Squire’s War Thunder Patch 1.53 Overview

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Tally-ho! This is my complete overview the content coming in patch 1.53 for War Thunder. I think I covered pretty much everything, but knowing the War Thunder -server, there was something hidden somewhere.

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  1. I like you squire :)

  2. It just occured to me that a dastardly Dr.1 has infiltrated your logo

  3. hey squire

  4. This game used to be my fav but now its just bad with russian bias :/

  5. Tally Ho! 

  6. damn the hawker hunter

  7. As the Polish said to the French and Brittish when they finaly decided to
    fight Germany…..better late than never.

  8. I served the Squidonian Empire! Squire i hope you are excited for the new
    vehicles as i am especially the new hunter!!! If you will please message me
    on steam for a Squire approval for the Squidonian skin on Sunday which will
    definitely be ready by then

  9. Christopher Hurford

    Squire – I think that the two crewmen in the M10 are wearing helmets
    because they are obviously French conscripts with no nerve. They other one
    is obviously the British commander who isn’t scared of a few high velocity
    88mm sausages and is therefore wearing a beret.

  10. I saw you upload this while im at school in class and I couldn’t help but

  11. Squire, the diff with the e3 and e4 is the cannons. The ff/m fires the mine

  12. french joke, always cracks me up! nice one squire!

  13. He got me by the Yak “Christmas Deco” x’D

  14. I’ve watched quite a few “1.53 overview” and this one is by far the best. I
    love ur passionate “roleplay alike” style. Keep this quality work man!

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    brrrit! They want to force showers, tea and mint sauce with everything!

  16. No Matilda yet ?

  17. 27$ for one tank though

  18. Maybe they were fighting in an urban environment, and didn’t want their
    faces removed rapidly, and with uncharacteristically messy German
    Efficiency. Berets don’t really have that benefit.

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  26. flying apartment block xD this is why im subbed to you squire keep up the
    good work and amazing jokes xD

  27. Probably aware at this point, but it was stated that of the British prem
    tanks introduced, all but the Black Prince will get a regular variant in
    the future tank tech- tree.

  28. I serve the Squiredonian Empire!
    BTW, did I spell that right? :)

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  32. The Glorious GeneralDerpSide

    “Faster than a french tank in reverse”
    Goddammit Squire you always do this ! One line and i’m laughing too hard to
    listen to the rest of the video !

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  37. I serve the Squiredonian Empire.

    Time to go back to the Germans for the new planes :D, and grind up the
    Hawker Hunter when that’s finished.

  38. Hey Squire your vidios are awesome ! But Do You have A Squadron !! Please
    Reply kindly .as soon as possible

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  41. Sebonotik Insertnamehere

    why is there cloth on the gun mantle?

  42. I serve the Squiredonia empire!
    woah the 1.53 brit addons are ALL premium? …re-uninstalls WT… Good job
    Gaijin, Hype deflated. Unless those figures next to the premium are
    telephone numbers (and not the price tag) to call to say “well done”, Ill
    pass tyvm. Great vid and a plucky review as always Squire o7 carry on ol

  43. I Serve the Squirdonian Empire!

  44. That dig at volkswagen made me chuckle more than……………Barry
    Chuckle :p

  45. I do not serve the Squiredonea Empire

  46. I serve the squidonian empire

  47. nice overview. i’d like to add that the bf109 e4 was the first 109 that had
    automated prop pitch controles.☝? a german sausage in greeting
    ??…dam..beer again…oh well. meet you in the sky.

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  49. Nuke Tri-Dimensional

    Can confirm, it is actually slightly larger than Latvia.

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  51. “It’s faster than a french tank in reverse.”
    I just watch your videos for those kind of jokes…

    But… Why does a frenchman need a tank? I think a tank is used to fight,
    and not to surrender, right? :D

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  59. ooow my, that french tank joke hehehe

  60. 19:47 Voice crack? :P

  61. Ridiculous. $40 for one tank and 15 days of premium, no golden eagles. They
    are insane.

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  63. the BF109E-4 was modified to with the MG FF/M for the M signifying
    Minengeschoß shell cant wait!

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  81. Squire, why you knock down buildings in Cologne map???????????????

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  88. Look at that panserwafer 42… it can shoot rockets and one shot tanks, but
    it also has an invisible machine gunner! And rockets go right through him!
    How can you expect that? How can you beat that? Clearly pay to win.

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  112. +Squire your thoughts on Les Dawson sir?

    EDIT: Also, why does that German rocket launcher thing sound like a Stalin
    Organ, while the Russian kerplunk with what is effectively a Stalin Organ
    installation on the roof sound nothing like it should? glad to see someone
    in the Gaijin sound dept paying attention…. 😐

    Also: the Do 17 was nicknamed Bleistift 😛 which is Jerry-speak for Pencil

  113. Tor “MUPz ThOR” Nilsson

    I serve the squidonian empire and our tea drinking leader king Squire.

  114. Let’s just hope the Kings rtr doesn’t spontaneously explode before 1.53

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    Am…. am i doing this right?

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  120. B. oamere (Boamere)

    The hawker hunter rips far too early, hopefully it is fixed

  121. Sir Stefan Channel!

    My problem with them only being premium (British tanks) is that you want at
    least 3 of them to have fun. And with the BR’s going up to 6.3, it’s
    bollocks! You bring the firefly, or the Achilles into a 6.7 match (meaning
    every now and then you’ll get weaselled into a 7.7 match) you’ll get
    slaughtered. And what happens to any RP earned? It just vanishes? Goes into
    the convertible RP? (it better not, because they it’s behind a paywal)
    Not to mention they’re very pricey. Which again, is bollocks.
    I really wish they had done it like the American tree, release a small tree
    at first, and to get it you had to purchase a premium vehicle/bundle.
    Also the Ruski’s put their bomber at 4.0 but put the Black Prince at 6.3
    when it should really be 5.7 (maximum of 6.0)

    ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

    Needless to say, I’m not a fan of Gaijin with the “release” of British

  122. The volkswagen one had me x)

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  129. the main difference between the 109 E-3 and E-4 were the guns. The E-3 got
    the Ikaria MG FFs and the E-4 the MG FF/Ms. The newer MG FF/Ms can use
    xxx-M rounds (Mine Ammunition).

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  138. Warthunder doesn’t strive nor it claims to be historical game. Not anymore.
    It was confirmed by dev in the recent Q&A afair.

    The question asked was why IS-2 has post war shells, the answer was
    “warthunder is not a historical game, it is a tank game”.

  139. i made it this far in the video.

  140. Well, I serve the Squidonian Empire as well! I am starting to hate Gaijin

  141. Really hope we get British (and maybe Japanese) tanks soon!!! Actual trees
    that is, not just premium

  142. i know its a small thing but thank you for using mph for speed stats for us
    uncivilised americans who dont know kmh

  143. “look at that pollution! its obviously made by voxhall wagon” haha I’m
    dying ??


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    Not sure if I used that word right to be honest but I’m just gonna own it.

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  149. So who’s taking over Top 5 Epic plays +Squire ?

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  156. geting a shoutout to latvia from squire….awesome

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  158. I serve the Squidonian Empire. Cheers for the insight. Those Brit tanks
    look sooo tempting. I’ll have to see what the prices are like on release

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  160. 2.15 yeah always nice for french people to here those kind of jokes, it’s
    funny at first but come on, at least say you’re kidding right after please

  161. This should be squire’s favorite update in the history of war thunder.

  162. I serve the Squidonian empire :P

  163. The 109 E4 has the MG FF/M cannon, meaning it can fire minengeshoss. It’s a
    welcome addition for those who wish the E3 had cannons that actually

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  166. I never put much time into War Thunder but I do still really enjoy watching
    you and Magz cover the news for it :)

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  175. Everyone can still get a Hawker Hunter, they’re just forced to go through
    two let’s be honest, pretty shit planes, in order to get there. This
    results in the what I can only assume is a massive coincidence, of making
    sure people have to buy more premium and play for longer in order to unlock
    it. Or alternatively, buy their way there with gold.

    Gee, I wonder why Gaijin made that decision… >_>

  176. Your Neighborhood Youtube Commenter

    I serve the squirdonian empire!

  177. OOOO British Tanks! yeeess

  178. A7M1 premium prototype coming in at the same BR as the A6M2 prototype in
    the regular tree. Absolutely no pay to win preferential matchmaking of any
    kind. Oh no, not in War Thunder. How outrageous of me to suggest so.

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    How can it be a stock premium in test flight?
    Anyway, I’ll never serve the Squidonian Empire and I thank you for the

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    Sturmtiger in the game. 😛

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    infantry on reverse not a tank us French we have the most advanced reverse
    technology in the world

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  229. I’ve never ever seen the Sherman Calliope in-game, and I’m glad for that! I
    hope this will be the case regarding these awful PTW-rocket vehicles…

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    eye-bleach-orange? Thanks Gaijin.
    Oh, yes. I suppose I too serve the Squidonian Empire.

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  249. What about destructible buildings?

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    P.S can I be second in command?

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  256. Honestly I think it would’ve been better if the Meteors were moved over
    instead of the Vampire and Venom (with the Sea Meteor being either moved to
    the FAA branch or, since it’s unhistorical as the real one was a one-off
    prototype that was never intended to be armed, replaced with a
    late-production Meteor F.3) since Hawker in fact acquired the Gloster
    company and brand name in 1934, during the midst of the Great Depression,
    along with a merger with Armstrong-Whitworth to form Hawker-Siddeley. Of
    course that would leave nothing after the Spitfires but it would give
    Gaijin an incentive to add something else to fill in the gap on that line
    as well (including the Supermarine Swift, but since the Swift is a
    counterpart to the Hunter they should ideally have something else to fill
    in the gap before it).

    Regarding the Bf-109E-4, there IS a key difference you overlooked. Those
    aren’t ordinary MG FFs, but MG FF/Ms, allowing them to fire Mingeschoss
    rounds, which are FAR more powerful than the regular HE rounds fired by the
    Bf-109E-3’s regular model MG FFs, which means that in the right hands
    they’ll be more efficient, particularly against bombers.

    EDIT: I served the Squiredonian Empire for a long, hard-fought 32 minutes

  257. I serve the Squidonian Empire!

  258. I serve the Squidonian Empire!

  259. Александр Воробьёв

    My god, I can’t believe they added FAB-5000 in the game! We droped one on
    Königsberg, and had to build new city instead after that). It would be only
    fair now to add Tallboy because it is only 400kg heavier.

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  264. The Achilles has no berets because it is a copy paste from the American
    line. Lazy programmers.

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    can have and they where used for anti tank

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    Do 17’s is not finished. Don’t think you noticed some weirdness with both,
    did you?

    Anyway, originally for the Do-17Z-7 Gaijin was going to mount a MG FF,
    until I showed them seckrit documents that showed it has MG 151, and with
    2x the ammo originally proposed. Its going to be cracker when released!
    THATS the good news!
    But there is a handful of errors in the fix it list, fingers crossed. Final
    version for both will not be quite the same.

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    Can the premium British tanks be bought by GE? :(

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