie Kampfpanzer Churchil….. looks like you missed the review 🙂 looking forward to hear your comments

  21. ayy i know this thing in company of heroes panzer elite 😀

  22. The British 2-pounder had an adapter that did the same thing used on tanks like the tetrarch so maybe we could see that in the game too in an update


  24. De mens van tegenwoordig

    I live in Belgium you pronounce the first map ” Walloni-e

  25. Phly daily?

  26. Its a 20mm AT gun

  27. Phly, sorry to say but I prefer your other intro with the plane phlying in and then out again…
    Who else agrees with me ?
    Sorry phly just me opinion, love you man, no homo

  28. Call it bee stinger

  29. Phly the gun is a squeezebore panzerbuche 41 pronounced “panzer-boosh” and the car itself the sdkfz 222 has dual steering , i.e. it drives the same bckwards as it does forwards well almost , maybe slightly slower, therees actually two steering wheels at either end i believe (however i may have confused it with the sdkfz 231 8-rad which is the earliest incarnation of te 8 wheeled armoured cars like the puma only its much taller and a bit slower I think, also has closed turret with mg34 and a worm autocannon without the squeezebore)

  30. Is this cheating?

  31. “P-47 (all modifications) – Air respawn has been removed.” 🙂

  32. You know what else phly? The aqueezebore idea was used by the allies too, on the rather dinky airborne glider dropped tetrarch tank!

  33. Dimitar D.Dimitrov

    The new logo he has is amazing,now change that intro music…i hate it

  34. Onica Daniel Petru

    Most tapered bore guns fired tungsten ammo those had a core (tungsten) and something like a sleeve made of some other malleable material (aluminium or lead) that would provide gas seal and rifle profile the tungsten core would not get in contact with the barrel as would damage the barrel. Most of these guns were made for paratroopers (Fallschirmjäger) and mountain division (Gebirgsjäger, Vinatori de munte) guns that were carried by people or animals not mounted on cars or rarely mounted on cars

  35. is this premium, or regular? 🙂

  36. John Aimrie Santibanez

    Hey Phly the update is outtt the “Project X “

  37. Mudlij Al-Zakwani

    Top ten anime deaths

  38. sweet ride…!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗

  39. napalmsticks tokids

    Hey fly i’ve found a new fun way to play the game. Ive been using the sd. Kfz. And the tier 1 bi plane dive bomber. I think its called HE.123. And i play those two in tier 6 games

  40. Used Tungsten too, very expensive and rare for the Germans.

  41. Rather then spaced armor it’s a leashed armor.

  42. luftwaffa luftwaffe

    How to get on dev server?

  43. Neodymius Exploder

    how do you see tanks so effectively in rb and sb cause each time i try to play them i get rekt each time i even show a piece of skin

  44. 1.79 IS OUT BOYZ

  45. Tungsten 20mm slug surrounded by a softer special cocktail mix metal. This is going to be fun to play, I think what would be hilarious if gaijin added the Kubelwagon with it back seats removed and a 20mm Flak38 fitted in its place. The Germans actually produced these.

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  47. they broke high tier, now they’re breaking low tier

  48. Hearing him say wallonia made me giggle (from belgium)

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