Squire actually plays War Thunder for the first time in ages

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Source: Squire

Though It’s been many years, I’m still arguably the best War Thunder in the entire world. Anyway, thanks to Opera for sponsoring the video! Download Opera GX for free here: https://operagx.gg/Squire

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1:30 Video Intro
2:28 War Thunder Gameplay

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  1. People have been asking for this kind of video for a few years, so whilst we’re busy writing lots of sketches, Its seemed like a very good play. Unlike what you’re about to see. Anyway, today’s sponsor is Opera GX, download it for free here: https://operagx.gg/Squire

    • why don’t you play the higher tiers? its MUCH more fun their

    • @grim297 Well that depends on how you define fun.

      I enjoy the much quicker flow of battle at Tier/Rank I & II in Ground RB than the slower, likely to be sniped from across the map, Tier/Rank VI & VII.


    • _Oh those magnificent men in their flying machines, they go upitty-up-up, they go downditty-down-down. They entrance all the ladies and steal the scene, with their uppity-up-up, and downditty-down-down.~~_

      On the topic of old times, what happened to your old nature documentary, old WT gameplay, WT best plays, and Tea Time compilations?
      I want to hear the magnificent voice of Sir Hugh Massingbird Massingbird B.A. of Bagh one more time. :'(

    • Do planes plz i want to see you play top tier jets

  2. “Hold your fire until you see the enemy”
    *Laughs in Vietnamese*

  3. Ah, so this is why I always see at least one Squire clip on Thunder Show. I’m surprised they don’t rename it the “Squire Show”, to be honest. 😛

  4. Font reminded me of electric state. Ah the memories

  5. It’s easy to be the best player in War Thunder now ever since Cone of Arc left

  6. I wonder what will happen if Squire tries DCS 🙂

  7. “I gotta wee, is there time?”
    “No, nah, that’s kinda like desertion in the Red Army, ya don’t really wanna…”
    What, get caught with your pants down? The Red Army practically did in 1941-42

  8. It’s great seeing this because you’re the one that actually got me interested in the game with you’re “10 vehicles I hate” video and “10 vehicles I love” video

  9. Ah yes the P-47 that you once said fired 50 caliber hot dogs at the enemy. Still loved that review of you flying that aircraft. Please bring on more War Thunder videos. I’m more into that than I am the sketches truth be told. But I’m sure you mates won’t disappoint and bugger it all to he’ll right RIGHT!?

  10. 7:43 Mazes🅱in

  11. 7:42 Ah, another Formula One enjoyer.

  12. Love that mazipin reference there in the truck

  13. Ok I hate the Stalingrad map so much lol

  14. You should do a video of the “new user experience” playing WT. Ie: just a bunch of raw recruits giving broken down, worn out tanks and told to attack an elite army with new equipment.

  15. Oh nooooooo, my lentils…..bummer.
    My gun is soooooo depressed.

  16. “Some crappy little german van or something I’d imagine, not suitable for this kind of battlefield role” Bold bold words from the man at the helm of Stalin’s dinner table on wheels

  17. I stopped playing War Thunder, since some months the FPS rate on my machine dropped dramatically, and made it quite impossible to play. I suspect an War Thunder engine upgrade is the reason… I’ve to wait for enough money to upgrade my pc now…

  18. Loved the mazepin refrence

  19. Squire i want to tell you to make this video. All of you using the biggest tanks in each country and agenst the mous you can make as a nutshell or somrhing

  20. I never thought I’d see the day

  21. FINALLY! Been waiting for you to play war thunder again for so long….

  22. animeAJ productions

    Cyka, in English!

  23. Something to admire about the staleness of British humor.

  24. Imperator Britannia

    “Oh hello, I haven’t got the gun depression – just every other kind”

  25. I am so glad you have returned – even for a visit. Nobody can match the cutting wit and repartee of Squire’s Crawling Circus or ….Flying Circus depending on the chosen clown car for the match. Regardless it is epic as always and brings back great memories of Squireisms past. “Bugger! (in Russian)” comment cracked me up. When you two join battle it is always a win for your fans even if not so much for you.

  26. This is hysterically funny. Bout time you actually played it again.

  27. play verdun pleeeeease

  28. I have the same laptop😀

  29. how many actors do you have in a video? also Olly are you Jenkins in enlisted:the british are coming and in if saving private ryan was a british film?

  30. great job in war thunder

  31. Jean-Baptiste Perrin

    “Bogey spotted, flying upside down, must be Australian!” That one made my day. 😀

  32. Squire is an F1 fan it’s a surprise too be sure but a welcome one.

  33. Hey squire I have 3 suggestions of old games to play. Battlefield 5, Battlefield 1 and Verdun.

  34. Because of Sato the British were in veitnam

  35. Squire do you want a better bomb physrep? I need an excuse to build annother bomb.

  36. I’m broke on war thunder I only have 12,500 silver lions I will probably have to buy some more golden lions

  37. Always a joy watching your WT send-ups gentlemen, very funny, especially the banter, well played.

  38. Nice warpath ads guys!

  39. Bad decision, go back to not playing it. That game sucks ass

  40. finally

  41. The lack of scouting from the American light tanks is very accurate lol

  42. Title text = Credit card, rent prosent is small text on card Just like “in my opion”

  43. 1:34 So how was Woodstock?

  44. Wow not even one Maus

  45. can you make part two?

  46. You were the first War Thunder youtuber I got in to when I first started playing 6 years ago (back in the top 5 epic replays days). It’s absolutely brilliant to see more gameplay and as amusing as ever.

    Thanks for the laughs man.

  47. Force’s of Terra

    The fuck a Pontiac gto judge doing in the back of that fucken ad

  48. Japan: what about me?

  49. This GAME is very fun and addicting, but what turns people away are those whom take it WAY too seriously. You will constantly hear people stating how ‘realistic’ it is and acting as though they know everything about tanks/aircraft. This is the norm for all games nowadays and it is disturbing! I love playing games, but since I also have a job, love riding my harley, driving my boat and chilling with my gf—I do not spend as much time as I used to playing them and I do not regret it! Some of you really need to open your eyes and realize video games are not a escape, but rather a deep hole, that you will not be able to escape from if you spend too much time in it. There is a whole world to explore and it comes with the best FREE resolution/graphic setting you could ever expect from any video game! You should try it out… It is called LIFE! I would start playing soon because unlike other titles, you do not have infinite life spans and if you wait too long your friends will be lvl 1000, while you are barely starting out!

    You know when someone has been spending way too much time playing games because they become toxic and WT has plenty of em!

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